As if the selection committee for the university football play-offs wasn’t enough for this season’s debate.

Imbalanced schedule, late start, interruption and cancellation due to the coronavirus pandemic. And then on Saturday, the CCA and SEC made the playoffs even more difficult when they both pleaded for an early elimination of two opponents from the first four games.

Number 1 Clemson and number 4 Notre Dame were separated by a single touchdown in the CCA championship game in the 47:40 double overtime Irish win, while Florida and Alabama also appear to be on a collision course in the conference championship game.

Although it may be too early to discuss this possible discussion, the most difficult parts of their schedule are already behind schedule and for each of the remaining matches they should all be given priority. The ESPN Football Power Index gives Clemenson, Notre Dame, Alabama and Florida more than a 71% chance of winning each of the regular season finals.

With Alabama and Ohio in the fast lane to the top four finish line, the committee can select them together with Clemson and Notre Dame (in case Clemson beats the Irish in the CCA title and the two eventually lose to each other). The committee could also consider a top four including Ohio, the CCA champion, Alabama and Florida as the alligators turn the tide in an SEC championship game.

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However, given the magnitude of the Notre Dame-Clemson challenge, the position of the CCA in the play-offs seems a more realistic scenario for a Power 5 conference where both teams finish in the top four. The selection committee will take into account that Clemson’s quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, has been suspended due to a coronavirus, but the situation of the Tigers quarterback will not determine Clemson’s potential in the playoffs and will not divert attention from what Notre Dame has achieved.

Clemson’s last game is the toughest, in five. December in Virginia Tech (78%) – and the Hokies have just lost to Liberty. It is also the only CCA team still on Clemson’s roster, with a record of over 500 people. Notre Dame has probably the toughest final, with three of the last four games still gone, including a Friday night in North Carolina.

Irish coach Brian Kelly was warned and immediately stopped talking about the playoffs on Saturday.

We still have a lot of work to do, and you see, BC [Boston College] will be a challenge for us, Kelly told reporters after the Irish persuaded Clemson. I have to make this football team emotionally fit for the game. We now have a target on our backs. I have so much more to do with the things I have to do than really worry about the playoffs and who’s in and who’s out. There are other people who want that.

And this may be the hardest decision he’s ever had to make.

Fault! The file name is not specified. QuarterbackKyle Trask keeps the Florida Alligators in the lead in the Eastern SEC after scoring a significant victory against Georgia on Saturday. AP Photo/John Rau

While Alabama was closed for the farewell week, SEC East was the center of attention on Saturday, with Florida leading with a 44-28 victory in fifth place in Georgia. According to ESPN IPF, Florida now has an 89% chance of winning in the East. Currently, five alligator bosses have a total of 9-18, and none of them has more than 500. According to the IPF, the toughest final of the Alligators is their regular final on 12 December. December versus the USL (75.9%). You don’t have to worry, but if Florida stumbles along the way, they’re clearly not ready for the semifinals.

The coach of Florida, Dan Mullen, said he’d like to see how good his team can be when they’re all on the field. For several reasons, there weren’t enough alligators for almost every game and on Saturday, Kyle Pitts left the game with an injury.

We’re in first place in the Middle East now, Mullen. How far can we go? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I hope we can get back to work [Sunday] and find a way to beat Arkansas next week, and if we’re worried about more than that, we can’t keep enjoying the great things we’ve enjoyed so far this year.

The loss of 41-38 in Florida to Texas A&M also doesn’t seem as bad as the 10. October. Number 7 Aggis treated South Carolina 48-3. What happens if Texas wins A&M – and beats the Eastern SEC champion – but Alabama wins the West?

Now throw Clemson and Notre Dame into the debate and the committee will have to deal with the real mess. Will the Committee judge the second ranked teams of the CCA and SEC better than the Pac 12 champions? Undefeated BYU? Cincinnati?

A good start for Pac-12

Fault! The file name is not specified. USC, one of the Pac-12’s hopefuls for a spot in the PCP, beat the state of Arizona in Saturday’s season opener. Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports

The top two Pac-12 candidates for the playoffs – Oregon’s number 12 and RSC’s number 20 – won their first place and ensured the necessary start of the conference, albeit much later. The longer the teams can stay in the rankings, the longer they will stay in the play-off discussion.

It’s too early to say whether a team is the best material, but if they become the champion of the conference elite, the committee will consider them in the semifinals – despite the shorter schedule of seven games.

The question is whether ducks or Trojan horses can move quickly from good to good.

How can we be good? We can be very good, said Oregon coach Mario Cristobal. We could be a great soccer team. I’m sure we’ll get there. I’m sure these guys want to wake up and get their revenge.

As expected, both teams made mistakes in their first games in almost a year, but USC defied the laws of football by defeating the State of Arizona 28-27 despite four rounds. It was also 9:00 in the morning. PT starts for a team that hasn’t played a single game in almost a year.

RSC coach Clay Helton said he told the team that we all made mistakes, but there are really good things here.

This team can be very good, and yes, there was a lot of rust and we got away, Helton said. But the special thing about this team, I think, is the way they think and how they deal with adversity and the game makers.

And then, defensively, if we can eliminate the big games – and a lot of them have come out of the quarterback’s pocket – if we can eliminate them, we have a chance to become a very good team. That was the main obstacle for us today. We knew the size of the conference, we knew what it meant to her, and it’s very important to get it today.

There are only seven games, so it’s going to be like this every week in Pac-12.

The Big Ten Lower than Ohio State?

Maybe, but not for Penn State or Michigan.

The next two games of the Buckeyes against Maryland and Indiana are the two teams that have upset the balance of power in the Big Ten in recent weeks and defeated Penn State and Michigan. Although the Terps and Hoosiers have made significant progress in recent weeks, they have not yet reached the elite level in Ohio as the programmes continue to develop.

Choose the winner of 10 school soccer games per week. Play directly or with confidence. Make your choice

But do they have enough self-confidence and willpower to get excited?

The Buckeyes always prefer to win all remaining matches, but who wins the Wild West? Assuming the state of Ohio continues to play in the Big Ten, no one will say who they can face now that the Northwest, Purdue and Wisconsin remain undefeated. Wisconsin played only one match, and the situation with the badgers after the cancellation of two matches is dangerous because of the appearance of COVID-19 in the program.

Badgers must play each of the remaining five games from Saturday in Michigan to qualify for the conference championship game. Purdue also missed the game because she had to play in Wisconsin.

The unprecedented Big Ten season continues, and Ohio State seems to be the only team so far, the next scenario.

Who can ruin the party?

Fault! The file name is not specified. If the BYU ends undefeated, is it possible for a Panther to reach university football qualifications? Tim Warner/Getty Pictures

According to the Allstate Playoff Predictor, she starts with Cincinnati, who celebrates his 18th birthday Saturday. straight game against Houston with a score of 38-10. If Cincinnati wins (including the AAC Championship), the Bearcats have a 38% chance of making the playoffs, according to the Allstate Playoff Predictor. The weekend trip was the fourth biggest chance to reach the PCP – behind Alabama, Ohio and Clemson.

The selection committee compares the general rivals, both Cincinnati and the undefeated BJ who beat Houston. The Bears held Houston by 10 points and 282 yards; in the third quarter, BYU followed Houston 26-14 and led 29-26 for four minutes before scoring two touchdowns. Houston was at 438 meters.

A common opponent is just one of many factors. The power of timing is different, and Cincinnati may have an advantage. The Bear Cats have won three victories against teams with a record number of victories, while the Bear Cats have won twice in eight games.

On Friday, UBA scored 51-17 on the number 21 in Boise State, a much-needed victory in the game against its opponents. The question is whether the Broncos are considered the best of the 25 opponents in the eyes of the committee. Cincinnati also won the match on the 24th. October with number 16 SMU. The UBA has only two games left to play – on the 21st. November against Northlabama and December 12 against San Diego State – and both have to win convincingly. Cincinnati has a tougher road ahead, three of the four finals are underway and ESPN IPF gives the Bearcats only a 33.3% chance of winning UCF on March 21-22. November.

If Cincinnati wins and ends up with the CAA Master, it is likely to win the CV debate against the independent BYU. If both have a chance at a place in the Sixth New Year’s Cup, Cincinnati seems better able to do more.

However, the CCA and the SEC could have made it more difficult on Saturday.

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