One bite, don’t stop!

These words became Kia Twisselman’s motto after he lost over 125 pounds and became a full-time life and weight loss coach.

Born and raised on the family ranch in Carrisa Plains, Twisselman has a deep love for beef and farming.

After graduating from the University of California at Davis, Twisselman worked for the Kentucky Beef Council and was in charge of its nutrition program.

I felt very conflicted about this role. It’s not because I didn’t believe we shared a common understanding of the role of beef and protein in a healthy diet and lifestyle, Mr. Twisselman said.

She went on to say: I grew up on a beef farm, I believe in beef with all my heart and soul, but I felt like a hypocrite standing in front of a room telling the audience that yes, beef is so good for health without being a vision of health myself.

Before flying to the Cattle Council conference, Twisselman picked up the book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. Then Twisselman had an aha moment, if you will, after the first time he had to ask for a seat belt extension on a plane.

After that point, Twisselman decided she needed to make some changes, but this time it would be different: I feel like something is different this time, and I think it really started in me.

Twisselman began following Rachel Hollis from Five to Prosperity in October 2018. Hollis’ book Five to Thrive is a list of five things she does every day that have significantly changed her life, her energy level and the way she presents herself to her family.

It wasn’t the first time she had tried to change her condition, but this time she knew it was different.

I think I knew that this time, when I made the commitment, it was a real commitment to myself. It was not a commitment to diet, exercise or weight control. It was a commitment to myself, and I felt different, Twisselman says.

At the beginning of his wellness journey, Twisselman began documenting his experiences. For the first few months, she kept these videos and photos to herself. But when Kia began to see the changes and knew she would follow, she began to share her story with the world.

Twisselman shared: This time I approached the problem by saying that I was going to learn to love myself, show myself, and take care of myself as I deserve, rather than go on a hate diet, so I deal with it.

Soon, women across the country began asking Twisselman to train others to lose weight.

Twisselman began coaching people individually on life and weight loss in August 2019 and became a full-time life coach in July 2020.

It was completely unexpected to me that one day I would be here to be an example to others, to be in a place where I can support so many other women who are going their own way, and I am so grateful that I can say that I am here to help you because I have done it myself and I know what needs to be done, said Ms. Twisselman.

As of October 2018, Twisselman has lost more than 125 pounds and has been featured on national television and in magazines like Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, People Magazine and Women’s Health.

Twisselman never went to the gym. She has learned to practice at home and gradually change her habits.

As for nutrition, Twisselman says: The problem is that I think our society and our culture feeds us with the belief that diet solves the problem, and I think the culture of diet perpetuates itself and perpetuates us because we never get to the root of the problem, which should be more in our relationship with ourselves than in the diet or the food we eat or the way we exercise.

You can follow Kia Twisselman on her health journey on Facebook @coachkiah and learn more about her coaching opportunities at


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