e place Tiger Woods declared his fifth title for the Green Jacket and took 15th place last year.

Date: 12.-15. Place of November: Augusta National
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In a year, we are more dedicated to the master than ever before.

Augusta National, which was moved from its traditional location in April due to a coronavirus pandemic, will host the last major event of this calendar year in unprecedented circumstances.

The playing field is the same as when the tournament was cancelled in March, but the picture is very different.

The shadows of autumn replaced the flowery spring tones and the roar of the guests silenced the audience and prevented them from entering the room.

But what does the November event mean for the players, the course and the local community?

The inhabitants call it the second Christmas.

It’s been 19 months since Tiger Woods put on his fifth green coat, but the absence of the most iconic golfer and his customers has felt outside Magnolia Lane.

It’s a hard blow, says sports writer Scott Michaud, former author of the Augusta Chronicle. It is a powerful economic driver for the company in many areas.

The annual tournament brings in $100 million (£76 million) for Augusta’s economy. More than 200,000 people pass through the city during Teachers’ Week, doubling the number of inhabitants.

Hotels sometimes raise their prices six times over the average price, residents leave town for a week to rent out their property to guests, and some nearby golf clubs are used to sell tees for $1,000.

River Club, Master Retreat, Forest Hill, Akin GC, Palmetto GC in South Carolina, they are making a lot of money this week, not only from golf, but also from catering and social events in the evenings and renting their clubhouse, says Mischaux.

Then there are the people who rent their homes, they depend on that income every year – tenants, food suppliers, they call the hosts or the second Christmas or the 13th month of the marketing campaign, which is so important to the community.

Every small industry you can think of is hit in August. They can’t replace his absence during the season. Since the Augusta National, it is normal that they have not had fans for years and are still in good economic health, but the community has suffered a lot.

The course will be super smooth, so Bryson will take it to 320, 330 yards, which is a big advantage.

Coach Mike ShiBrison DeCambo.

The initial disappointment with the postponement of the Masters was offset by optimism when it was announced in April that the tournament with the sponsors would be postponed until November.

Schools in the area plan their spring break to coincide with the Masters Week, so families can rent their homes or students can find jobs – from picking up trash at the Augusta National Golf Club to helping out at grocery stores and working on merchandise.

After this postponement, these schools moved the autumn holiday, which usually takes place at the end of October, to November to marry the deceased masters. Then we have learned that the fans will not be missing.

People thought they would get this bump in the fall, not in the spring, Michaud says. Now the children will leave, but for them there will be no master to work on.

Playing in the hands of the big clubs?

How Bryson De Chambo changed his body and changed the game of golf.

Augusta’s national ground staff is known for their meticulous preparation, and the ground will undoubtedly look impeccable – every blade of grass will be perfectly mowed and coloured.

The greens must be in perfect condition. All 18 have a cellar system that can extract moisture and at the same time enjoy their own microclimate, which can be adjusted depending on the season or whether the curved lawn is in the shade or in the sun.

The club states that with the closure of Augusta from mid-May to mid-October in preparation for the autumn meeting, the transferred owners did not make any significant changes to the preparation of their area.

However, it is generally accepted that the course in November will last longer than in April due to cooler conditions and more difficult fairways.

The reason, Mr Michaud explains, is agronomy. In the brooks there is a base of Bermuda shorts, which is scalped and maintained with ryegrass every year in September.

The difference is that it will be less mature than in April, said Mischaux, who will be one of 100 media representatives on the ground. They may not be able to cut it as deep as they normally do on the fairways.

Add to that the potential for stronger and more changeable winds and rain, with a possible thunderstorm forecast on Thursday, and it could play in favor of the big field goals.

This will surprise the ears of people like Bryson De Chambo, who overcame notorious difficulties by flapping his wings to win his first major tournament at the US Open in September, and who recently showed a 403-yard drive image on his starting monitor.

US coach Mike Ski says the gentleness of the Augusta National will benefit his charges, who experienced similar conditions on the pitch in December.

If you look at Matthew Wolfe, who finished second at the US Open, he hit pretty hard, but the fairways were hard and fast as Bryson passed him by 50 yards, Sky Sport said.

As there may be cold weather, rain and thunderstorms this week, the golf course will be super mild. That’s why Bryson, who transports it over 320,330 metres, is a huge advantage.

How does the course take place?

Woods, Thomas, Bryson Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas and Bryson DeCambo played a practice round together on Monday.

The lack of spectators means that places where the crowd normally gathers, such as at the end of the 16th and around many greens, will look different, but the course will play differently without spectators.

Not only are Augusta’s patrons incredible, but it’s also a bit impressive and scary, says Shai. But having no one around and being able to pass the ball as planned is pretty cool. It makes the golf course much bigger.

It was suggested that DeCambo could take advantage of this to go through the pines to the left of the dog’s leg, with five 13s, to the 14th hole. The fairway offers the best angle for the green.

I think it can be done because there is no one to block the balloon and land it in the wrong place, Shai says.

It would be interesting if he was available. I don’t know how far this fairway is, if the ball can slip off, it’s definitely in the game.

The local staff often makes subtle adjustments, and the season means that Thursday and Friday start in two stages, while the last stage, Sunday, is expected to end around 19:30 GMT, partly to allow the rights holders to broadcast American football.

We’ll see a different golf course, a different type of Masters – it’ll be quiet, you’ll be able to see something you don’t normally see, Michaud adds.

September, 50 days before the start of the master's programme. The Eureka Earth team took these images with an interval of 10 days to show the evolution of peat in the Augusta National Park. The picture on the left, the 15th and the 16th green. is born on the 25th. September, 50 days for the master’s work.

What about azaleas?

According to Golf.com in August about 350 species of trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs grow in an old fruit nursery. So this week there will be some flowering between the towering pine trees, although the traditional azaleas may have passed their peak.

Augusta explains that the club’s nurseries have decided to use nandines, pampas, camellias and other plants instead to improve their autumn fields.

However, Misho says his garden in Georgia with the bis-azaleas is still in bloom. They are different from what the masters usually see, but leave nothing to August National.

The azaleas will be presented in five months’ time, when the masters return to their usual places in April, and Mr Michaud says that all the fingers are crossed that the patrons will also be there.

Augusta National Council President Fred Ridley said we shouldn’t throw these plans away because we might need them again in April, Michaud said.

There’s something to worry about. I’d say 50-50 at best. If we’re in the same situation, I think they’ll find a way to do it, at least to some extent.

Green Azalia have been replaced by autumn leaves, but Augusta remains just as majesticRahm-holes Incredible Skim shots on the 16th hole. Hole round - sound around the foot - sound

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