New art fans on the internet present how Jared Summer could look like Arthur Fleck in The Joker when he was the only actor, not Joaquin Phoenix. The image drawn with the Rinsch diagram on Instagram is described in the title as an alternate universe. The depiction of summer in Phoenix’s multicoloured make-up and costume is one of the strangest imaginative casting ideas that can be created with the help of fan art, and it is sure to arouse many mixed opinions. You can view the picture below.

The summer had already played the crime clown Prince in the David Ayer Suicide Squad, which came out in 2016 with great financial success, but the reactions of fans and critics were mixed. Although his film time as a joker was limited, he would be re-elected for a role in several other DCEU films at Warner Bros. These plans seem to get out of hand, but we will soon see more Summer as the Joker. This month it turned out that he was going to re-elect Zack Snyder for the role of the Justice League on HBO Max.

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Since then, Joaquin Phoenix has established himself as the favourite actor of the fans and plays the leading role in last year’s Joker. The plot of the film Joker takes place in an autonomous universe unconnected with any other DKEU film, after the hired armed clown, who reinvents himself as a criminal clown prince, has left mental decadence behind him. The acclaimed film won an Oscar for Best Actor and Best Picture and Best Director for Todd Phillips. The record film is also a great financial success, as it is the first and only title with a total blockbuster success of more than a billion dollars.

Jared Summer is going to re-release his version of the joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but we don’t know if we’ll ever see more Phoenixes than Arthur Fleck. Despite the fact that the film is conceived as an independent film, its great success opens the door to a sequel. Phoenix had previously suggested that he was open to rehearse the role if the right idea came up, and Phillips said they had discussed several ideas. A secondary result after Batman in the Joker universe was also suggested by Phillips in this year’s Variety interview. To date, however, none of the following Joker films have been released.

We’ll also see that summer will have a different cartoon character when Morbius comes out next year. The film is based on Marvel Comics’ The Living Vampire Morbius and follows the summer in the role of Michael Morbius, a scientist who suffers from a rare blood disease and involuntarily turns into a vampire. Morbius tries to use his new superhuman powers for good and fights a strong thirst for blood. Michael Keaton also appears in the film, perhaps following his role as Spider-Man’s vulture: On the way home. The release of Morbius in cinemas is planned for the 19th century. March 2021 planned. The Art Leto Fan in Joker was created by Rinsch on Instagram.

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