The Los Angeles Lakers – with the first preseason game of the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday against the Los Angeles Clippers – takes place just 6 days after the end of training camp and 61 days after winning 6th place. The NBA game is being played – coach Frank Vogel seems to be pulling a big gun.

We haven’t made that decision yet, but I say it’s unlikely they’ll play, Fogell said Tuesday when he asked about Lebron James and Anthony Davis.

This is the first of four preseason games on the schedule of Los Angeles, the biggest game approved by the NBA. On Sunday the Lakers will play the Clippers again in an exhibition game, and on the 16th and 18th. In December we go to the games against Phoenix Sans.

The 22nd. December then starts the regular season at home against the Dallas Mavericks.

I just want to make sure I’m okay, Davis told the reporters. I don’t want to rush things. Unfortunately we have seen how football went without preseason games, without season and with a lot of injuries. Somehow you don’t want the same thing. So I’m heading in the right direction. The trainer has done a good job with our team and is on the right track.


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According to Vogel, he spent the first day of training camp, 75% of the training sessions – which lasted no more than an hour – were dedicated to exercises, while 25% – to real action. On the second day of the camp he had 50-50, and on Tuesday, the third day, he had 75% of the combat missions and 25% of the exercises.

Not only is Fogel’s training camp much shorter than in the past, but he has already planned a weekend on Wednesday to get his players in shape.

I feel good, my body feels good, but at the same time I have to make sure that the people around me, my coach, my coaches, are also like AD in my ear, calm down, Davis said. I’ve been practicing a lot. I was at every workout, I was capable and I came back to the middle, but like I said, you want to do it smart.

The Lakers are also looking at how they will manage Davis’ workload on the yard for this season. Los Angeles has added Mark Gasol and Montrell Harrell to replace the big men JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard.

They can at least play the roles that Dwight and JaVale played in terms of minutes, or maybe more, Vogel said about Gasol and Harrell. That’s exactly what’s gonna happen this season.

But we always want a mix of AD 4 and also AD 5. The ability to play both ways in last year’s qualifications was crucial and important to help us win the championship. That’s what we’re gonna make up for this season.

Davis, who jokingly announced at his opening press conference with the Lakers in 2019 that he would rather play the role of striker, seems to agree with the options presented by Vogel.

We’re going to mix it all up, play one game at a time and see what happens, Davis said. We had a lot of success when I was in fifth grade. So maybe it’s something we’re still waiting for in the playoffs and then during the season it’s a kind of toy game after a game.

Before the Lakers go to the games and start worrying about the opponent, don’t forget to keep KOVID-19. They won the bubble title in Orlando, Florida, where no player, coach or employee was tested for the coronavirus for 96 days.

This season is different.

Honestly, Davis said it was gonna be a lot harder. Bubble, you knew you were safe. Here, don’t do that. I mean, the union sent all those instructions to stay away from bars, restaurants and clubs, all to try and keep us safe. But we have to call each other to account.

Davis said the team had a long discussion on Monday about what everyone should do to be safe.

We have a veteran group, he said, so I think our boys know what’s at stake outside basketball, with their lives and those of the people around them. So the boys have to be very careful and we have to stay vigilant for the rest of the season.

As a veteran group, many players on the Laker roster have families at home and will need to maintain a home, not only to ensure the safety of their loved ones, but also to avoid endangering the team.

There will be a lot of pressure because we got the memos, and one of the things that was there when your children were playing at that time, we can’t be there, said Centave Caldwell-Pop. It will be difficult for boys who want to support their children in basketball and everything they do outdoors.

Mr. Caldwell-Pop mentioned another secondary precaution that some of the team’s men didn’t expect.

And then it was even more stressful to talk to his friends’ wives, he said. That’s a lot.

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