The Houston rockets


Russell Westbrook wears a Kobe Bryans Lakers T-shirt in honor of the deceased NBA legend.

Russell Westbrook wants to leave Houston.

PG Rockets Russell Westbrook could return to Houston next season for @BovadaOfficial Odds.


Rockets +225
Nix +250
Hornets +250
Scissors +500
Pistons +800

– Brandon Scoop B Robinson, M.A. 14. November 2020.

But where’s he going?

Sports betting supplier Bovada thinks he’s staying with the Rockets.

According to Mr. Bovada, there’s a +225 chance he’ll stay.

Westbrook achieved an average of 27.2 points, 7.9 rebounds, 7 assists and 1.6 steals per game in the first season against Houston.

The nine-time NBA All-Star, Westbrook, was sold to the Rockets in the last off-season in exchange for Chris Paul. Westbrook was part of Team Thunder in 2008-09 after the team moved from Seattle to the OCC. He immediately influenced as a rookie, then became one of the most dominant players in the league – and finally the face of the OKC franchise.

After spending eight seasons, partly in the shadow of Kevin Durant, Westbrook had the three most dominant seasons in NBA history. He tripled his average every year from 2016-17 to 2018-19 and won the MVP prize in 2017 with a second loss of title.

The New York Knicks are looking for the famous wild card. Chris Paul was on their radar, and this may require Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilkin and some designs, as reported in September.

@ScoopB talks about a deal he made for Chris Paul at #Knicks in September.

Does that make sense now?

– Basketball Association (@bbsociety_) 12. November 2020

But what happens if the Knicks don’t get CP3? After all, teams like Philadelphia 76 and Phoenix Sans have the same idea as Orange and Blue.

According to Bovada, the Knicks have a +250 chance of trading on Russell Westbrook.

The team led by Westbrook, with coach Tom Thibodo at the helm, currently consists of Knox, RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson and Julius Randle. Thibodo has the reputation of having the best products of the players on its list. To be honest, Coach Tibs is one of the coolest coaches I’ve ever played for, Nate Robinson told me in the spring.

First of all, he showed me professionalism, because I’ve studied the game, I’ve studied the game manual, and I know every position. It’s as if you know the enemy better than they do and you’re ready. And he’s always ready. He always has a plan A, B, C, D, E, F and G. So that’s all they get from Coach Tibs.

As noted this week, Westbrook and the Rockets are in an interesting place, and the Los Angeles Clippers are interested. According to Mr. Bovada, Los Angeles has more than 500 chances to break into Westbrook, and that could happen if you move to Westbrook Center and transfer from Paul George.

The Detroit pistons, including Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin, will vote for 7th place on Wednesday. Place in the NBA project. According to Mr. Bovada, the probability that Detroit will trade at Westbrook is +800. We also think Charlotte Horns might be interested in Westbrook. Michael Jordan is the majority shareholder of the Hornets, and Westbrook is one of the faces of MJ’s Jordan brand. Bovada noted Hornets with a +250 probability for trading in Westbrook.

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