Is Johnny Depp Leaning On Winona Ryder During Amber Heard Legal Battle?

Johnny Depp relies on Winona Ryder for his ongoing legal battles with Amber Heart’s ex. It’s in the OK! Journal number of 2. November 2020. Johnny’s fans were shocked when Amber Hearse’s ex-wife sued the actor for domestic violence, but no one was as shocked as Winona Ryder! The couple starred together in Edward Scissorhands’ cult film and they were engaged three years before the divorce.

When Johnny Depp went to court for libel over an article in The Sun in which he called Depp his battered wife, his ex-partners Vanessa Paradis (with whom he shares the children of Lily Rose and Jack) and Winona Ryder rushed to publish statements on his behalf.

A new whistle to help Johnny Depp win a $25 million lawsuit against TMG.

Johnny’s lawyers didn’t need their statements, but they were released anyway. So, OK! Report that Winona’s support goes beyond a written explanation of her character. According to the article, Johnny appealed to Vanessa and Winona during this period and is grateful for their support.

The source reported the following publication.

Johnny Depp has filed a $25 million lawsuit against his businessmen.

Winona and Vanessa insisted that Amber didn’t know this and that the Johnny they knew was a gentle and loving soul. Of course, sometimes he’s got hotheads, but they can never imagine him being able to do the things Amber accuses him of. They were the real rock in the surf he could count on in this chaos.

The Johnny Depp trial: Publication of the testimony of Winona Ryder – Prescription

It is very important that we leave room to protect the innocent as well. I saw this happen in college, and even though the prosecutor admitted to lying, the damage had already been done. This is very serious.

– Emily (@EmilyJaneErnst) 18. July 2020.

Amber heard he mourned the death of his mother, Paige Parsons.

Although not many people were surprised to hear that Vanessa Paradis is there for the father of her children, many were shocked to hear that Winona will be there for him after all these years. There will always be romantic hope that Johnny and Winona get back together, but that doesn’t seem to happen.

Winona Ryder has been with her boyfriend Scott Mackinlay Hahn since 2011, and the couple is still strong.

There are also rumors that Johnny Depp is associated with a luxury model, but that he keeps the relationship a secret thanks to the press surrounding the case. At this stage, it remains to be seen whether it is related to the model or not.

What do you think of the magazine report OK? Were you surprised when Winona Ryder made a statement on behalf of Johnny Depp?

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