TAMPA, Fla. — Coach Bruce Arians of Tampa Bay, aka the chatty QB, working with Tom Brady, aka the GOAT, was perhaps the biggest story of the offseason. The Bucs, who have not been tasked since their Super Bowl victory in 2002, have managed to pull the six-time Super Bowl winner to Palm Land and the eternal losers for the second longest NFL playoff drought in 13 seasons.

Многие задавались вопросом, как будет работать брак-Бради: 68-летний тренер и 43-летний квотербек принесли с собой два разных стиля игры – и две разные личности. Этот союз продолжает вызывать сезонов значительный интерес вокруг НФФ потому, главным Брейди, что арии настолько красочны и резко контрастируют с тренером New England Patriots Биллом Белишиком, под руководством образом Брейди которого в течение 20 сезонов.

Я чувствую, что у нас прекрасные отношения, – сказал Брэди об Ариане, который внес вклад в разработку планов возможность и игры своему вкусу. Я, конечно, ценю всю ту проницательность, которую он мне дает, и то, как он тренирует и ведет.

Химия действительно началась во время нашей нашей первой встречи, сказал Ариан. Сначала мы начали говорить о наступательном футболе, а потом о Тампа Бэй Бакс. Его и и мой возбуждения просто продолжал расти.

Связь была достаточно прочной, чтобы подтолкнуть Букс (11-5) к постсезону 11-й раз в истории франшизы и впервые с 2007 года. В субботу на поле FedEx (20:15 ET, NBC) им предстоит встретиться с с футбольной Вашингтона. Что скрывается за связью между Брэди и тренером, которого он выбрал, чтобы помочь ему в этом позднем этапе?

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He’s honest… he trains you well.

The Arians raised their eyebrows after losing the Bucks in the first week of New Orleans. When asked what happened on the two Brady interceptions, the Arians spoke publicly about Brady’s mistakes, which surprised some, although it is consistent with the way the Arians have trained in the past.

I think the last person you want to call after the first game of the year is Tom Brady, quarterback Brett Favre said on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Brady’s former teammate, Rob Ninkovich, went so far as to say that Brady needed a new coach.

Asked if Tom Brady is confused with his cover…. I don’t think Tom Brady will be confused with the cover, Ninkovich said. It’s the first time head coach Tom Brady has ever thrown him under a bus like that.


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Brady made all the noise.

There’s nothing infallible about me or my game, Brady said in an NFL television interview. I’m as good a player as anyone, so I try to be a coach, and I think the team expects a lot from me. If I don’t meet them, he must be mad at me. You know what I mean? That’s good, too. There’s probably nobody meaner than me, but when you hear that from your coach, you know it really motivates you.

What is Aryan style? A simple, hard, no-frills love. When he coached the Indianapolis Colts in 1999, he unfortunately told Peyton Manning: Their footwork seemed sloppy for the Patriots game – not because Manning’s work seemed sloppy, but because he felt that Manning was stressed and wanted to give him something to think about other than his fear.

They just understand that BA will be BA. He doesn’t act for everyone, said offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, who also played for three years for the Arians with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s gonna do what he does, the way he does it.

He’s honest, he challenges you…. out he coaches you hard, said former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck after Arians was hired by the Bucs.

Repeat Brady.

Working with BA has been really great for me in a totally different way, Brady told the NFL Network. You know, he’s very hard on you when things go wrong.

When the Arians were coaching the Arizona Cardinals, he publicly recruited several of his star players, including Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer and Kale Campbell.

I think it’s partly to do with his age [68]. He can go to the lake, retire and be good, said Jake, son of Arians, who played for the Buffalo Bills in 2001. Some of these young people really look at what they’re saying because they’re kind of training for their next job. …he doesn’t care.

Bruce Arians added: Sometimes you don’t like the truth, but I’m gonna tell you the truth, and for a minute it’s gonna hurt, but it’s the truth. … I think our boys appreciate that.

This strengthened my conviction that I had somehow lost.

Integrity and transparency are what the quarterback Drew Stanton values most. He followed the Indianapolis Arians to Arizona hoping for a chance to fight for the starting position, but was told in advance that they would have another quarterback and the one they were considering – Mike Glennon, Ryan Mallett or Carson Palmer. You made a deal with Palmer.

He broadcast it and I knew it before I signed it, Stanton said about Arians. He said: That’s our plan, that’s what we’re gonna do, but I want you here, no matter what.

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On Saturday, Jeff took down Washington’s defensive line to put pressure on Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

Although Stanton was frustrated (he started when Palmer was injured), he is grateful that the Aryans had a mentor in Palmer who helped him reinvent himself and called five years the best time of my career. …he gave me the confidence that I had somehow lost when I was in Detroit.

Aryans also know when to relax and encourage in a direct conversation.

He pulls you in, comes to kiss you, Mr Leftwich.

In Arian’s first game as interim head coach of the Colts, when head coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with cancer, they were 21-3 by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers at halftime.

He came in and was very different from what I expected, Jake Arians said. He said: We’re fine. We’re where we want to be. Come on, let’s be foals. We throw the thing in the end zone, get a turnover, and score a touchdown. And we’re coming back to win this game.

They came back to win 30-27 and handed the match point to Pagano.

Stanton believes that Arians is able to press the right buttons because he needs time to evaluate not only the player, but also the person properly.

He invests time in the players… and I think you have to understand what’s bothering people– you can’t motivate everybody the same way, Stanton. There is that trust and respect built up over that period of time that allows people to have that relationship where he can hug you when he needs to.

He’s also very good as a quarterback when it comes to scolding the quarterback’s coach, but then he walks up to the quarterback and says okay, baby, let’s move on. That’s what he is.

He looks forward to meeting his family.

The relationship between Brady and Arians did not have the chance to fully develop outside the field because of COWID-19 – at least not in the way Arians enjoyed his previous quarterbacks like Luck, Palmer, Stanton, Leftwich, Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. That’s a big part of the equation. Arias got to know these players off the field to find out what made them play, but also because he really liked these relationships. His quarterbacks become extended members of the Arian family, which his family appreciates.


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Ben, as a little big brother, knows his family at this point, sees the children and the person he is, said Jake Arians. I like to be recognized in the field. I’m looking forward to it. And Tom and I were at the mill together. We’re the same age. Pretty funny.

I can’t wait to meet his family like we [the other quarterbacks] did. I hope we get the chance to do it with all these guys we’ve met because we know Andrew is engaged and married and Drew has kids and it’s phenomenal to meet Carson’s wife [Palmer] and their kids…. They’re so unique, this family is so great.

Brady has not yet experienced the legendary Aryan tantrum on the golf course. The Aryans believe that golf offers a valuable change of pace.

I always have. Quarterbacks playing golf – I always like to play with them, especially on open houses, just to relax, Arian said. It’s one thing to sit in an office and ask questions. It’s another thing to go out and have fun and spend time together where you can still do very, very important things.

The NFL changed its plans for the Brady-Arian Golf Tournament during Bye-Wee week as a violation of coronavirus protocols.

It was another year for all of us, faced with circumstances in which you would normally have had the opportunity to meet each other differently, Brady said.

Roethlisberger said if that happened, Brady would explode.

He will look forward to playing golf, laughing and doing other things that BA loves to do – having a drink or two, Roethlisberger said. It’s a lot of fun because I like being on the golf course with BA – especially because he is a good golfer and we get along very well.

He’s been in football a long time. He has so many stories. I like digging into his past, like when he played quarterback. These are some of my funniest stories, because I can undress and turn it on a bit when he played quarterback and this and that. He’ll have lots of stories and lots of golf.

At this stage they have some important goals to achieve, and maybe some new stories to write and think about together.

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