This week, on Monday night, Nia Jax harassed Lana again and put a Samoan drop in the comment board. The scene has become a weekly event over the past two months and has begun to win online fan sympathy for The Ravishing Russian. The former World War II personality, Rene Young, wasn’t in the group and twittered #JusticeForLana after Jax chased her over the table after losing the raw women’s champion Asuka.

This caused a reaction from Paige, who was desperate to revive the Zaculia WWE so they could talk about the situation in the air. The show was broadcasted weekly on Fox Sports 1 from November 2019, but the network stopped production in June.

I wish WWEBackstage was something else. Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. A lot. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead, go ahead. Around.

– Saraya (@RealPaigeWWE) 10 November 2020

Teenagers strongly agree with what prompted other former donors, such as CM Punk and Ryan Satin, to recall them.

There are so many !!!! We could devote a whole segment to it ! ! ! !

– Renee Package (@Renee Package) 10 November 2020

– 9. Players / coaches (@CMPunk) 10. Players / coaches (@CMPunk) November 2020

– Ryan Satin (@ryansatin) 10. November 2020.

The girl left the WWE after a paid tour of SummerSlam and later explained in several interviews that part of her decision was due to the cancellation of the backstage.

I don’t know if my departure is final, Yang said in the Sports Illustrated Media podcast. Backstage’s been cancelled, I’ve got COVID, a lot of things… just happened… I’m home. I was diagnosed the same day I found out Zaculia was canceled. But the truth is, when backstage was canceled, it was me: What am I supposed to do? I don’t really do anything anymore, and my ability to be a master is just not needed for anything else. Even when Talking Smack came back, I heard a rumor that Talking Smack was coming back, maybe I was planning to. But that’s what I am: You know what? I feel like I’m going backwards. I’ll turn the wheels back and put on a show. Don’t do that [Daniel Brian] Don’t do that [to former WWE producer and Vice President of TV Production] Mike Mansouri, who also no longer works for WWE. But for me, it was kind of the magic of that show.

It all happened at the same time and this way: What am I doing here? I checked everything I could do. When I dropped the comments, it finally left an unpleasant taste in my mouth and went on. So the work on FOX has been unbelievable and I will keep doing something for FOX because we are trying to find out what WWE and FOX are. But I’m still gonna work with them on that side, so that’s fine. I don’t have a WWE platform and I turn my wheels, I’m 35 years old. It’s kind of… or getting off the boat. It is time to take further action. Otherwise I’ll just stay here forever and no longer be proud of my achievements.

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