Dr. Moreau’s island is being restarted on a small screen. In the work of the science fiction label Dust by Gunpowdery & Sky, the project would have given a modern twist to H.G. Wells’ classic novel. The series is called Moreau and is written by Zack Stentz, whose first credits contain the X-Men: First class, Thor, Jurassic World Camp Chalk and Terminator: The Chronicles of Sarah Connor.

The double helix didn’t even sparkle in the eyes of Watson and Crick when H.G. Wells first wrote The Isle of Dr. Moreau, but his 1896 novel surprisingly revealed how revealing the secrets of human DNA will open the door for mankind to play God with the natural world in strange and terrifying ways, Zack Stentz said in a statement.

POWERFUL: Dr. Moreau’s TV show L’île du Dr. Moreau is a big hit.

And now, in the shadow of the CRISPR revolution, the time seemed ripe to return to Moreau and bring him into our own 21st century world. Welles brought transgenic animals, tailor-made babies and other scientific developments into the 21st century that he never dared to dream of. I am happy to welcome a whole new generation to the scary island of the good doctor together with Eric, Jeff and the Gunpowder & Sky team.

Moreover, the plot description for the television series Dr. Moreau Island indicates that the series follows the world-renowned scientist, Dr. Jessica Moreau, whose pioneering work in the field of genetic engineering attracts the attention of a billionaire desperate to reach the next stage of human evolution.

The original version of the novel was first published by Welles in 1896. It focuses on the man who is shipwrecked on an island where a mad scientist lives and who creates a mixture of man and animal. One of the most successful names in H.G., Dr. Moreau’s island, has been adapted many times over the years for small and large displays. It is the 1932 film Island of Lost Souls, starring Charles Laughton and White Lugosy, and a parody on the Old House of Horror from the 2002 Simpson episode of Dr. Hibbert’s Island.

Perhaps the best known of all the adaptations of Dr. Moreau’s Island is the 1996 film by John Frankenheimer and screenwriters Richard Stanley and Ron Hutchinson. Marlon Brando, known as the Mad Scientist, also starred with Val Kilmer, David Telis, Fairuza Bulk and Ron Pearlman. In the movies. Dr. Moreau injects human DNA into animals to make them more humane.

Unfortunately, the film is known for its stormy work behind the scenes. It involves serious rewriting, replacing the director, constantly rewriting scripts, Brando’s refusal to learn his rules, and even a failure caused by the storm. Worse, the film was a box-office bomb and, after its release, it was inundated with negative reviews back and forth. The story of this failed production is extensively discussed in the documentary Lost Soul (2014): The fateful journey of Dr Moreau Richard Stanley Island.

Let’s hope for Stantz that Moreau is much better than the infamous 1996 film adaptation. We still don’t know when the show’s gonna take place. This message arrives after the deadline.

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