Davie, Fla. — The Miami Dolphins failed to activate Reid Cinnet’s 53-player Quarter Judge on Saturday, meaning Tua Tagovayloa will be active and can play against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Tagovayloa was restricted in practice with a thumb injury on her left hand for two weeks. The Dolphins have yet to officially announce their starting quarterback for Sunday’s game. Veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick is also on the active list.

If Tagovayloa really gets to work, he’ll have a big help in the backfield, as the running back Miles Gaskin was put on the list of 53 participants on Saturday. Gaskin is expected to return to the starting team on Sunday after missing the last four races due to a sprain on the knee.

Synnett helped Fitzpatrick win 20-3 for the New York Jets on Sunday.

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Dolphin trainer Brian Flores has made it clear that Tagovayloa is a starter if he is healthy.

If he is healthy, he is, Flores said after Sunday’s race, I don’t know how many different ways we have to say it and repeat it.

Flores also said that Tagovayloa was very close to playing last Sunday and this week he showed some improvement.

When Tagovayloa starts, it will be his first action after losing the Dolphins in the 20-13 fourth quarter of the Denver Broncos – his only loss as a starter after winning the first three races. After Sunday’s game against the Bengal in the schedule of the Dolphins – four games in a row with the AFC teams in the playoffs.

In practice Tagovayloa wore a black-rimmed hoop that supported the base of his thumb while giving flexibility to the other fingers. At the beginning of the week he said he felt good and wanted to play, but he postponed his studies in Flores and the training staff.

Take a closer look at Tua Tagovayloa’s left thumb during this week’s training. (H/T @CTJPhoto) pic.twitter.com/EmmcCXzGCh

– Cameron Wolfe (@Cameron Wolfe) 4. December 2020.

The last two weeks, the dolphins have reacted somewhat vaguely to the situation with the quarterback. Tagovayloa and Fitzpatrick took the photos, with a slight public allusion to the path that Flores followed.

Tagovayloa was injured after hitting the helmet of a teammate while trying to stop training on the 25th. November. Since then, Tagovayloa has been involved in all practices of limited quality.

As far as Gaskin is concerned, his return comes at an ideal time, as the dolphins’ backs are badly damaged by injuries. Running backs Salvon Ahmed (shoulder) and DeAndre Washington (hamstring) play dubiously on Sunday, and Matt Brad was added to the list on Friday after missing practice with illness. Nate Holly’s security has been upgraded as a replacement.

If Ahmed, Washington and Brad had done as planned, Gaskin and Patrick Laird would be the only healthy dicks. The Dolphins also have Chandler Cox as defender and Lynn Bowden Jr. as receiver, if necessary with some football experience.

Gaskin is still leading the team (387 yards). In the last three games before his knee injury, he scored more than 20 hits.

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