ORCHARD PARK, NY — It rained here all morning, it snowed at night, and between the 2020 seasons, the Patriots turned to mud and slid into nearby Lake Erie.

Yes, on Sunday the Patriots (2-5) won by a landslide (6-2), which is important. They play twice a year, the first time since 2016, when Buffalo won one of the matches. It was the first time the Beals defeated the Patriots under their current head coach, Sean McDermott. It was only the sixth time in 41 games… Forty-one !!!! — … that Bill Belichick lost Buffalo as head coach to the Patriots.

It was a nervous breakdown. As always, there must be games that break curses. None of Bill’s fans for five years felt good until Cam Newton lost 31 seconds and sent the ball back to Buffalo for good. But Beals won first place, and still has matches to play at 3½ for the Patriots, who still have half a season ahead of them. And if their October wasn’t as bright as September and their November didn’t seem as easy, then the bills have banished the boring devil. For the time being, they’ve earned the right to call themselves the AFC Eastern class.

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patriots… …not so much. You lost four in a row. Sunday’s touchdown (two) coincided with a touchdown of the previous three games. Newton and the game led by Damien Harris were better than ever, but too little, too late, and the story of the next two days will be whether the Patriots are vendors who will fall out of season for the first time in two decades.

It’s two teams going in opposite directions… …and in a very unusual way… clues. If we had not seen since the turn of the century that one dominated the other, this result would not have been disapproved. Only one team would have finished third in the trash and entered the second half of the season.

But instead, it’s the patriots that turned Billy upside down. So we have to start this week with the overreaction column with…


AFC Eastern Run – greater than.

See, at this point, the only reason to believe that the Patriots will win is that you can’t count Belichick until the math says so. But only a genius can do so much. On Sunday the Patriots had five active wide receivers. All five were unprepared, three in the last two years. Seriously, next time remember to wait until the second round of the Packers case to call the receivers for Aaron Rogers.

I’m not saying Newton was perfect – far from it, and he admits it. But this New England team plays at least one side of the ball every week, and if the cornerback Stephon Gilmore doesn’t play (as he does on Sunday), they both play.

The remaining schedule of the Patriots looks uncomplicated, with the exception of the game Ravens in two weeks, but let’s be realistic. For the time being it does not look like they will get a difficult place in the matches of the other teams. Buffalo has, and he has a 3.5 game advantage with his head in his hand. Cats are ready. But, uh…

The verdict: IT’S CLOSED. Because dolphins, guys! Even if you’re willing to admit that the Patriots can’t come back, you have to remember that there is a team between Buffalo and New England, and it was Miami that embarrassed Jared Goffe and the Rams on Sunday to improve the score to 4-3 and stay within 1.5-Bills.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Josh Allen ran only 154 meters with a touchdown, but the Bill won the Patriots. Photo by Rich Barnes/USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo beat Miami in week 2, but only on goal difference, and look at the rest of the program. The accounts will be in Seattle and Arizona for the next two weeks, then an emotional tapping return in the fourth quarter will see the Chargers win, followed by matches with the 49ers and Steelers. Dolphins always have games against chiefs and looters and counters, but they also have very juicy chargers / broncos / jets / Bengal stretching out while the counters are busy with their gloves.

If starting quarterback Tua Tagovayloa can play – and he’s not really tested on Sunday because the Dolphins’ defense just turned the Goffe around – Miami has a real chance to win this game in the 17th minute. Tour in Buffalo on Sunday night during the divisional rush hour. Don’t rule out a bunch of Brian Flores.

Rams is the worst team in the competition of five winners of.

The downside of Miami’s victory on Sunday was the defeat of the ugly Ramse. Los Angeles passed Miami with 471 yards of the 175 yards, had a possession time of 36:29 and made 31 first races for the eight dolphins … … …and was out of the game in the second half.

Four shots in the first half of Goff flooded Los Angeles in 28-10 breaks, and Miami played well enough in defense to prevent the return of Ramsey. Goff’s total QBR for the match was 12.9 – and remember that on a scale of zero to 100. On Sunday the Rams were just as bad as any other team in the league.

The verdict: AND NOT AN OVERREACTION. Their only match for this honour comes from the Browns and Bears. By the way, the Bears are the only non-NFK eastern team the Rams have beaten this season. You won’t see the Browns unless they both reach the Super Bowl, and I’m not gonna hold my breath. Everything you need this week
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Sunday’s game couldn’t have gone better for the Rams, especially after Aaron Donald Tagovayloa dropped the Dolphins in the second game and the Rams scored their first touchdown after several games. But Goff started turning him around and the dolphins came back for landing. And the Rams were watching when they missed the game.

Los Angeles is in third place in the toughest league, and the bad news is that they are no longer organizing games with NFC East. In the next four weeks he will have Seahawks, Spinners, 49s and Cardinals. If we’re wrong about the Rams, they have a chance to prove it. But they’re gonna have to play a lot better than Miami.


Sorry, Steel producer – Chefs are always the best team in.

On Sunday, the Stalers will hold Lamar Jackson’s and the Ravens’ current MVP to improve their performance to 7-0. They’re the only invincible team left in the league. His victory is far from dominant, but it is a valid argument that, given the level of difficulty, can be considered more impressive than imposing leaders on unmanned jets.

This comes a week after the victory of the Stallers over the Titans, who were unbeaten for this race. There’s nothing unpleasant about the Steelmakers’ season, and voting for the only undefeated team in the league as the best player in the league will never be a bad idea.

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Patrick Mahomez shoots from 416 yards and scores with four players on five touchdowns while the Chiefs Jets shoot 35-9.

The verdict: AND NOT AN OVERREACTION. Even the lions count, and the chiefs seemed almost untouched when they did what they had to do against the jets. The Pittsburgh defense is the dominant unit, but Ben Rothlisberger doesn’t seem to be as dominant as Patrick Mahomez, who lost five touchdowns on Sunday. For the time being the Chiefs are mainly busy with rhythmic gymnastics, in January they stay free and try their luck in the second race for the title. Cruise control is on.

What Pittsburgh does is impressive and they may be the best team. But it’s also possible that we think too much about it, and the only reason the bosses don’t beat all teams 28 a week is that the regular season doesn’t get their full attention. I’ll keep taking Kansas City until I see a good reason to think otherwise.

Vikings, 2-5, can still advance to the playoffs.

The victory of the Vikings over the Packers was one of the strangest games on Sunday. After an injury 226 metres from the fight and four touchdowns, Dalvin Cook came back after a running back. In the first half, Minnesota stood behind Aaron Rodgers & Co. twice and kept coming back, with Cook as a stick behind the eternally stunned Green Bay defense, which seemed to have never been seen before.

The Vikings may still be the last team in NFC North, but they are the only team in their league to win this week and they beat first place. Green Bay has lost two of the last three.

The verdict: AND NOT AN OVERREACTION. The Vikings are just one example of the importance of this issue, but their victory makes them worthy: For the first time, seven teams from each conference will participate in the playoffs. This means that recording 2-5 is no longer as depressing as it used to be. If the season ended today, there would be 5-2 Cardinals, 5-2 Privateers and 5-3 Rams NFC stations, whose legitimacy we have already questioned here.

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Mathematically, the Vikings can’t keep up with the Rams, and the only team in between with victories so far are the overrated Bears. In two weeks, Chicago will be the only team the Vikings will play against until December 13, and it is currently setting a record for victory.

I don’t know if they can do it. They just swapped a big off-season contract to take control of Yannick Ngakoue, and maybe they won’t do it technically for the time being. But it is important not to forget the play-off expansion in the second half of this season. And wow, the Vikings haven’t come out yet… and another way to remember them.

49 requires aquarterback.

The Seattle Pass defense is in many ways the worst in the NFL. On Sunday, the Seahawks missed the straights an average of 57.3 times, more than any other team. In the first seven games, the only team that didn’t throw at least 300 yards against them in week five was Minnesota. The Seahawks entered the game with a 7.71 yard pass before the attempt and without their better safety and better back of turn.

And Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers couldn’t compete with them. Garoppolo struck at 11:16 from 84 meters and went left in the second half with an ankle injury. Nick Mullens calmed him down with an 18:25 victory over 238 yards and two touchdowns.

Yeah, games were more or less useful back then. But the obvious difference between Garoppolo’s effort to move the ball and the ease with which Mullens moved the ball cannot simply be explained by a shoulder movement and a pronounced rotting time. I wonder if the Niners would have a better chance of winning this game if Garoppolo hadn’t hurt his ankle sooner.

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– Barkley wants the next Adrian Peterson
– Wentz was bad, Cowboys – worse in
– Eagles win – QB Lock leads angry Broncos come back
– Eighth week of start 7:0 Steelers, Tua’s first victory.

The verdict: AND NOT AN OVERREACTION. Garoppolo is doing well, and it is clear that the Niners have won many games with him – he is 22-8 years old as a regular season starter. The injury situation in San Francisco this season is unparalleled in the league and it would be unfair to judge anyone in this regard. But the imbalances between Garoppolo – whether in terms of performance or availability – have become too strong to be ignored by a stable team.

Is he and Mullens playing Thursday in Green Bay, is the Haroppolo just okay or not? Are they planning to change places in the second half of the season? It seems inevitable that they consider alternatives, at least in low season, and the way in which the Garoppolo contract is structured allows them to easily replace him if they decide to do so.

But he’s not his biggest problem. But they’ve given him enough chance to prove that he can be a stable and constant presence they need at their post. Just because the jury’s been gone for so long doesn’t mean they can tell them everything they need to know.

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