The wildly exciting boxing month ended on Saturday night with several major events in the battle for the world championship title, each ending with a knockout in the shape of an elk.

Gervonte Davis and Leo Santa Cruz seemed equal for the £130 and £135 titles in San Antonio, Texas, until a Davis uppercut beat Santa Cruz in an instant. Naoya Inoue controlled the first six rounds of her double-header defense of the World Heavyweight Championship title against Jason Moloney in Las Vegas and then finished with a KO in the seventh round.

Both battles were also contested for the world championship title, as were the former championship candidates, who showed good performance throughout the fight. All this followed the most important heavyweight event in London earlier in the day, when Alexander Usyk made the final decision in a tough battle with Derek Chisora.

Our boxing team scans a whole series of Halloween fights.

How is Gervonte Davis doing after his knockout match?

Fault! The file name is not specified. Gervonte Davis showed an overwhelming strength in the uppercut that anesthetized Leo Santa Cruz on Saturday. Esther Lin/ beginning of the performance

Cameron Wolf: Then enjoy the lift ride to the stars of boxing – and maybe even more – as this knockout against an underappreciated champion in four divisions has brought him a new fan base. But Davis will still have to take calls to put her on hold.

Explanation of effects

Cores Davis Santa Cruz
Everything’s landed. 84 97
Totally trashed. 227 390
Percentage share 37% 25%
the injections have landed 4 21
vomit injections 81 131
Percentage share 5% 16%
The corps has landed. 80 76
An abandoned force 146 259
Percentage share 55% 29%
— Thanks, CompuBox.

Davis promoter Floyd Maver says he plans to have two or three fights with Davis in 2021, and at least one of those fights should be against another member of the Light Cubs quartet (Teofimo Lopez Jr., Ryan Garcia, Devin Hayney). Lopez will of course be the biggest and best of these fights and of course my first highlight, but since Lopez will probably be busy chasing the winner of the long-awaited half-fight of José Ramirez-Josh Taylor Junior in 2021, let’s look at the 2021 fight with Garcia, where Lopez will score 135 or 140 points in 2022.

Garcia and Davis have been exchanging insults on social media for months, and if you expect Garcia to beat Luke Campbell in December, it’s a fight that will sell. Davis’ strength is the most effective scoring tool available to any young boxer, and he can call his own luck, because people will intervene on their own.

How do I get from here to Santa Cruz?

Wolf: I hope he takes a little break, because that was a tough break. But he’s proved he’s a warrior, and he doesn’t have to be ashamed to get caught.

The race of Santa Cruz for the title in five weight classes was not successful, and now he does not have the title and 130 pounds, so his next race should be a fight for the title in featherweight or junior lightweight.

I would like to see the battle between Santa Cruz and Vasily Lomachenko after both have recovered from their heavy losses. Another fun direct fight could be against Shakur Stevenson.

We’ve seen Inoue fight for the first time in a year. How did he get out? What now?

Fault! The file name is not specified. Naoya Inoue does not seem to have drawn any negative consequences from her violent fight against Nonito Donaer over a year ago. Mikey Williams / Topscore

Steve Kim: Saturday night’s performance was a solid performance against a legitimate challenger on Molony. Given that his last fight with Nonito Donaire was quite painful, and given Inoue’s injuries and long layoffs, everything went wrong for the Japanese star.

Explanation of effects

Cores Inoue Molonia
Everything’s landed. 107 62
Totally trashed. 338 334
Percentage share 32% 19%
the injections have landed 44 30
vomit injections 164 209
Percentage share 27% 14%
The corps has landed. 63 32
An abandoned force 174 125
Percentage share 36% 26%
— Thanks, CompuBox.

Not only did he perform well, but Inoue also did a number of quality rounds in which he felt more and more at ease in the ring. As this is likely to be her only appearance in 2020, it is much more profitable for Inoue than the first round.

Looking to the future, next year’s battle will take place on the 25th anniversary of the creation of the European Union. April should come. Inoue against John Riel Casimero, who defends the WBO champion (118 pounds), is a battle that must be fought more than ever. Both are legitimate breeders, and Casimero and his trainers make no secret of their desire to catch the beast.

Is the moustache ready for anger, cruelty or Joshua? Who should meet him now?

Fault! The file name is not specified. Alexander Usyk showed a solid game by defeating Derek Chisora, but he still has a chance to compete with the best heavyweights in the world boxing. Mark Robinson/Box in the game.

Nick Parkinson’s: No, not yet. After the unanimous decision to defeat Derek Chisora, Usuk said he wanted to go home to Ukraine and work on his game, which he appreciated on 3/10. He seemed too self-critical, because his boxing skills and movements made him a worthy winner in the second heavyweight fight after he became the undisputed world champion in the crossweight.

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Moustache has proven he can beat bigger opponents by adding 38 pounds to his opponent’s weight, but he will need to show more than just numbers if he wants to beat WBC champions such as Tyson Fury, WBA-IBF WBO King Anthony Joshua or former WBC champion Deontay Wilder. Anger, especially in terms of size, size and boxing skills, is a mystery that Moustache has to work on. Yeshua’s explosive strength was going to cause mustache problems because of his efforts on Saturday.

A meeting with former champions Andy Ruiz Jr. and Joseph Parker in 2021 would have given Moustache more time to get used to the heavyweight and work on how to beat larger men – and perhaps increase his weight a little. A high-level opponent like Robert Helenius would also be a good preparation for Rage and Wilder.

Was Regis’ programme impressive on his return?

Fault! The file name is not specified. The Regis program on the right came back in the ring after a one-year break to defeat Juan Heraldes TCO Esther Lin/ start of the show.

Wolf: It was electric. He fought in welterweight with the Davis Santa Cruz card and looked lively, powerful and ready to prove that he is still the best contender for the junior welterweight title.

He was disappointed when he saw that the programmer lost £1.5, which he attributed to his annual resignation. But his performance in the ring could not be seen outside the boxing uniform. Don’t be fooled by the loss of Josh Taylor… The program is still as powerful as ever.

It’s time to see the fight of Maurice Hooker, who is late, or to conclude a truce with Mario Barrios, who also scored a TKO in San Antonio on Saturday. Eventually, the programmers will earn a ticket to the title fight – maybe the day after the Jose Ramirez-Josh Taylor meeting.

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