Famed baseball player Henry Hank Aaron died Friday in his sleep. He was 86 years old. Mobile, originally from Alabama, is considered one of the greatest hits of all time. He spent his entire adult life in baseball as a player and in the Atlanta Braves’ front office. Check out some of the highlights of his career, including the pursuit of a career record 715th win. The starting point of his career.

Aaron made his debut on the 13th. April 1954 at age 20 with the Milwaukee Braves. He spent 21 seasons in the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves organization before ending his career with the Milwaukee Brewers. Bettmann Archives/Getty ImagesAaron and his first wife, Barbara Lewis, had five children together, Gale, Hank Jr., Dorinda and twins Larry and Gary. Gary tragically died in the hospital shortly after his birth. Aaron also adopted his second wife Ceci’s daughter, Billy Williams. Bettman/Getty Images Archives

That’s what it looks like: Aaron’s impact isn’t just measured in terms of home runs.

Aaron learned to knock down a cross. The Braves corrected him and his performance skyrocketed. Aaron said he changed his swing after his first appearance in the home run derby in 1958 because. They never had a show called Lone Derby. Bettmann Archive/Getty ImagesWrestler Willie Mays and Aaron share the record for most appearances in the All-Star Game with 24. The sixth. August 1972, Aaron hit 661. He hit the home run of his career, giving Mays the lead. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images The three-time Gold Glove Award winner finished the 1973 season with 713 runs, one less than Babe Ruth’s record. Bettmann Archives/Getty ImagesRoger Maris (right) broke Babe Ruth’s record of 60 home runs in one season on the final day of the 1961 season. Thirteen years later, Aaron was about to break a new Ruth record for career students. Bettmann Archives/Getty ImagesAaron finally made it to the 8. April 1974, a record 715 homers. A shot by Al Downing in the fourth set rang a bell for Atlanta fans. Bettmann Archives/Getty ImagesAs Aaron approached the plaque, he received nasty, racist letters. When he met number 715, Vin Scully said this: … Aaron’s poker face shows tremendous excitement and relief from what he’s had to go through the past few months. Bettman/Getty Images Archives

That’s what it looks like: The world of baseball and beyond Hank Aaron.

Aaron didn’t stop at 715. By the end of the season, he had 733 home runs, a career record. A month later, he was traded from Atlanta to Milwaukee, where he played two more seasons and made 22 more appearances. Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty ImagesAaron #44 is recalled by the Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers. Hammerin Hank led the National League in four home runs and won two baseball titles in the Netherlands during his career. He has completed 40 home runs in eight different seasons. Bettmann Archives/Getty Images After his playing career ended, Aaron returned to the Braves as manager. Throughout his life, he has been a civil rights activist and community organizer. Bettmann/Getty Images ArchiveAaron held the home run record until 2007, when he was beaten by Barry Bonds, but since Bonds admitted to using steroids, many still consider Aaron the legitimate king of home runs. Monica M. Davey/AFP/Getty Images

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