Whether you love his obsession with testosterone or hate it, Dr. Bam’s legacy to the flood world will last forever. From his humble beginnings as a content creator on YouTube, decorating the stage with his mule wig, smooth moustache, dark tones, huge 6-foot frame and mischievous smile like a heel in the professional wrestling world, he can never deny the great heights he has reached.

It was his world-class and assertive personality that caught the attention of players around the world, to the point where he secured sponsorship contracts with Gillette, ASUS, Roccat and G Fuel. He’s not even ashamed to go beyond the usual facilities of his studio, as can be seen at game-related events and even the NBA game in his designer clothes.

In fact, it can never be denied that it has done much to attract audiences from all over the world to its streams, and often they remain entertaining, because each session has many remarkable moments.

In fact, choosing the five craziest streaming moments was a terrible experience because the daily dose of entertainment was overwhelming for the doctor.

Here’s a list of the craziest streaming moments of his career.


Where the legend began, complemented by his choice of the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is considered one of the best Call of Duty games ever made. For those of you who do not know his personality are 1. The video brought out his personality.

It starts with a scary message in a dark room where the doctor threatens everyone who turns against him by talking:

If you come near me, I’ll kill you right now!

It’s like a battlestar in the pursuit of all enemies, with the Doctor advancing on the battlefield and destroying everyone he encounters.

And for every murder he commits, his commentary on garbage, which was revolutionary in the world of content creation, allows him to put a little salt on his wounds.

No wonder they call him Doctor of Disrespect, he seems to have a PhD in humiliating his opponents.

In fact, his first video paved the way for a glorious career as a content maker on YouTube, which led him to a position as community manager at Sledgehammer Games.

Unfortunately, this meant a break in his young streaming career.


After a short period as Community Manager at Sledgehammer Games, the Doctor returns to the world of streaming. The beast that slumbered within him was finally released, for his energetic personality, which most people had missed so much, is now back.

His return also gave him the opportunity to try out the H1Z1, one of the ancestors of the Battle Royale genre. The kind that’s really both the best and the worst of Doc.

His first battle in the Battle Royale brought Doc to the worst for the first time in his life, as his salt content was so high that he began to cast a shadow on the game.

When most of the banners collapsed and the anger came out of this awful game, Dr. Respectlessness in the game remained so ruthless that his entertaining personality became the climax. In the end, there were moments of progress in his game where he could finally reach his super soy moments.

But it was not only his character that saw the light of day on his return, as his flow revealed one of his characteristic elements, the green background of the screen, which represents a stylish retro futuristic style and shows that the dreams of his life are beyond all possibilities. The audience was surprised by the richness of the details of his production.


Despite the fact that Dr. Disrespect and the Shroud hate each other inside and out, they manage to bond at certain points in their careers. In one of the PUBG games, Schrud asked Doc to kill someone at a crazy distance. What makes them more intimidating? Schrud had Doc shoot him in the head. Achieving the impossible means the Doc gets a $100 donation.

Within seconds, the Doc set a monumental, extremely childish task and started screaming like crazy. People who saw Twitch were stunned. In the end, the legend of the Doctor’s heroic deeds will provoke a call to arms, in which he proudly accepts every challenge.

360° RANGE

One of the doctor’s characteristic maneuvers in the game, which he has demonstrated in several games. Even a professional player wouldn’t perform the manoeuvre given the risks he’s taking. Even in the most recent moments, the doctor still has the courage and the guts to perform these monstrous role-playing games. He’d even have the courage to do it without any protection. It perfectly reflects the personality of the doctor, a man with a gigantic ego flooding the entire solar system.

His movements are one of the reasons why the Doctors are loved by fans, because his obsession with style and flair is not only shown on the screen, but also conveyed in the game.


With Dr. Master himself in a virtual environment with his awesome shooting technique, in real life one cannot say the same as when Dr. Disrespect suddenly had to stop his power because a stranger shot randomly through the windows of his house. There were reports that an alien had used an air rifle.

Although this seemed like a scenario because the anger and resentment of the doctor remained, the fact that he announced the event without his usual appearance in the background was a sign that the event was not funny.

This moment remained his most watched clip with over 3.7 million views and unfortunately, given his continued ban on Twitch, we will never see an increase in these numbers.

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