The asset itself lies in the hours and days between the will to continue the fight and a more reserved attitude that his efforts will eventually fail, those who spoke to him said.

But according to a CNN poll, almost everyone close to Trump thinks it’s only a matter of time before he finds a way to admit it will be the 20th anniversary of his death. Janvier will not become president – and it is said that he will probably be responsible for his unfounded accusations of election fraud.

On the last day, Tromp’s unofficial campaign advisor, his religious ally, his Republican governor and conservative media leaders came out to say that Biden had won the election and Tromp had to start moving forward.

Within the White House, the current period has become more intergrant, with staff committed to continuing their work and even celebrating Trump’s alleged victory, while the president has largely suspended his own official duties.

When Trump was in the White House residence last week and saw the road to a second term get out of hand, his staff threw a premature party next to him. The White House administrative office, the unit responsible for recruiting staff for the administration, which recently became a loyalty unit led by Trump, held a victory party at the Eisenhower Administration Building, reported CNN sources, where staff enjoyed a drink and prepared drinks for a second term.

This inappropriate ceremony was yet another reminder that Trump’s administration claims that its second term of office is coming to an end, even though many officials say they are simply waiting for the president to publicly accept the reality. The budget is worked out and the staff is asked to stay where it is, although almost everyone knows that the concert will be over by the end.

This could take days. It can take weeks, said a presidential assistant.

The internal debate on the desirability of continuing legal challenges and requests for recalculation continues to rage in several countries. A consultant stated that Mr Trump had lost twice as much as his attempts to challenge the results had failed, one by one.

Since last week, Mr. Trump has been repeatedly told that he has no chance of winning in court, but he continues to move forward. Two advisors warned Mr Trump that he could change his mind about the legal proceedings, which could lead to a sudden withdrawal of participation.

Others, however, pointed to the decision to carry out a full recount in Georgia, the results of which will not be known until the end of next week, and suggested that this is a possible deadline for Mr Trump to finally admit his loss.

A senior GOP senator said Thursday that Republican leaders told senators they expected the current situation to last no more than a week, although even Republican lawmakers close to Trump admitted they had little knowledge of the president’s strategy.

Dark zone

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For Trump, the days after the election were dark. Although his assistants say he had relatively few tantrums – most people in the building were waiting for them – he seemed depressed.

For several days he mourned Fox News’ decision to call Arizona for Biden, even though this step was less and less important for the final outcome. He consulted several external consultants on how to proceed, showing no sign of planning a graceful exit, although he admitted that the race was probably over.

His adult sons Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump encourage him to continue the fight and say that his supporters want him to withstand the pressure and that he has nothing to lose. But others, including her sister Ivanka, sent a more calibrated message asking if it was worthwhile to continue to refuse to make concessions on her legacy, and perhaps her company as well.

But no one disputed with Trump that he had to give in.

The president left the building for three days without going out before going to his golf course in Virginia on Saturday, a tactfully organized walk that took him off television for a very short time, the race is now called the Biden Run by TV stations. Instead of attending the live scene, Mr. Trump received a phone call from employees who told him the news when he expected it, and the official news was not exaggerated. Trump kept playing golf anyway.

Since then, Trump has spent enough time in front of the television to watch the coverage of Biden’s transition, including his public statements in which he said he was unwilling to give in to embarrassment. He was pleased to see that Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo mentioned the smooth transition to the second trump policy at a press conference on Tuesday, one of his interlocutors.

But he was worried that foreign leaders, including those he considered friends, such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, were quick to congratulate him on Biden.

He spent many days on the phone describing his firm belief that the election had been stolen from him and his disbelief in losing Biden. But in his interviews this week, Trump realized that his legal efforts probably wouldn’t change the outcome of the game and that he would leave the White House in January.

This week’s trump is stuck in the Oval Office longer than usual. While the president normally completes his official duties and goes to the Residence for dinner around 6:30 pm. IT, he’s staying in the west wing every night after 7:00 p.m. this week.

2024 ?

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Almost everyone around the president – family members, executives, and external advisors – believes he will accept defeat and leave the White House in January, even though he will never publicly acknowledge Biden’s victory. At the same time, the staff advised him not to hold public press conferences, but to allow his lawyers to engage in the legal battle of public relations.

Some of the people who spoke anonymously to CNN said they expected Trump to mock the 2024 race when he finally accepted the results. These sources assume that Mr Trump is fraudulently rejecting the 2020 race, while suggesting that he will be back in the race in four years’ time.

Although Mr Trump had said nothing in public about a possible second term starting in 2025, this could be an uncomfortable scenario for those around him who currently supported him politically – given that the Vice-President, the Foreign Minister, a former UN ambassador and a few others would have to consider their own presidential elections.

Another sign that Trump might be considering a third round was his support for Ronna McDaniel, the current leader of the national GOP party, whose re-election is expected to be difficult.

I am happy to express my full support and support for Ronna McDaniel, who is still Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC). With 72 MILLION, we got more votes than any other outgoing president in American history – and we’re going to win! Twitter’s trump card.

His seal of public approval for McDaniel surprised many in the White House and the Republican Party. Some of Trump’s children complained privately about McDaniel and discussed who could replace her as president. According to three sources, McDaniel should discuss the governor’s race in Michigan.

Someone close to the situation said that Trump McDaniel’s approval could be a sign that he wants to run again in 2024 and that he wants his ally to join the party at that time.

Light displacement

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Trump still holds private meetings with his White House political advisors, including McDaniel, who has called a strategy meeting for Wednesday. While some say the president is aware of his limited chances of success, others are afraid to hear only what he wants to hear.

Many in Trump’s circle have already begun to reduce the chances of success of his legal efforts. Carl Rove, who allegedly advised the White House and the Trump campaign in the run-up to the 2020 elections, wrote in an article in the Wall Street Journal that while the president had the right to challenge the results, his efforts were unlikely to result in a state being removed from Mr. Biden’s column, and certainly not enough to change the end result.

Evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress, a prominent Trump supporter, said Wednesday that Biden won the election. The Republican governor of Ohio, Mike DeWin, told CNN that Joe Biden was elected president. Even Geraldo Rivera, a media personality and friend of the president, twittered that Trump should think about defeat.

They were so close, Rivera writes. Soon it will be time to say goodbye with grace and dignity.

But others, especially in Congress, remained mostly silent. A person familiar with the subject said senior Republicans in Congress are deeply concerned about Trump’s anger when he contemplates entering the second round of the Senate race, fearing that any mistake could cause the president to deny Republicans help in their race.

In the West Wing this week, several top executives disappeared after being infected with the coronavirus – including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and White House political director Brian Jack. Combined with Trump’s simple schedule – he stayed away from official events for almost a week – the building became purgatory, and the staff was trapped between a president who refused to accept this loss and the reality that he would soon be unemployed.

Despite a decree of the Chief of Staff that anyone looking for a new job will be dismissed, many employees continue to update their CVs and provide contact details for open positions. Senior civil servants also support their staff in their search for new tasks outside management.

Trump himself hasn’t thought much about where his team will end up.

In the first public event since last week, Trump stood in the rain at the Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday during the Veterans’ Day ceremony and pulled out an umbrella to stand in the pouring rain in front of the Tomb of the Unknown.

He later returned to the Oval Office to discuss his legal strategy and spend another day in front of television.

Dana Bash and Jeff Greenie from CNN contributed to this report.

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