Lexa Vonn filed a sexual harassment complaint against Marilyn Manson in 2017 and now thanks Corey Feldman on Twitter. The photographer, stylist and former lead singer of Ophelia Rising claimed that Marilyn Manson held a knife to her, cut her and injured the man with various objects. Her claims are similar to those of Evan Rachel Wood, Sarah McNeilly, Ashley Walters, Ashley Lindsay Morgan and an artist known as Gabriella, who said Manson made a blood pact with her before he raped her.

As allegations of abuse against Marilyn Manson continue to make headlines, a look at reports, statements and interviews with the shocking rocker. Although Lexa Vonn’s case has not resulted in a lawsuit against the 52-year-old woman, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner, Lexa has made her voice heard on social media.

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She now says it would have been stronger if the Me Too movement had stood behind her – but it didn’t.

In Lexa’s tweet, she thanked Corey Feldman for being the only voice to speak out against Marilyn Manson in 2017. Like Lexa, Corey Feldman has his own allegations of abuse against Marilyn Manson, with a history dating back to 1997. Lexa’s history with Marilyn Manson goes back to 1995, so they have known Marilyn Manson for decades.

Although some people don’t know it, Corey Feldman has sounded the alarm about Marilyn Manson. Corey Feldman has not only publicly called him a Satanist, but has also repeatedly stated that Marilyn Manson accepts rape and violence. In a tweet from 2017, we see Corey Feldman expressing his thoughts on Marilyn Manson.

Corey Feldman is ignored by Hollywood as he continues to expose Hollywood pedophiles.

A Do you appreciate God’s creations and the beauty of the human form, but also compare devil worship, rape, murder and demoralizing others?

– Cory Feldman (@Corey_Feldman) October 1, 2017

The women who have made their allegations public say that the “persona” of Marilyn Manson is not a theatrical performance, but someone who is in fact Brian Hugh Warner.

Lexa Vonn stated the following on Twitter in response to Corey Feldman’s account of the decades of abuse he believes Marilyn Manson suffered.

When I filed a report in 2017 to expose Manson’s abuse, the #metoo movement remained silent. You were the only one who spoke out, and you did so knowing he would respond. Thank you for that @Corey_Feldman. I really appreciate it.

You can see Lexa Vonn’s tweet about Corey Feldman below.

When I filed a report in 2017 to expose Manson’s abuse, the #metoo movement remained silent. You were the only one who spoke out, and you did so knowing he would respond. Thank you for that, @Corey_Feldman. I really appreciate it. 😭

– The Lex Vonn Collection (@PSbyLV) February 7, 2021

Here is a tweet from 2017 explaining Lexa Vonn’s allegations of sexual abuse of Marilyn Manson.

@RealLexaVonn files suit against Marilyn Manson for sexual assault Source: https://t.co/qdB6ySn4cI pic.twitter.com/7D3Jh3ldFE

– Marilyn Manson Abuse (@MMansonAbuse) March 2, 2018

What do you think of Lexa Vonn’s comments about Corey Feldman? Were you surprised by the recent allegations against Marilyn Manson?


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