Kailyn Lowry, a 2-year-old teenage mother, opened up about her views on the ethics of gender selection.

Kailyn Lowry, a 2-year-old teenage mother, opened up about her views on the ethics of gender selection. The star revealed it on the 9th. Mars goes to the doctor to have her eggs frozen. When the time comes to add a fifth child to her family, she will choose a daughter. Kailyn announced it on the 11th. The February episode of his podcast Coffee Convos with co-host Lindsay Chirlsey.

A fan asked a question about sex selection, a controversial technology. The listener was interested in her, but was unsure whether it was morally, financially and ethically right to choose the sex of her unborn child.

I have a lot to say about that, and it’s crazy for anyone to ask me after I tell you what I do, Lindsay. As anyone listening to the debate knows, I have four boys, said Kailyn, 28. I have an appointment for the 9th. The month of March gave its approval. This is my first session freezing eggs.

If and when the time comes – if I want to get married later or have another child – I will, she said, adding that she doesn’t know what her health will be like if she wants to have another child. I don’t know] if I can get pregnant naturally, because I’ve had problems in the past and some things with my heavy periods have made me go in that direction.

Kailyn sees nothing wrong with ethnic sex selection

According to Kaylyn, it makes sense that gender selection is an option and that someone is already taking the scientific route with frozen eggs.

I don’t care what people say about it. To me, there is nothing ethically wrong with that. I don’t think there’s anything moral about it, she said. I think people who feel like this is not what God has chosen, I’m sure there are many things in their lives that God would not have chosen for them, but they sin differently than you do.

According to Kailyn, women who want to choose the gender of their child should not take into account other people’s opinions on the subject. This is something you, and only you and your doctor, need to decide, she said. If in five or ten years, when I want another child, they come back to me and say: Oh, you have two healthy girl embryos and two healthy boy embryos, which one do you think I’m gonna choose? I choose the girls.

We live in a generation where it is possible to conceive a child scientifically in an unnatural way. So if you have the chance to choose your gender, I don’t see why you wouldn’t, she added.

If people have a problem with a woman’s decision, Kailyn recommends not sharing information. I don’t mean that in a bad way, she said. It’s like you want a negative opinion of everything I do, I won’t tell you otherwise…. Do what makes you happy.

Fans criticized Kailyn for wanting to freeze eggs

Some Teen Mom fans were not happy when they heard the mother of four was going to have her eggs frozen. A thread on the Teen Mom subreddit has received a lot of responses, with fans mainly criticizing Kailyn for her desire to have another child.

That poor kid on hold, one person wrote.

She only does it for her ego, she likes to complain about having three (now four) boys, and she lives like HaO is nice, says another magazine editor. It’s disgusting.

A third suggested that Kailyn film her doctor’s appointment on the show and wrote: Here’s the story of his film for next season.

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