Republican Senator Susan Collins and Democrat Sarah Gideon.

Republican Senator Susan Collins and Democrat Sarah Gideon.

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Republican Senator Susan Collins will meet Democrat Sarah Gideon in Maine tonight.

That’s what we know about the race:

Challenger: Sarah Gideon, President of the House of Representatives

  • Despite her ten years of public service and Gideon’s growing momentum, few of her potential voters have ever heard her speak, except in her television commercials.
  • A mother of three from Rhode Island lives in Freeport, about an hour north of Kennebunkport.
  • Gideon’s father is an Indian immigrant, and his maternal grandparents came to the United States as babies to escape the massacres of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. Her husband Ben was first employed by Freeport City Council in 2009.

The trough: His Republicans. Susan Collins

  • She has served the people of Maine as a senator since 1997 and officially announced her re-election campaign in December 2019.
  • Over the course of her career, Collins has built a reputation for moderation. She said she did not vote for President Trump in 2016, but has disappointed the left since taking office by voting for the Republican tax law and – sadder in the eyes of her critics – by voting for Brett Cavanaugh’s approval in the Supreme Court.

Why is this race important?

The race for a seat in the Senate of Maine is one of the most rigorous and controversial in 2020. There are only a few days before election day, when Congress and the White House will discuss the issue.

Democrats in the Senate have made Maine one of their main targets, where Collins, who has long been in power in the GOP, faces the fierce competition for state re-election that Hillary Clinton won in the 2016 presidential election.

Argumentative debate

During the debate on the 28th. In October, Mrs Collins stated that she did not consider systemic racism to be a state problem.

I don’t think systemic racism is a problem in Maine, said Collins in a CNN WMTW-sponsored debate with Democratic candidate and House Speaker Sarah Gideon.

The comments of the GOP senator were an answer to the moderator’s question: Is the term black life controversial, and is there a systemic problem of racism here in Maine? and notes that the vast majority of residents identify themselves as white. While 94 percent of mayors describe themselves as white, the state also accommodates a significant number of refugees, including Somalis and Sudanese Americans.

The initial influx of Somali immigrants led to mixed reactions, including high-profile cases of open repression since the early 2000s, when the mayor of Lewiston declared that the city was overwhelmed by the influx.

In his answer to the question, Mr Collins also said that I do not think the term ‘black life’ should be controversial, and I added that it is clear that in some parts of our country there is systemic racism or problems with the police.

Democratic candidate Gideon answered the same question with these words… Black lives are important, and the reason we have to say that is because there is a legacy of intolerance in this country that leads to systemic racism and the existence of racial inequality in the state of Maine.

Whatever white state we have, it still exists. For example, if you look at the number of coloured people who have had a positive Covidian infection here in Maine, and how that infection is exaggerated compared to the rest of the population. We see it in terms of access to education for people of different colors, access to health care, poverty rates, the number of people in prison, and we have to do something about it, Gideon said.

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