With the Kaldheim Standard in full swing, Wizards of the Coast looks to the future with a first glimpse from Strixhaven : Magic school. Coming magic: The Gathering set presents the world’s first school of magic, where students can learn to master powerful spells with skill. The school is divided into five colleges (yes, like the houses at Hogwarts), each connected by a combination of two colors of magic. As part of the reveal series, Wizards of the Coast has given the five colleges – Lorehold, Prizmary, Quandrix, Silverkill and Wijerbloom – a look at a series of team cards, one for each of the colleges in Strickshaven.

Wizards of the Coast has also unlocked the Mystical Archives, a collection of 63 powerful magic cards: A history of the meeting is included in Stricksheven: Booster Magic School. The company also revealed that Strickshaven College will be the theme for this year’s command bridges. Read on for an overview of Stricksheven : Magic school.

They’re excited about Strickshaven: Magic school? Let us know in the comments section. More Knitshawen previews: The magic school will open in March. The kits are available in stores and at Magic : Rally and Arena Magic: The online meeting in April.


(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Lorehold is Red and White College. Wizards of the Coast describes the Loreholds as diligent explorers and daring adventurers. Some spend all their time passionately studying ancient scriptures or communicating with the spirits. Others go all over the world to extract new historical treasures from ancient ruins. The college’s motto is to leave nothing to chance.



(Picture: Sorciers de la Côte)

The Prismari motto is expressed in the elements. As a Red-Blue college, it should come as no surprise to experienced Magic players that Prismari Command offers both direct damage and card draw.



(Photo: Sorciers de la Côte)

The Quandrix are mathematical wizards. The motto of the college is Math is Magic, and the students who attend see the depth that lies in the mathematical principles of the multiverse. Quandrix is the blue and green college of Strickshaven.


Silver medal

(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Strikshavens Black and White College, Silverquill, operates under the motto A sharper style, a sharper mind. Pétales d’argent expresses itself both through the magic of language and through impeccable fashion.


Witch flower

Wizards of the Coast describes the Wijerblooms as gothic bio-majors with the motto Get your hands dirty. Members of the black and green colleges do not hesitate to use the magic of life to change a creature, for better or worse, and spend a lot of time with zombies.


Mystery Archives

Every mystic school needs a library, and Strickshaven is no exception. The school has access to some ancient spells, and these will appear in the game as Mystic Archive cards, reprints of ancient magic: Collect spells with new artistic procedures and boundaries.

The fact that a card is part of the Mystic archive does not affect its legitimacy in the constructed format. Players can find one of 63 cards from the Mystic archive in every Strixhaven draft booster and set booster, and at least three in every collection booster.


Commander 2021

(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

The Strickshaven Colleges will also serve as the basis for this year’s Commanders’ Bridges. Bridges coming:

  • The Silverville Training
  • Prismari’s achievement
  • Sorcery
  • The Lorehold Legacy
  • Quantum Quandrix

Wizards of the Coast promises to reveal more details about the bridges in March.


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