Fault! The file name is not specified. Milan seemed to have found the right combination of youth, universality and Zlatan Ibrahimovich in its splendour to become an invincible tear. Xinhua/Alberto Lingria via Getty Photos

Many American football fans only immersed themselves in European club football when the Premier League appeared live on television about ten years ago. These fans have only heard of AC Milan, they have not yet seen the legendary club in full swing.

Like the Trojans at the USC soccer college, Milan is glamorous and, led by the right leader, difficult and mediocre in less capable hands. They have won the Champions League/Cup more than anyone else, except Real, but it has been 13 years since they reached the semifinals. It’s been over six years since they even played a Champions League game. Because they came third in 2013 in the Series A, their average score in the league was 6.9. Fish signatures, improper ownership, mismanagement of personnel and financial irregularities have conspired to stop them.

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Nevertheless, Milan has achieved a series of fantastic quality scores, and I’ll be damned if, for once, their results weren’t really encouraging. The Rossoneri have yet to lose in the league since the summer Coronavirus resumed, winning 14 league games with four draws and a goal balance of 49-17. They are the first in Series A in six games, and their basic statistics indicate that this is not a good start.

In the Europa League they also played in the group stage with 5-1 victories on Shamrock, Bodo/Glimt and Rio Ave on penalty kicks, while in Prague they won the group games against Celtic and Sparta. (They took Lille on Thursday after losing 3-0 to shine a bit). And all this despite the temporary loss of important players such as goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma and aging striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the positive KOVID-19 test.

It’s strange to write about an old force that looks like a force again, but is this increase sustainable?

The summit in Milan is the result of an incredible recovery effort, which began in the summer of 2019. So far, 63% of the league minutes have gone to players who have been taken over in the last 16 months.

Last year, they were joined by Real Madrid left behind Theo Hernandez, Seville right behind Simon Kiera, defending midfielders Frank Cassie and Ismael Bennasser from Atalanta and Empoli respectively, and Lille winger Rafael Leao. They’re all from the 11th century. Director Stefano Pioli, as well as former Anderleht wing Alexis Salemakers, who was added in January. All except Kier, 23 or younger.

To make up for that inexperience and to give Pioli a big goal for his 4-2-3-1 formation, they also added a 39 year old Ibrahimovich for the winter. There are only four members of the favorite Piola XI who were in the club last summer.

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Their depth is also impressive. The former Frankfurt striker, Ante Rebich, went to work when the healthy and crazy youngsters Brahim Diaz (Real Madrid), Diogo Dalot (Manchester United) and Sandro Tonali (Brescia) made their appearance. Another wave of young men – 18-year-old striker Lorenzo Colombo, 21-year-old defender Matteo Gabby, 21-year-old striker Jens Petter Hauge (added by Bodo/Glimt after the glamour of their fight for Europe) – have also passed their first tests. Injuries and positive VIDOC-10 diagnoses have not slowed down the team and there appears to be a reliable replacement option for each field station.

However, teams do not tend to win titles based on 21 or 39 years of age and there are not many key players in Milan between the ages of 25 and 29. In the end, she can limit inexperience, but her statistical profile is still very suitable for a competition president.

(Note: many of the statistics in this article are presented in an article about the seasonal outlook in September. 160GD is the goal difference in the first 60 minutes and PossStartA3Mgn is the advantage of the team starting third in the offensive. This table also does not take into account the loss of Juventus Napoli – it only shows the games played).

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Unlike Atalanta or Sassuolo, Milan’s products are well balanced: They are in fifth place in the league in terms of goals scored on average and third place in terms of goals allowed. The biggest problem at the moment is that many teams have their respective actions in common.

Milan has only lost two points from six matches, but seven other clubs have at least 11 points. The xG difference of Milan is increasing, just like Napoli, Inter-Milan, Roma and to a lesser extent Juve and Atalanta. (Udinese’s xG differential is also confusing, despite five defeats in six games).

In the Premier League it seems that no team is playing incredibly well at the moment, that is of course the case in head-to-head matches, and in Serie A the opposite is the case.

Average number of plates, high quality

Milan is slightly above average in terms of the number of photos, but they are distinguished by their quality. Of all the clubs in the five European leagues, only Leicester City, Bayern Munich and Rome have an average of more than hGb per litter.

Of course, Lester is the only club in the Big Five with on average more penalty points.

Number of penalty points in 2020-21 matches (five European championships):

1. City of Lester (0.86)
2. Milan (0,67)
3. Chelsea (0.57)
4. 1. Lens (0.57)
5. Lens (0.57) Lyon (0.56)

Milan scored four penalty points in six games, converted three and recovered in the fourth. They go at a rate of 25 penalties, and given that even in Series A, no team exceeded 18 penalties last year, that’s probably not feasible. Yet Milan remains third in the championship in xG with only one shot if a penalty is taken out of the equation. It’s not just an attack and hope.

Pioli, who would be on the road until he realized that it’s a good way to never lose a game to keep his job, first and foremost to use the 4-2-3-1 formation. In general, 4-2-3-1 can be a little too heavy: They are perfectly balanced between defense and attack, but at the same time they can lead to possession for possession. But if your three environment/offensive wings are energetic and you have a good attacker in front of you, it can work perfectly.

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Milan certainly does. Leao on the left, Hakan Calhanoglu in the middle and Saelemakers on the right combined 26 chances (15 from Calhanoglu) and four assists in the championship game, plus three goals (two from Leao) on 21 premium shots (0.14 x G/shoot). Diaz created three scoring chances and scored once, while Hauge scored a goal in the Celtic goal. They have room for creativity, and in Ibrahimovich they have a stationary in the style of Patrick Ewing, which they can cross if they can’t make a better one.

Moreover, their collective energy has enabled Ibrahimovich to reach its full potential and allows them to work for Zlatansky Lesser Future – Ibrahimovich is their leader in the created xG, but the next six boys on the list are all 23 years old or younger.

The team can also afford to take some risks for the attacking midfielders because the defensive block was strong.

Milan has set a solid record for ball possession, and many ball possession teams have a defensive profile: A small number of shots are allowed, but due to counter attacks the average quality of the shots is high. But thanks to the work of their defensive core – Chiera and Alessio Romagnoli/Gabbia in midfield, Cassie and Bennacera in midfield – the opponents were limited in their transition possibilities. In other words: Milan brings the advantages of 4-2-3-1 and minimizes its limitations.

Due to injuries and other absences, Cyaer has already spent more than 1000 minutes in the Serie A and the Europa competition, which is not optimal for everyone, let alone for a 31 year old. But Gabbia’s game was reassuring in return.

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Shaka Hislop can’t believe how Zlatan Ibrahimovich was able to make the connection with a bicycle dent in the A-series at the age of 39.

Age is not the only restriction

I’m thinking of several regression factors during this season:

. Difference in loss xG.. Are you a little unlucky? Are you getting trampled? He talks about problems, even though you’re generally fine now.

… Narrow force. Few teams tend to score more than 2.1 points per match on average in matches decided from scratch or in matches with only one goal. Reverse this mark and you may suffer a limited loss in the near future.

. Maintain the percentage margin and the targets set. Only a few teams benefit from significant advantages in this area.

1А9. Red cards and second yellow. If your opponent has more numbers than you, it is obvious that you are using some of the advantages of numbers that are probably not supported.

How can these factors still occur in Series A?

After winning the first three games with a total score of 8-0, the road became more difficult. They still score points – 2-1 for a reduced Inter, 3-3 against Roma, 2-1 against Udinese thanks to Ibrahimovic’s late goal – but even here they are generally not supported. (Moreover, in Europe they only reached the group stage because they won with a point and a penalty shoot-out). Moreover, you do not usually retain a 20% benefit, even if you have one of the best newlyweds in the world in Donnarum.

It is forming to become the title game that we await and Milan must remain part of.

I was optimistic that Serie A would have its best race in years and the numbers confirm that feeling, especially when Inter, Juve and Atalanta get back in shape. But Milan stands out from the masses today.

Milan’s statistical profile and protection is largely solid. Boys like Donnarumma, Ibrahimovich, Kayaer and Cassie have a known number, and they rely on more than just punishment in case of an attack. However, at some point it will not be difficult to detect the radio. Players like Leao, Rebich, Colombo and perhaps Hauge will have to take a step forward if or when Ibrahimovich is injured, goals may dry up if the quality of the shot is not so good at all, and a few victories may turn into a tie.

Even if they lose their momentum in a league game, they have a good chance of qualifying for the Champions League next year – 72 percent according to the club’s Five thirtyEight ranking (plus a 25 percent chance of winning the championship) – and even after this year, San Siro’s future is much brighter than it looked six months ago. Few teams have signed contracts with more interesting young players lately, and you don’t have to look at headquarters, which can stay for a while.

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