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(CBS) – Only two weeks left in the regular fantasy season.

At this stage, your game scenarios need to be very clear. Either you’re fighting for the first round, or you’re trying to improve your play-off results, or you’re fighting for your place in the post-season, or you’re already out of the play-offs. If you belong to the latter category, you probably won’t be looking for a recommendation for a discount thread yet.

For those who are still in the play-offs, there are only two ways to improve your situation before the off-season. Now, you won’t usually find big fancy inlays leaving the wire this late in the season. But like everything we’ve seen this year, the year 2020 is full of crazy surprises, and some interesting names are at the top of the list of exceptions this week.

In this context, here is the upper deviation added to week 12.


QB Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints – After most people blew up James Winston’s chances in New Orleans last week (myself included), it was Hill who took off and made it for the Saints. The quarterback made over 78% of his transfers in 233 yards and added 10 rushing in 51 yards and two rushing touchdowns. With Drew Brees, Hill must continue to thrive under the centre of New Orleans, at least for the next two games, with street games against the Broncos and Falcons until the next game. Hill should produce QB1 numbers as long as he’s still the starter.

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Buy more Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders – Although he lost to Patrick Mahomez and the Chiefs, Carr was very good to the Raiders on Sunday night. The veteran quarterback made 23 of 31 passes (74.2%) in 275 yards, three touchdowns and an interception against a tough passing defense in Kansas City. Carroux will feel much better in the coming weeks. For the next two weeks, the Raiders are on their way, but before they encounter the stingy Falcons and Jets in their 14-week Colts defense, they will have some great battles with the Falcons and Reagents. Teams that are still fighting for a play-off spot and that need a QB flow for the next two weeks should look no further than Carr, who should be able to get the job done.


R.B. James White, Patriots of New England – While Rex Burkhead needed a devastating knee injury to do this, James White has officially returned to fantasy. White is no longer in the fantasy collimator compared to the previous four games, with no more than 35 meters in total in a game in this period. But after Burkhead’s injury, White stepped in when the Patriots intercepted a pass, a role he had dominated in the past. On Sunday, when White lost Texas, they closed the game with six 64-yard shots on nine goals and five 19-yard shots. The Patriots have a tough opponents list with a home game against the Cardinals before going to Los Angeles for matches against the Chargers and Rams in week 13 and 14. As long as the Patriots can stay in the play-offs, White must continue to show solid and fantastic grades. We need to add a veteran.

Frank Gore (Photo by Kevork Jansezian/Getty Pictures)

RB Frank Gore, New York Jets… You’ll never feel good working for the New York Jets. However, an injury to the louvre perineum can open the door to decent and luxurious rooms. However depressing the attacking jets may be, as we have learned over the years, fantasy football is all about volume. If Perin’s forced to skip time, Gore will probably have most, if not all, background keys. The 11th. On the third day of the match, a runner who never stopped growing and who turned backwards carried the ball 15 times, most attempts since he was sent away on the third pitch. On the second day of play, the player received the ball 15 times for 61 yards and the result, adding two shots for 10 yards. The hunters attack dolphins and hunters at home before they go to the Seahawks in week 14. Again, you won’t feel safe removing Mountain from your team. But if Perin misses his time with an ankle injury, Gore could be in the FLEX area.

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RB Wayne Gellman, the New York giants… It’s one of them for their 11th birthday. Week, but if he’s still there, hurry up and get Gallman off the wire. The last time we saw the Giants on the field, Gullman scored 18 touchdowns of 53 yards, but scored two touchdowns. This is the fourth straight game in which Gallman entered the end zone with a total of five points in this period. The former Clemenson, who was sent away for the 7th round because of an injury from Devonte Freeman, is now in the lead. In the 12th round of every match he had seen double-digit attempts in a hurry, and this will probably remain so in a match of 12. The tour of the giants will change nothing. The Big Blue’s game against the Bengals this week without Joe Burrow in a game the Giants opened as a five-point favorite on the side of the road. It is clear that Las Vegas believes that the Giants are the favorites in this competition, which means that Gellman must see many opportunities. Gallman will be a solid RB2 in this fight for 12 weeks.

Broadband receivers

Р. R.R. Michael Pittman, Colts Indianapolis – Upon his return from the Wounded Reserve, Pittman secured first place in the passing attack of the Colts. In the battle against the tough Secondary Packers, the newcomer caught all three passes, walked 66 yards and scored a touchdown. In the last three weeks Pittman has had 14 races for 223 meters and points, which is clearly the favorite goal of Philip Rivers. The Colts now get three attractive games in a row when they meet the Titans at home before playing with the Texans and Raiders. This week Pittman added the best wide receiver.

WR Jaylen Reagor, Philadelphia Eagles – Since he came back from an injury I’ve bombed Reagor and everything he’s done in three races has paid off. A TCU first-round rookie took four of the five goals on Sunday from 52 meters. While the targets came second among Philadelphia’s wide receivers, behind Travis Fulgham’s seven targets, Fulgham was only able to walk one of these eight metres. The rookie also notes that his playing time increases with each week, after having played 93% of the Eagles’ offensive shots in week 11 against the Brownes during the season. Philadelphia will try to follow Seattle’s grudge from week 12, which means Carson Wentz will probably have to broadcast it early and often. Since the Eagles probably play more games from behind than from outside, Reagor must be added by every team that needs a wide receiver.

Russell Gage (Photo by Chris Graiten/Getty Images)

WR Russell Gage, Falcons of Atlanta – To the great sadness of many fantasy owners, Julio Jones seems to have lost his eleventh birthday. He also suffered a second Achilles tendon injury in Atlanta for the Saints. Although the severity of the last injury remains uncertain, fantasy owners should have contingency plans in case of an emergency. The easiest way is to add Russell Gage’s hawk companions. Gage fantasized at the beginning of the year, while Jones and Calvin Ridley both worked on their respective injuries. The landing zone had been pretty quiet the first few weeks, but came back on the map last Sunday when Jones was injured. Gage was targeted 12 times by the Saints, resulting in seven 58-yard games. If Jones has to give up some time, Gage can play FLEX again, especially in the 12-week game against the Raiders.

Company closure

TE Jordan Akines, Houston Texas – Akines played on TE1 territory early in the season before suffering an ankle injury and concussion, leaving him offside for a while. In recent weeks, Texas has been slow to return to Akinsa, with 51% of their offensive dreams from Game 11 being the highest since the third round. On Sunday the Patriots hit five of the six goals for the third time in a row and finished at 83 metres. His return to full health, combined with Randall Cobb’s seemingly severe toe injury, should possibly cornered Akinsa in the coming weeks (or during Cobb’s absence). The narrow end will probably serve as a protective cover for Deshawn Watson in the middle of the field.

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TE Dalton Schultz, Dallas Cowboys – Schultz hasn’t reported a single fantasy world, but in recent weeks he’s presented decent figures. In week 11 Schultz caught only four passes in 25 meters against the Vikings, but he managed to find the end zone for his first touchdown of week 4. The previous two steps at the narrow end had 10 shots over 101 meters. Although these numbers are a long way from those of the pine trees, they do make Schultz a TE1 limit, given the lack of depth in the narrow final position this season. His next three games are not the most important (against Washington, Baltimore and Cincinnati), but if the Cowboys can stay in the race to win the NFC East, Schultz should continue posting decent numbers.

Normally we do not address the issue of defence/special forces in these recommendation articles. But since we’ve come to the end of the regular fantasy season, I’m going to add some of the best GGT feeds at the end of the line every week and continue with it.

Defence Forces/Special Operations

A bonus: New York giants are easy. Joe Burrow injured his knee at the end of the season and Ryan Finley will be the quarterback for the Bengals. Finley, who came to Burrow’s aid against Washington, made only three out of ten passes in 30 yards and was intercepted last Sunday. The Giants are fresh and should be in relatively good health as they are firmly anchored in the NFC Eastern Crown Hunt at the end of the season. For most of the season, the Giants’ defense has looked solid and with an extra week of preparation, the Giants will lead the summer schedule from week 12.

A bonus: DST Green Bay Packers – The Packers take over from the bears in week 12, which is also farewell week. But unlike the Giants, the bears have many questions ahead of them that are no more important than who will be in downtown Chicago this Sunday. The last time we saw the Bears on the field, Nick Falls was beaten and Mitchell Trubisky was pushed to the curb with an 8 week shoulder injury. No matter who starts, this week’s Packers, like the two quarterbacks, will be one of the best options for daylight saving time. If you want to take a closer look, the Packers also take the Eagles to Lambo Field in week 13, which means that their collection can now solve your DST problems during the last two weeks of the regular fantasy season.

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