Coach Dan Mullen of Florida Gator was fined $25,000 and was reprimanded for violating SEC rules for sporting behavior after a fight broke out during a game against Missouri on Saturday.

College football has no place for incidents like those that occurred during a break in Missouri, Florida, on Saturday night, said SEC commissioner Greg Sankey Monday in a prepared statement. Each participant is responsible for maintaining sporting standards throughout the game. Going out on the field to face a competition officer, collecting teams to take the field and beating a sports student – all this is disappointing at any time, but all the more so as we strive to maintain a healthy competition during the pandemic.

After the fight, lineman Zachary Carter from Florida and defender Antoine Powell were thrown out for the rest of the match, and Missouri outfielder Tre Williams was thrown out for a grossly unsportsmanlike behavior.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Dan Mullen raised his fist to cheer Florida fans when he is escorted to the locker room after a fight on Saturday. John Rau/AP photography

In accordance with Article 9.5.1.b. According to the NCAA rules, a suspension results in an automatic suspension for the next game. Carter and Powell play the first half of the Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville on Saturday.

In addition, the Bureau of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suspended Missouri’s lineman, Dylan Spencer’s assailant and Markell Utsy’s defensive lineman, after viewing the video footage of the incident, for the fighting during the skirmish. Each of them misses the first half of the Missouri-Georgia contest on the 14th. November, which is based on the opening game of the 7th in Missouri. November will follow.

Penalties imposed by the SEC on schools and individuals are paid into the SEC Graduate Student Support Fund.


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At one point in the melee and chaos, when both teams tried to leave the field, Mullen had to be stopped by the staff. Later he said he was trying to get his players off the field. Mullen waved his hand to the crowd as he went to Gainesville’s locker room, then turned around and returned to the field to cheer the fans even more.

Mullen said his players thought they were defending quarterback Kyle Trask because they thought the shot he made in the last game of the first half was unfair.

They’re going to protect him, Mullen said. It’s her boyfriend.

He went on to say: Everyone was a little nervous and probably went too far.

On Saturday, the schools issued a joint statement stating that the incident did not reflect the values of any of the universities.

We are committed to promoting healthy competition and good sportsmanship, the joint statement said. A clean and uneventful game in the second half is how we want to represent both the institutions and the Securities and Exchange Commission. We believe that both programs will use this time to learn so that similar incidents do not occur in the future.

Mullen, who said he didn’t condone the violence, assigned the Missouri coaching staff and his to comfort the players during halftime and prevent further fighting.

Florida beat Missouri 41-17.

ESPN’s Alex Scarborough contributed to this report.

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