Goat always does. Tom Brady with the buccaneers of Tampa Bay almost looks like Brady Peak with the New England Patriots.

In seven games Brady has made 18 touchdown passes, making him the second most successful player in the league. It’s not just about touchdowns. Brady’s success rate is higher than in 2007 when he was MVP in the NFL and led the Patriots to an ideal regular season.

Moreover, his passers-by and his farm score better this year than this season.

Brady just renewed his credentials after 40 years. Among them, Brady, there are some other people in their 40s. This influence was significant from the age of 18 years. Tom Brady, NFL, 43

to 40 : Five Super Bowl championships and two more Super Bowl appearances and two MVP awards made Brady the greatest player of all time before scoring 40 points. Brady is the first quarterback to lead his team to five Super Bowl victories, beating his idol Joe Montana (four) and Terry Bradshaw (four).

after 40 : He was the first player to play for the team after his 40th birthday. He received an MVP League award at the age of three (his third player) and led the Patriots to two more Super Bowls, losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in the LII Super Bowl and defeating the Los Angeles Rams in the LIII Super Bowl. Brady adds that he plans to play until the age of 45 and explains in the podcast why Sport Matters, Why : Through everything that has happened in the last twelve years of my life, I have had the opportunity to enable myself to achieve something that no one else has ever done. So I feel like I have to do it. Brett Favre, NFL, 41

to 40: Long before Old Shooter became old, he established himself as the great quarterback of all time and won the Super Bowl and NFL MVP titles, and three seasons in a row, the Green Bay Packers title.

after 40 : After retiring twice, Favre experienced a revival with the Minnesota Vikings in 2009, the season he turned 40. He’s reached his eleventh birthday. The Vikings finished third in the Pro Bowl and took the Vikings to an NFC championship match, losing to the New Orleans Saints in overtime. Favre’s penchant for tirelessness has become a joke and St. Louis Rams has contacted him for a new return in 2013. It’s flattering, Mr. Favre said. But you know I don’t. John Stockton, NBA, 41.

to 40: Stockton, ten times All-Star, has become the NBA career leader in the field of complicity.

after 40 : Stockton turned 40 at the end of the 2002-03 season and will play another season for Utah Jazz, 19th in the team before retiring at 41. He started all 82 games and had an average of 27.2 minutes in his last season. When he resigned, a discreet joker did so without too much fuss. I think I’m ready, Stockton said. I briefed these guys, and there I go. I was just saying: I think it’s time to move on. Hank Aaron, MLB, 42

to 40: In 1973, at the age of 39, Aaron won the All-Star selection 19 times in a row and finished first in the All-Star category. Home run season after missing Babe Ruth’s career record – 714 years old.

after 40 : Aaron endured months of racist insults and death threats with the brave Atlanteans before he was killed on the 8th day. April 1974 in Los Angeles on the 715th Home Run. The Dodgers announcing the great Scully wine have been a home game for centuries: What a great time for baseball, what a great time for Atlanta and Georgia, what a great time for the country and the world. A black man gets a standing ovation in the deep south for breaking the record of an all-time baseball idol. Karim Abdul-Jabbar, NBA, 42

to 40: Abdul-Jabbar is a consistent top scorer in the NBA, is a six-time MVP and six-time NBA champion and has played for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

after 40 : The Lakers made it through three NBA finals and won twice after Abdul-Jabbar turned 40. He has been a full-time starter and has won the star title in each of his last three seasons. When Abdul-Jabbar resigned with a sweater in 1990, he made a joke about a possible return. I was pretty sure that the excitement and sensation I got here sure scared me, he said. I’m sure that’s exactly what Coach Riley meant when he tried to get me back in the game. Harold Baines, MLB, 42

to 40: Baines was a tough guy who had the rare distinction that his act (with the Chicago White Sox) ended while he was still active.

after 40: 1999, at the age of 40, Baines defeated the Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Indians with 103 runs. His last 100 RBI season was in 1985 for the White Sox, which earned him the record for the longest time between 100 RBI campaigns. He also got his first all-star marina in eight years. Darrell Green, NFL, 42

to 40: As one of the fastest defenders in the history of the league, Green was a seven-time pro bowl cornerback and won two Super Cups against the Washington Redskins.

after 40 : Green, who recorded at least one interception in 19 NFL seasons, picked up four passes after a 40-second spin. In each of the last two seasons he has played all 16 games at the age of 41 and 42. Green celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010. He celebrated his 40th birthday by announcing that he had completed a 4.43-second 40-yard run. I think I’m the fastest 50-year-old in the world today! He tweeted. Dikembe Mutombo, NBA, 42

to 40: Mutombo, who is known to wiggle his finger after every blocked shot, has been eight-time NBA All-Star and four-time Defenseman of the Year.

after 40 : On the second. In March 2007, at the age of 40, Mutombo made 22 rebounds for the Houston Rockets, making him the oldest player in NBA history with more than 20 rebounds per game. He said all these kids were right next to me. I came to the dance anyway. Mutombo scored in three seasons after reaching the age of 40. Average age of 5.9 rebounds and 1.1 blocks per match. Jerry Rice, NFL, 42

to 40: Probably the biggest receiver in history, Rice was a three-time Super Bowl champion, ten-time first-team all-pro champion, and an NFL leader in receiving, yard goods and touchdowns before he turned 40.

after 40 : In 2002, when Rice turned 40, he made 92 passes for 1211 yards, his best result since 1996. Rice played until 2004 and signed a one-day contract with the San Francisco 49ers for $1,985,806.49 until his official retirement in 2006. He has not collected this ceremonial transaction, the amount of which has been collected since his first year of the championship (1985), his form numbers (80), the year (’06) and the team for which he played the first 16 seasons (49ers). Ted Williams, MLB, 42

to 40: Teddy Ballheim was the greatest batsman who ever lived – and a war hero.

after 40 : Williams ended his career in 1960 with a small glitch of 0.316/.451/.645 in the Boston Red Sox at the age of 41. He hit a home run in his last record appearance and refused to take his hat off or otherwise acknowledge his fans, giving the writer John Updike the chance to make sure the gods wouldn’t answer the letters. Barry Bonds, MLB, 43

to 40: The Bonds have won six national league MVP awards, been named 13 All Stars teams and broke the MLB record for 73 home runs in 2001.

after 40 : In 2004, when he turned 40, Bonds set the MLB record for a season with 232 increases and 1,421 PSOs and won the seventh NL MVP award. In 2007, at the age of 42, he became a star of the San Francisco Giants in his final season. Allegations that he was taking performance-enhancing drugs prevented King’s baseball career from entering the Hall of Fame. As for steroids, Bonds once said that doctors should stop worrying about what baseball players are taking. … Doctors should spend all their time looking for cancer drugs. Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Athletics and Golf, 43

to 40: As one of the greatest athletes of all time, she was named athlete of the year six times by the Associated Press – once for track and field and five times for golf.

after 40 : Didrikson Zacharias was the first LPGA Tour winner in 1951 when she turned 40. In 1954, one year after his colon cancer surgery, Didrikson Zacharias won the sixth AP Female Athlete of the Year award and won the US Open Women’s Tournament with a record 12 beats. It will show a lot of people that they don’t have to be afraid of surgery and that they can continue to live a normal life, she said after her 10th birthday. Didrikson Zacharias died of cancer in 1956. Robert Parish, NBA, 43

to 40: The chef was a nine-time all-star and an integral part of a memorable run for the Boston Celtics in three NBA championships in the 1980s.

after 40 : Parish ended his career in 1996-97 at the age of 43 with the Chicago Bulls and became the oldest player to win the NBA Championship. In one of his first practice sessions with the Bulls, ESPN’s Jackie McMullan said that Parish had not qualified for the game and was surprised to see Michael Jordan push him. I said to him: I’m not as in love with you as those guys. I have rings too, the Parish remembers. Ricky Henderson, MLB, 44

to 40: Henderson was widely recognized as the best batter in the league, was all-star 10 times and led the American League 12 times on stolen bases.

after 40 : Although he last played for the Dodgers in the MLB in 2003 at the age of 44, Henderson played in independent competitions for two more years and never voluntarily retired. He still leads the MLB career in bases and stolen matches. In a conference call for his Hall of Fame in 2009, Henderson, 50, said in my heart, I love this game and I would like to come back to it. Warren Moon, NFL 44

to 40: During his 30-year career, Moon had already made the Professional Football Hall of Fame with eight Pro Bowl selections and the NFL’s Forward of the Year award, following a career in the Canadian Football League that included five consecutive Grey Cup championships.

after 40 : His NFL career was considered when he celebrated his 40th birthday. In 1997, at the age of 41, he celebrated his last hurrah with Seattle Siochox. Twice this season, he was named AFC Striker of the Week and took ninth place in the Pro Bowl category after leading the NFL in match time. Vinnie Testoverde, NFL, 44

to 40: The first choice in the 1987 design was the double professional bowler. And he’s the last quarterback to win a playoff game for the Cleveland Brownes.

after 40 : On the second. In December 2007, Testaverde, 44, led the Carolina Panthers for 49 years, becoming the oldest quarterback to win the NFL game and the second oldest to start the game. He joined the team in the middle of the season and also won his first game against Carolina. After three days of preparation and after helping the team win a football match and make a difference, Testaverde said: I’m proud I did it. David Wells, MLB, 44

to 40: Ah, Boomer – pot belly, rubber hand, point control and perfectly play on his own.

after 40 : H.G. Wells, who idolized Babe Ruth after her 40th birthday when she started six off-season. When he played in Boston at the age of 42, he fulfilled his dream by convincing the Red Sox to let him wear Ruth’s number 3 and join a small brotherhood of fighters who wear unique songs. Roger Clemens, MLB, 45

to 40: The fearsome right-hand drive car has been nominated for eight All-Star Games and has won six Sai Yang awards and one MVP award.

after 40 : Clemens is named after three other All-Star teams, won the NL Cy Young award in 2004 and led the 1.87 ERA NL in 2005 when he turned 43. Clemens, like King Barry Bonds, has yet to be included in the Baseball Hall of Fame because he is accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs. During the interrogation, he talked about his suspicions for 60 minutes: I need a third ear coming out of my forehead; I need to pull the tractors with my teeth. Carlton Fiske, MLB, 45

to 40: At the age of 40, Pudge was already an American League Rookie of the Year, ten times All-Star and the man who hit the most famous home run in the history of the World Series.

after 40 : Although he played in the strongest position in the game, Fisk kept tying up his gear until he was 45 years old. When he retired in 1993, he set records for the number of captured games and homeruns in his career (although both records have been broken since then). When his number 27 retired from the Red Sox, he summed up the athlete’s experience of more than 40 years and said a million years had quickly passed. Yaromir Jagr, NHL, 45

to 40: Jagr made his NHL debut on the fifth. On October 18, 1990, when he was 18, and his first run, a goal, he scored two days later. The Jagr has won the Art Ross Cup five times as top scorer of the competition.

after 40 : Jagr was the third player in NHL history to score 750 goals and in 2016 he finished second in his career. In October 2017, he signed a one-year contract with the Calgary Flame; Jagr didn’t play a pre-season or accept a trial contract because, as he said, after 25 years, you know what kind of player I am. He now plays in the Czech Ice Hockey League. Gaylord Perry, MLB, 45

to 40: As the most famous striker since Burley Grimes, Perry was also one of the best pitchers of his time, with five winning seasons in 20 years and the 1972 Sai Young American League Award. He also wrote a book by me and Spitter about throwing paper pellets without getting caught.

after 40 : Perry won the Sai Yang National League Award in 1979 for the San Diego Padres in his 40th year of service. (and two weeks after his 40th birthday, he won 3,000 hits in his career), finished 21-6 with an ERA of 2.73 and became the first pitcher to win this award in both leagues. His 300. Victory – a complete game – that he achieved at the age of 43. He kept throwing the splinter (and was never caught) until the end of his career at the age of 45. When he resigned, he said the competition would be a little drier now. Pete Rose, MLB, 45

to 40: In 1963 he was declared a Rookie of the Year by the National League and in 1973 MVP became Charlie Hustle, the heart and soul of the Big Red Car.

after 40: 1982, at the age of 41, Rose played all 162 games for the Philadelphia Phyllis and became the second year in a row with the NL All Stars team. Three years later, he broke Tai Cobb’s career record. The last director of the MLB resigned with 4,256 moves and has a career record for the number of games, moves and records played. Because of gambling in baseball, Rose voluntarily took a permanent place on the baseball list in 1989. The ban prevents him from being included in the Hall of Fame. Dara Torres, swimming, 45

to 40: Torres has won nine medals in the sprint for the United States at four Summer Olympics: 1984, 1988, 1992 and, after a break of seven years, 2000.

after 40 : Torres returned – 24 years after the first Olympic Games – and became silver medalist in the 4x100m leisure relay at the Beijing Games in 2008. Torres volunteered to participate in the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s stricter testing program and explained: I want people to know I’m 41 and I’m doing the right thing. I’m clean. Randy Johnson, MLB, 46

to 40: Johnson was the most dominant leftist pitcher of his generation. He won five Sai-Young prizes and generally frightened his rivals.

after 40 : At the age of 40, the Big Squad still had enough fuel in the tank to put NL in the lead with 290 goals in 2004 – the same season in which NL became the oldest pitcher in history to have a perfect match. It’s not bad he’s 40, he says. Everything was locked up. In each of the next two seasons, he won 17 games and finished with 303 wins and 4,875 hits – numbers that earned him first place in the Hall of Fame. Nolan Ryan, MLB, 46

to 40: As the most powerful pitcher in history, Ryan already led a baseball career with a record five unsuccessful players.

after 40 : The Ryan’s Express isn’t delayed. After Ryan turned 40, he led his strike competition for four years. With the Texas Rangers he added two more without success. And don’t forget that by the end of last season, he was 46 years old when he was known to use Robin Ventura’s head as a punching bag after Ventura made the unfortunate decision to charge up the hill after he hit the field. Morten Andersen, NFL, 47

to 40: The Danish footballer, who has turned into a kicker, has been named Pro Bowl seven times and has received three All-Pro prizes for the first team.

after 40 : Andersen spent seven seasons in the 1940s, scoring 704 points and 83.7 percent of his goals on the field, ending his career as an NFL goalie. He is only the second real goalkeeper in the history of the league to receive the title Professional Football Hall of Fame in 2017. Keyword for his opening speech : Good evening, Canton, Ohio. Hello, Denmark. He ended his career with the Atlanta Falcons in 2007. Randy Couture, MMA/UFC, 47

to 40: As a triple Olympic understudy in wrestling, The Natural switched to mixed martial arts and became the only UFC fighter to win in both the heavy and light weight divisions on the belt.

after 40 : Couture retired in 2005 after Chuck Liddell knocked her out in the final chapter of his epic trilogy on lightness. Two years later Couture returned as heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia. Couture sent Sylvia an 8-millimeter screen for eight seconds and the 43-year-old won the decision unanimously and won the heavyweight title for the third time. I’m not afraid to fail. I’m not afraid to lose. By the way, I’m not afraid of death, as Couture said. Take the worst outcome. … You’ll be free and you’ll fight if you can. Phil Mickelson, Golf, 48

to 40: The best golfer of his generation, not called the Tiger, may have won the 2010 Masters – his fourth major championship in his career – two months before he turned 40.

after 40 : He was 43 years old when he won his first British Open in 2013, making the American Open the only major event he missed. After reaching the final lap, tied for the ninth, five shots from the head, Mickelson finished at 66 for a three-stroke victory. Today will be one of the most memorable golf rounds I’ve ever played, Mickelson said. This is probably the biggest and toughest victory of my career. George Blanda, NFL, 48

to 40: Bland threw for 25,196 yards, scored 214 touchdowns and 1148 points as quarterback/kicker for the Chicago Beers and Houston Oilers – and his first game with the Auckland Raiders.

after 40 : Blande turned 40 on the day of his second game with the Raiders, and then started only one game with the quarterback, but earned 863 extra points as a full-time kicker. He is the oldest player in the history of the NFL who retires at the age of 48 after the 1975 season. Blanda has set records in professional football for most seasons (26) and extra points (959), but once he said the only record I wanted to lose was the number of interceptors when Brett Favre got that record. Chris Chelios, NHL, 48

to 40: Chelios has won three Norris trophies as the best NHL defender and has become an absolute star ten times.

after 40 : Shortly after 40 years, Chelios joined the 11. All-Star Game, won a silver medal against the American Olympic hockey team and won the Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings. He ended his career at the age of 48 as a member of the Atlanta Trachers in 2010 after playing 1,651 games, most of them by the NHL defender. I couldn’t play any longer than I did, and I did what I wanted, he said. George Foreman, Boxing, 48

to 40: Forman, who measures 1.80 m by 4 km, was so afraid of the fall of 1974 to defend the title in the jungle that many feared that his 32-year-old challenger, Muhammad Ali, would fall victim to it. But Ali thwarted the 25-year-old foreman with his improvised rope tactics, and the foreman resigned in 1977.

after 40 : Foreman returned to the ring at 38 after an absence of 10 years and fought for another 10 years. Eventually, at the age of 45, he regained the heavyweight title by eliminating Michael Moorer in the same red dresses he wore more than 20 years ago when Ali lost. I banished the spirit once and for all, Foreman said afterwards. Phil Nickro, MLB, 48

to 40: Nikro, nicknamed Knoxy, spent his 20-30 years establishing himself as the most successful pitcher in the history of MLB and building a solid career in an eccentric field.

after 40 : After 40 years Nikro has 121 victories, the MLB record. It’s 300. He won his first match at the age of 46 by dodging bone balls until his last shot. I always wanted to do a whole game without throwing bone balls because people thought I couldn’t get people out without throwing them, he said after the game. Nikro, who ended his career with Brave, continued to play until the age of 48 and was included in the Hall of Fame in 1997. Julio Franco, MLB, 49

to 40: Franco has been a triple star, won the title of European Champion in 1991 and has achieved more than 2000 successes.

after 40 : After scoring goals in Japan, Mexico and Korea, Franco scored 0.285 goals in seven seasons with the New York Braves and Mets. He played his last MLB game in 2007 at the age of 49. He played in the Mexican league in 2008 and played seven games for the independent club Fort Worth Cat in 2014. Last year, at the age of 57, Franco played as player coach in the Japanese independent league. When you’re a certain age, they want you to leave, Franco said in 2005. It’s as simple as that. No stereotypes. Can you take this job? Yes or no? Look at the capacity. Jamie Moyer, MLB, 49

to 40: Moyer was the quintessence of the soft swing of the left-handed players, who quietly found a way to get the boys out without looking particularly impressive.

after 40 : Like the Energizer Bunny, Moyer went on. Moyer’s last victory was on the 16th. May 2012, at 49, with the Colorado Rockies. He thus became the oldest pitcher in MLB history to win and the oldest player to hit a runner-up (in a fantasy-singles-game with two RBI’s on the field, no less). Martin Navratilova, Tennis, 49

to 40: At her peak, Navratilova dominated women’s tennis and won 18 Grand Slam titles in the singles, 31 in the doubles and seven in the mixed.

after 40 : After graduating in singles in 1995, Navratilova returned to the second act in 2000 at the age of 44, jokingly, the ball doesn’t know how old I am. She has won 12 other Grand Slam titles in doubles and three in mixed doubles, the last one in 2006, one month before her 50th birthday. Every time we walked through the hall it was like a rock concert, said Lisa Raymond, one of Navratilova’s partners in the couple. Bernard Hopkins, box, 51

to 40: Hopkins has been one of the world middleweight champions for at least 10 years, with a score of 40 points and a 45-2-1 at 32 KO.

after 40 : In 2011, at the age of 46, the executioner beat George Foreman to the top of the world’s oldest list of champions by beating Jean Pascal for the WBC title in the light heavyweight category. Three years later, 49-year-old Hopkins combined the WBA and IBF light-weight titles and defeated Beibut Schumenow. Money is fine, but history is something you can’t get rid of and you can’t get rid of it by pretending it never existed, Hopkins said afterwards. Hopkins lost TKO Joe Smith Jr.’s last fight on the 17th. December 2016. Gordie Haw, NHL, 52

to 40: M. Hockey led the Red Wings to four Stanley Cup championships and won six heavy trophies as NHL MVP.

after 40 : Howe’s 20th and 21st. Differential prediction of the All-Star NHL after its 40th birthday. He also played with his sons Mark and Marty for six seasons of the World Hockey Association and last played in the NHL at the age of 52 after the Hartford Whalers joined the NHL. In 1997, at the age of 69, Howe led an IHL team behind the Detroit Vipers, his sixth decade in the game. Paige bags, MLB, 59

to 40: Paige played in black leagues for 18 seasons, including the Black Barons of Birmingham, the Pittsburgh Crawfords and the Kansas City Monarchs.

after 40 : After the MLB-desegregation, Paige Major played 42 and played 28-31 of 3.29 ERA for six seasons with Cleveland, St. John’s, St. Louis Brownes and Kansas City Athletics. In 1965, at the age of 59, he walked three times – with a single stroke – in the track and in the field. Anyway, Paige has been performing professionally for 40 years. Age is a matter of reason in the case; if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter, he once said. Jack Niklaus, Golf, 65

to 40: Golden Bear has won 15 of the 18 records and has bet on the title of the greatest golfer in history.

after 40 : Niklaus won twice in 1980, when he turned 40, but between 1981 and 1985 he won only two PGA laps. In 1986, however, Jack’s class went back to the teachers. In the final round, 46-year-old Niklaus shot 6-30 in the back and was the oldest winner in the history of the tournament. I was 46, but my nerves were still good. Niklaus said Golf Digest in 2011. And I didn’t want to get out of the game by playing bad. Sam Snid, Golf, 70

to 40: Sammy’s victory at the 1952 Masters, a month before his 40th birthday, was the sixth of his career.

after 40 : Sneed added a seventh major to the 1954 Masters, but it may not be his most impressive victory in 40 years. For less than two months, Snid hasn’t celebrated his 53rd birthday. He returned to his birthday in 1965 when he won the Big Greensboro Open. I don’t feel old, Sneed said afterwards. Actually, I feel pretty young now. More than 50 years later he is still the oldest golfer to have won the PGA Tour.

Johnette Howard, Paul Lucas, Arash Markazi, Thomas Neumann, Mike Reiss and Kevin Stone contributed to this story.

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