As part of the annual programme, AMC Best Christmas Night will be the world’s first virtual event, The Walking Dead Holiday Special, featuring the fans’ favourite actors and Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick. This festive event, exclusively announced for broadcast on AMC+ – a new on-demand streaming kit that offers early access and free viewing without advertising – is one of the many festive special offers that will be broadcast throughout the month of December. Selected episodes of Hardwick’s popular Talking Dead, now almost recorded as part of the Covid 19 pandemic, will be broadcast exclusively on AMC+ on Sunday, following new episodes of Fear of the Walking Dead and Walking Dead : Out of this world.

The Walking Dead Holiday special will be presented on Sunday the 13th at AMC+. December, one week after the finals of World Beyond’s first season. The external distribution is TBA, but among the guests are actors from the films Walking Dead, Fear and Peace after Death.

The Walking Dead Holiday Special is the last virtual meeting of the stars, following the Walking Dead Family Party this summer and the Walking Dead Universe Preview Special, which launched an 11-week episode of brand new TWD content that will run until July 6. The month of December was broadcasted on AMC.

According to the press release, the AMC Best Christmas Event 2020 program shone until the 25th anniversary of the event. December 835 hours of classic holiday and favorite family programs per day. In addition to the Walking Dead holiday special, AMC+ subscribers can watch their first streaming program of IFC Joe’s Pub Presents: A special holiday with host Tony Hale; a collection of scary Happy Holidays by Shudder; and a special Christmas episode of the American Graham Norton Show.

The full range of CMA programming continues below, indicating the presence of entertainment on CMA :

A – D

12 dogs for Christmas: The Great Puppy of Salvation
All I Wish for Christmas*
The American President
Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure
The Silent Night of Buster & Chauncey*
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Christmas in Connecticut (1945 and 1992)
Christmas shoes*
Christmas story 2
A Dennis Threatened by Christmas
The Christmas carol of the donkey -tachur


E – G

Ella de Magie*
First Christmas: History of Christmas Snow*
Four Christmases*
Fred Klaus*
Free Birds
Winter Frost Wonderland*
Grandmother Run over by a deer
Groundhog Day


H – L

Happy Legs*
Holidays to remember *
How Murray saved Christmas
Jack Frost (1979 and 1998)*
Happy Noise
The legend of the frosted snowman
The Christmas gold of the goblins
The life and adventures of Santa Claus *
The booklet of the little drummer II
Co-operating Love
Real Love


M – N

Madagascar Penguins in aMaria Carey Allen with Christmas Cooper, what I want for Christmas is you*Happy MadagascarMichael Buble Christmas in Hollywood*Wonder in the Sky*Nanny McPhee comes back! National Lamp Union Christmas Day*National Lamp Union Christmas Day*European Lamp Union Christmas Day*Nestor the long-haired cherry donkey*.


P – R

Pinocchio Christmas
Planes, Trains and Cars*
Polar Express*
Richie Richie
Rudolph and a Bitter Christmas in July*
Happy New Year Rudolph*


S – T

Samantha: American Girls’ Day Mistletoe at their grandmother’s house. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. It was Christmas Eve.


V – Z

Holidays in Vegas*
White Christmas
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Christmas Wish
Year Without Santa Claus*
Great Christmas Lighting (seasons 3-6)

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