The owner of Salvation Drug Rehab, Nicole Curtis, has been involved in restoring homes for a living. From 2010 to 2018, Nicole facilitated detox sessions for the VGTV and DIY networks. Here she breathes new life into forgotten homes in Michigan and Minnesota. However, in 2018, she took an unexpected break from the show. In the meantime, she rocked her children. She fought for custody of her last child, Harper, and has an adult child, Ethan. Nicole is currently back in rehab.

In a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts, she builds bridges with the population and helps families to fulfil their own obligations. She has a group forcing her to retest the facilities so they are more likely to serve the families. In a public statement, HGTV said each scene will show Nicole and her team working closely with clients to modernize spaces that don’t meet their progressive needs. They create modern, practical dream homes that include a range of property experiences and appeal, HGTV said in a public statement.

Curtis zeroed in on his kids.

In conversations with people, Nicole says part of the reason she took a break from rehab is due to the pressures of single parenthood. Everything you see in the exhibition, I bought myself, decorated, ironed the curtains, everything, she says. That was very rude. Besides, I’d wear the same clothes every day. I wasn’t wearing any makeup. However, she was pardoned by her family and said they forced her to step forward and leave the show.

Nicole says she took the opportunity to stay home because she wasn’t so lucky the first time she ran away. Odd kindness that she got pregnant with Ethan when she was only 20. At the same time, she was trying to set up and maintain her business. Once she got pregnant with Harper, she decided to keep the pregnancy quiet.

She had to fight for the power of her child Harper.

In 2015 Nicole gave birth to their child Harper, and in 2018 she was entrusted to the care of her ex Shane Maguire. After a years-long battle in court, the two sides agreed to help each other out, according to The Blast. Part of the agreement states that neither will drug Harper for more than 30 days without the other’s consent and that neither can act with impunity. Moreover, none of them is obligated to pay alimony. In total, Nicole is funding a $250,000 trust fund for Harper. Shane could have used the money to move 25 miles away from Nicole’s home in California.

This all happened after Nicole and Shane said some nasty things about each other. Blast reports that Shane stated that Nicole was not the appropriate or legal person to share legal or actual custody with a minor. Nicole stated that Shane was trying to take advantage of cumbersome and functional options to determine the difference between legal and actual custody. Rehab Addict Rescue took place on the 28th. January at 9:00 p.m. First. and on HGTV.

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