In the last two days 146 newcases have appeared.

SAN Luis Obispo – For the second day in a row, the San Luis Obispo County Health Authorities reported more than 70 new COVID 19 cases – more than half of them in the city of San Luis Obispo and on the Cal Poly campus.

Friday the 6th. In November the SLA district reported 72 new COVID 19 cases, bringing the total number of cases to 4,568. Officials reported 74 new cases the day before and warned that an increase in the number of positive cases in the coming weeks could lead to further government restrictions.

The 146-day rate is the second highest in the district since reporting began in March. The largest numbers of two days in the district were 171 – 115 August and 56 – 14 August during the summer peak.

Dr. Penny Borenstein, SLO County health inspector, said Thursday afternoon that the majority of cases occur among 18-29 year-olds living in the city of San Luis Obispo.

Many active cases occur among Cal Poly students living off the San Luis Obispo campus who, according to district health officials, congregate without adequate precautions. Of the 146 cases identified in the last 48 hours, 73 are in San Luis Obispo (town) and 26 are among the residents of the Cal Poly campus.

Of the 72 persons reported on Friday, 36 were SLOs (946 in total), 19 were inhabitants of the Cal Poly campus (88). There were 13 cases in the Northern District – 11 in Paso Robles (1138) and one in Atasquadero (430) and Creston (27).

The SLA country has done so well the past few weeks and unfortunately this week we see a sharp bend in the wrong direction. Young people are not immune: the vast majority of new cases occur in people aged 18 to 29, some of which end up in hospital.

There has been a sharp increase in health care in the San Luis Obispo district in recent days, with 228 new cases reported in the last four days. The SLA district must not exceed 140 cases per week (or 20 cases per day) in red in the state. Since the first one. On 11 November, the district reported 258 new cases of COVID-19.

The number of hospital stays has not increased – eight, including three in intensive care on Fridays. The province reported 33 deaths in connection with VIDOC-19, the last of which took place on 31 December 2009. October.

Cal Paulie is stepping up testing among off-campus students and in areas where case studies have been identified. Cal Paulie also follows plans and procedures to isolate and quarantine infected students on campus.

All residents should take protective measures to limit the spread of COVIDA-19 – apply protective layers on people, keep a distance of six feet from other people outside their home, stay within the ASO circle (avoid leaving the circle) and wash their hands regularly.

We remind all students of the role they play in maintaining health and safety in our community. Each student has an individual responsibility, and we ask each of you to commit to strict health and safety rules, said President Cal Paulie Jeffrey D. Armstrong on Thursday. We know and appreciate the fact that most students have considered it a privilege to be on campus and have acted responsibly to protect it, but it only takes a few people who pose a risk to everyone to ignore health and safety guidelines.

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