Tomorrow is the final of season 2 of The Mandalorian, and in the hours leading up to the premiere, fans are speculating about what’s going to happen. There are many questions that could be answered, or maybe the audience is willing to answer them. What happens to Grogu while he’s in the custody of the Empire? Will Boba Fett survive the final episode and continue with his own series? Are Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan coming back? Who will land on Tyton to answer the Force’s call? We’ve put together a series of predictions below that the fans have tweeted!

The only thing we know for sure about tomorrow’s episode, and the last one of the year, is that Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man headphones are back in the director’s chair. During an interview for the upcoming film Wonder Woman from 1984, the star of the series, Pedro Pascal, was interviewed about the last episode. Although he didn’t give any plot points, he confirmed that Reed had directed the episode, his second of the season.

What’s amazing is the work that filmmakers do there. The last episode of the second season of Mandalorian is Peyton Reed, told Pascal to ExtraTV. Rick Famuyiwa has just released the last episode. Patty Jenkins has Wonder Woman and apparently Robert Rodriguez with We Can Be Heroes; I’m very happy. I’ve met some very talented people.

Are you looking forward to the end of Mandalorian Season 2? Who do you think’s gonna run for Tytone? Let us know in the comments!


Predictions for the last season of Mandalorian chant:

– Boba Fett contains Din Djarin & Company.
– Din Djarin & Co. get a kick up their ass and don’t come back groggy.
– It’s been tampered with.
– Cal Kestis turned out to be a Jedi looking for Groga. #Mandalorians # This way #

– Jake Dwyer (@JacobgDwyer) 17 December 2020


Boba Fett vs Mace Windu

Incredible predictions for the final of season 2 in Mandalousia because I am bored of waiting:

-Mace Windu is the Jedi who received the #Grogu message. -No.

-Boba Fett tries to take revenge on Wind, but dies in the process. -Boba Fett dies. -Boba Fett is trying to get back to Wind. -Boba Fett is trying to get back to Wind.

-Mando becomes owner of Slave I

– (@gerritcolestan) 17. December 2020


Boba Fett is gone

Forecasts for the end of the mandalorian season

* Boba Fett’s self-sacrifice saves the baby or dinner *

* Grogu will immediately hit the dark side of the Force like Tere Junda *

*. Moff gideon v mando/darkaber v beskar spear

* a possible romance between Kara Dune and Fennec Shand *

– Darth_spidey (@kat_darth) 16 December 2020


all Star Wars: Are Darkseid fans here?

Mandalorian Season 2 Final Forecast:

Grogu’s connection to the summit has paid off. In a moment of despair, a Jedi appears.

The cosmic Jesus himself, Kyle Katarn.

Dark forces? I hate those guys.

– Dave at Heroic Replicas (@HeroicReplicas) 17 December 2020


Kylo approximate to

When Grogu is in the background, you see the back of the figure appear, pause for a moment, then the red leaf of the Crusader’s lightsaber lights up. Then you reduce it to a credit.

– Jamie Geisbeek (@jamiegphoto) 17 December 2020.


What is the name?

My prediction of the end of the season @themandalorian season Title

– YodatheHobbit (@YodatheHobbit) 16 December 2020


Grogu support

I have a prediction for the Mandalorian relay final. Dean saves Groga, but in a duel with Mph Gideon he is stabbed with a black sword and is about to die, but Groga uses the healing power to save him.

– alex (offseason szn) (@alexhm225) 12 December 2020


Cliffhanger on Cliffhanger


Tomorrow the mandalorian season ends with a lightsaber, but we leave a torchbearer for those who can handle it.

The Christmas holidays will be without continuity, so we get no answers and leave the hype, like hell, for the year.

– HomeBuck (@HomeBuck_) 17 December 2020


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