The training of the English national team for match against Twickenham would take place in October in Twickenham.

Thirteen barbaric players have been banned by the Rugby Football Union from taking part in the game against England in October, which will be cancelled.

All players have accepted their districts.

Chris Robshaw, Alex Levington, Fergus McFadden, Juan Pablo Sochi, Richard Wigglesworth and Jackson Ray have been suspended for four weeks.

They all belonged to a group that came out of the group bubble twice and turned out to be misleading in the course of the investigation.

Originally, they were not allowed to play for 10 weeks, but due to the speed of their calls and other mitigating measures, this was reduced to five weeks, three of which were suspended on the condition that no further fouls would be committed off the field within the year.

Lewington, Robshaw, Wigglesworth and Ray also have to work 50 hours unpaid rugby, while McFadden and Sosino have 60 hours.

However, all six received a two-week suspension for perjury.

The whole McFadden bar was also fined two weeks.

The sanctions reflect the seriousness of the accusations, including behaviour that ignores what society as a whole and the rugby community perceive and deliberately undermines an RFS investigation as quickly as circumstances require, according to the governing body in a statement.

Calumn Clarke, Sean Maitland and Tim Swinson were suspended for four weeks – three of them were suspended – Tom de Glanville, Joel Coke and Manu Wunipola were suspended for three weeks, while Simon Kerrod was suspended for two weeks.

The panel said there was a line under the seriousness of insults between those who went out both nights and gave a false score, those who went out only on Wednesday night and gave a false score and Kerrod, who was the only player who went out only on Tuesday night and did not give a false score.

What’s going on?

The Russian Federation has published further details on the events that took place during the Barbary Assembly.

It stipulates that all players must have signed a code of conduct before entering the protected bubble, which states that they must avoid public places, including pubs and bars.

The players have benefited from several facilities in their hotel, including a dining room and a social area with a swimming pool, table tennis and other games, said RFS. They could drink alcohol in a barbaric hotel camp.

Players were also allowed to enter Hyde Park in groups of up to three to get some fresh air. They had to announce the departure and go back to WhatsApp.

In the afternoon of the 20th. But in October, Robshaw, Wigglesworth and Ray left the hotel to take them for a drink at the Footman Pub in Mayfair.

Then they went to the pub where, contrary to the rules of the second level, they were accompanied by Carrod, Levington, McFadden and Sosino, then in London.

The RFU’s committee of inquiry was told that the players knew this was not allowed, so they left the hotel at the fire exit to avoid the confrontation.

Video footage also shows that the group returned through the fire exit, but the trip remained secret until Friday.

But also 12 players dared to play on Wednesday.

Ray asked the barbarian leaders if the group could visit Sergio’s restaurant, but the request was refused.

Later that day, 12 players left the team’s hotel and went to Mayfair’s Hash Bar, Running Horse Pub and Sergios Restaurant.

When asked where they were, the players answered that they had left the hotel for a snack at McDonald’s and sat down in Berkeley Square for a drink.

The players made this statement during the investigation: We would like to offer FC Barbara and the Rugby Union our unequivocal apologies for our wrong and stupid behaviour on Wednesday night. We deeply regret our stupidity.

We would like to apologize unequivocally to the lawyer of RFS for knowingly making false statements in our meetings on Thursday.

Whether the basic instinct of rugby players is to stay together and protect each other, in which case we now understand that we have to tell the whole truth. Now, as a group, we want to determine a precise sequence of events together.

The statement contained the correct version of events compared to Wednesday, but did not mention Tuesday’s press release.

The barbaric President John Spencer said… The actors involved have committed themselves to ignore these protocols and we are very disappointed.

We apologize unreservedly for the behaviour of the players who behaved so irresponsibly. As a club we have a lot of confidence in the players who come to our family and to the camp.

We are very disappointed that these players have abused this trust and endangered the health of the team, the match against England and the reputation of this historic club.

The eight Saracens cannot be more repentant

Eight of the actors involved were Saracens, who said they had made very bad decisions that led to inherently stupid and serious actions.

Added the club’s statement: The players were punished for the mistakes they had made, and they couldn’t show remorse or apology anymore.

They were absolutely devastated by their misconduct that led to the abolition of England vs. Barbarian game and that caused a lot of excitement among rugby fans and especially among Saracen fans, who were incredible in such a difficult year.

According to the club, the players have voluntarily agreed to significant steps in the form of compensation and restoration of their actions, including contributions to cover the lost wages of the casual workers at Twickenham Stadium, a donation to the Matt Ratana Foundation and a commitment to raise significant additional funds for the charity event in the coming months.

They also wrote personal apologies to each of the protagonists involved.

The club says it has imposed its sanctions on eight players involved, he added: One of the values of our club is caring for people. It’s time to support our players and help them learn from their mistakes.

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