Amadou Haidar celebrates a goal for RB Leipzig only against Juventus in April 1999. (11 minutes) in the Champions League game that Juventus played 2-0 earlier than against RB Leipzig.

The season of Manchester United suffered a heavy blow as the defeat of the German RB Leipzig led to the exclusion of the company from the Champions League.

Ole Gunnar Solsker, who needed a draw to reach the round of 16, lost twice in 13 minutes and gave the Tartars hope before RB Leipzig made their third goal with 20 minutes to go.

United set up their usual second half with a fine from Bruno Fernandez and the header from Harry Maguire, but eventually failed to convert.

To sprinkle salt on the injury, the first goalkeeper and supplier of the second, Angelino, is currently signed by Manchester United in Germany.

His beautiful low shot in the far corner was followed by a precise cross to the far post in just two minutes, Amadou Haidar volleying past David de Gaye.

It could have been worse when the hosts ruled out the third goal for half an hour for offside against Willie Orban.

United did better in the second half, hitting the crossbar over Fernand’s penalty area, but Justin Kluwert came shortly after his replacement after a poor defensive performance against Maguire and De Gay.

Fernandez’ penalty – awarded for a foul by Ibrahima Konata on Mason Greenwood – gave them a small chance, which Maguire seized by deflecting the title from Paul Pogba’s rear post to the starting field, but the Germans held on.

Pogba started on the bench and left 30 minutes later, a day after his agent Mino Rajola said the midfielder was unhappy with the club and had to leave at the next transfer window.

A small consolation for United is that they are now in the Europa League, a match they won in 2017.

RB Leipzig has made 16 years of progress in the Champions League and has reached 2019-20 in the last four years.

The outcome of the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul’s Basaksehir, which was interrupted Tuesday after a match official was accused of using a racist term against a Turkish official behind the scenes, will determine whether they will be winners or runners-up.

This time no return as leader of the joint teams of the European League.

Tuesday’s defeat is the last and smallest drop of the roller coaster season for the Solskjaer’s, both at home and in Europe.

After beating PSG and Leipzig in the first two games of the campaign, they were the big favorites in group H. However, after losing to the French at home last week, they were in a vulnerable position and the German team ended the game.

But in reality, the main responsibility for their inability to move forward lies with the defeat of Basaksehir in Istanbul, who finished last in the group.

After this defeat, the critics attacked Solskäär quickly, mainly because of the recklessness of their defense, which allowed Dembe Ba to run out of his own half without any problems and score the first goal of the Turkish team (2-1).

Similar defensive weaknesses were evident during the championship season, with victories in Everton, Southampton and West Ham, where they fell behind but joined forces to score points.

Back in Germany they were slightly unpacked when Angelino broke into the left room to open fire in the first Leipzig, and then had too much room to choose Haidar for the second.

It might have been different if Greenwood had used time and space on the counter-attack, but had placed his low shot too close to Peter Gulacci, who saved the goal 1-0.

This may indicate that not only did Pogba not start the game, but when he tried to change the game, he wasn’t the first Solskier gate with Donny of Beck’s first replacement.

When Pogba finally arrived, he turned the game around by playing a decisive role in the second goal, giving them hope for another late and almost complete revival, with a cross that Nordi Muchele would have pushed into his own net if Gulacci hadn’t kicked.

The final whistle was quickly blown to avenge the 5-0 second round defeat of Leipzig against Old Trafford.

Solskjaer sets unwanted record at

  • Ole Gunnar Solskier has lost six of his ten Champions League games as manager (W4) and is the first manager to have lost six or more times in his first ten competitive games while in charge of the English team.
  • For the first time since April 2003, Manchester United has scored three or more goals in consecutive Champions League games.
  • United entered the group stage of the Champions League for the first time since 2015-16 under the leadership of Louis van Gaal.
  • RB Leipzig is unbeaten in their last six home games in the Champions League (W5 D1) and has won the last four games in a row.
  • Since his debut for United in February, no player in the five European leagues has scored more penalty kicks than Bruno Fernandez (13 – equal to Cristiano Ronaldo).
  • Leipzig defender Angelino has scored six goals this season in six Champions League games (three goals, three assists).
  • Angelino’s goal after 1:49 is United’s first since Alan’s goal for Sporting Braga in October 2012 (1:27).

The actors of the game


RB Leipzig

  1. Team number3 Player nameAngelino
  2. Team number21Player nameClassified
  3. Team number18Player nameBaby
  4. Team number8Name of player Haidar
  5. Team number25 Player nameOlmo
  6. Team number 10Player titleForsberg
  7. Team number 7 Name of playerSabitzer
  8. Team number44Player namePlayer nameCamper
  9. Team number4 Name of playerOrban
  10. Team number6 Player nameStatus
  11. Team number9 Player nameImpulses
  12. Team number23 Player nameeHalstenberg
  13. Team number22Player’s GameMukele
  14. Team number1 Player nameGulasi
  15. Team number14 Player nameAdams


RB Leipzig

  • 1Gulasi
  • 22MukieleReserved for 32mins
  • 6Conat
  • 4Orban
  • 8Haidara
  • 7SabitzerBocks in 35 mines
  • 44Campaign swapped for Adamsat 75’minBlocked for 81 min
  • 3AngelinoReplaced by Halstenbergat 87’minutes
  • 10ForsbergSubstitution of Poulsenat 56’minutes
  • 25OlmoExchange for Kluivertat 56’minutesbooking at 62mins


  • 9Pulse
  • 13 Thursday
  • 14 Adams
  • 19Surlot
  • 21Klugeeißer
  • 23 Halstenberg
  • 33 Martinez
  • 45 Martel
  • 47Wosz

Limited liability companies

  • 1st Gea
  • 2LindelöfExchange in Tuanzeb for 78 minutes.
  • 5MaguireBocking at 62min.
  • 23ShawSubstituted on Williamsat 61 minSubstituted on Williamsat 61 minSubstituted on Williamsat 61 minSubstituted on Williamsat 61 minSubstituted on 68 miles.
  • 29 From BissakaSwitched to Fosse-Mensahat 77′ minutes
  • 39McTominay
  • 31MaticSubstituted forPogbaat 61’min
  • 27DellSubstituted Forvan de Becat 45’minutes
  • 18Bruno FernandesBooking 5 minutes away
  • 10Rashford
  • 11Green tree


  • 3Bailly
  • 6Pogba
  • 8Mata
  • 13Approval
  • 14Lingard
  • 21 James
  • 24-Fosu-Mensa
  • 25Igalo
  • 26Henderson
  • 33 Williams
  • 34wan of Beak
  • 38 Tuanzebé

The arbitrator: Antonio Miguel Matteu Lahos

Real-time text

  1. The final of the match, RB Leipzig 3, Manchester United 2.
  2. The second half is over, RB Leipzig 3, Manchester United 2.
  3. Offside, RB Leipzig. Willie Orban shoots through, but Yusuf Poulsen is on the side.
  4. Attempted rescue. The left-handed shot from Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) is blocked in the middle of the goal. With the support of Paul Pogba.
  5. I missed a shot. The Scott McTominay of Manchester United pulled his left leg too high on the left side of the penalty area. With the help of Marcus Rashford.
  6. Replacement, RB Leipzig. Marcel Halstenberg is replacing Angelinho.
  7. Offside, RB Leipzig. Christopher Nkunku tries to score a goal, but Justin Kluwert is blocked on the sideline.
  8. Offside, RB Leipzig. Angelinho tries to hit the ball, but Justin Kluwert is offside.
  9. Corner, RB Leipzig. Admission of Paul Pogboy.
  10. Aim! RB Leipzig 3, Manchester United 2. Manchester United’s Paul Pogba on the right side of the six yard box in the upper right corner. Supported by Bruno Fernand with a cross around the corner.
  11. Corner, Manchester United. Covered at Nordi Mukela’s.
  12. Tyler Adams (RB Leipzig) has been booked for a foul.
  13. Timothy Fosu-Mensa (Manchester United) won with a penalty in the defensive half.
  14. Tyler Adams (RB Leipzig) will be punished after committing an offence.
  15. Aim! RB Leipzig 3, Manchester United 1. Bruno Fernandez (Manchester United) converted a penalty shoot-out with a right-sided drive into a left-bottom corner.
  16. penalty kick from Manchester United. Mason Greenwood commits an offence in the penalty area.
  17. Penalty kick by Ibrahima Konate (RB Leipzig) following an infringement within the penalty area.
  18. Replacement, Manchester United. Axel Tuanzebe replaces Victor Lindelef.
  19. Replacement, Manchester United. Timothy Fosu-Mensa (in) comes from the bank to replace Aaron Van Bissaku.
  20. Victor Lyndelef (Manchester United) is sent away for a bad offence.

Match on the banner photo of the day 2 FA Football Cup

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