MAP: See the results of the 2020 elections.

There is no evidence of widespread electoral fraud, and many states have already confirmed the results, as the vast majority of Trump’s unsubstantiated legal problems have been rejected, meaning he is simply trying to reduce the inevitable while fighting Biden’s turnout in the White House.

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During his speech in Georgia, which showed a video of his false statements about electoral fraud, he alternated frivolous lines with his teleprompter theses – he sometimes tried to close the needle between Georgians’ requests to run and go to the polls, but then he did even more damage to his party by falsely claiming that the Georgian electoral system was fake. The deadline for voter registration is Monday and early voting starts on 14 December. December.

This election was rigged and we can’t let that happen to the two most important and respected people in Washington, he said, referring to Loffler and Purdue. We can’t let this happen again. Your governor could have easily prevented this if he’d known what he was doing.

Messages from participants were shown in full screen when Trump Loffler and Purdue invited them to come on stage to make brief comments. Löffler warned the crowd that if they didn’t vote, the Republicans would lose control of the Senate. But the crowd seemed much more interested in the demands of the president and drowned two candidates with songs Stop the theft and fight for the trump!

Trump called his Democratic rivals, the Reverend Rafael Warnock and John Osov, extremes, and once said he understood the tendency of many of his supporters to suspend the election. But he urged her not to. If you don’t vote, the socialists and communists… …they’ll win, he said.

The answer to the Democrats’ scam is not to stay home, that (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and (Senate Minority Leader Chuck) Schumer are what they want you to do – stay home, Trump said. If you want to do something for the Democrats – I don’t want to use the word revenge, but this feeling of revenge – then you run and vote in record numbers.

There is no evidence of systematic fraud on the part of the Democrats.

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Non-US assets: Attempt to rebut resultof Georgia

Earlier in the day, Trump continued his attack on democracy and took a shocking step by calling on the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, to urge state legislators to use the electoral college system to overturn Biden’s unexpected victory in November.

The chairman also asked Kemp to order a verification of the signatures on the mail-in ballot papers. Kemp refused to convene a special session and stated that he did not have the authority to enforce an exam. The White House refused to comment on the call, but a dispute between the two men quickly seeped into public Twitter.

Kemp, a Republican, twittered the president’s answer. As I told the President this morning, I publicly called for signature verification three times (20.11., 24.11., 3.12.) in order to restore confidence in our electoral process and ensure that only legitimate votes are counted in Georgia, the Governor said on the Twitter.

Trump responded quickly on Twitter, but your signature was never verified! Your people refuse to do what you ask. What are they hiding? In any case, call a special meeting of the legislator immediately. What you can do easily and immediately.

The president continued to attack Kemp during the meeting and asked him to strengthen Trump’s demands for voice manipulation and said Kemp should be ashamed. Kemp did not attend the event, his spokesman said, because a good friend of the family suddenly died on Friday.

On his way to Georgia Saturday afternoon, Trump attacked both Kemp and the government of Arizona. Doug Douisi, who is also a Republican, because he refuses to comply with his attempts to reverse the election results in those states.

Between the governor of Arizona @DougDucey and the governor of Georgia @BrianKempGA, the Democratic Party couldn’t be happier. They’re fighting us harder than left-wing radicals, tweeted by Trump. If they’d been with us, we’d have won Arizona and Georgia by now.

Republicans will NEVER forget that, he added on the second tweeter.

President ignores dangerous multiplication of coronavirus

The president referred only briefly to the coronavirus pandemic on the night from Saturday to Sunday, saying it deserved the rapid development of several vaccines, for example, and once said that Congress needed to send more emergency aid to Americans in need, the benefits of which were due to end later this month.

But once again, he gathered thousands of exposed people for an event intended to flatter his ego, to publicize the recommendations of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and to endanger his supporters, setting a terrible example of a country without precautions, as he often did during the pandemic.

The debate about the amount of vaccine to be distributed between states and municipalities remains an important issue as legislators try to find a compromise to help unemployed Americans before they go on vacation. Negotiations are progressing slowly, reported CNN Manu Raju on Saturday.

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To date, the stimulus package includes $300 a week to increase federal unemployment benefits, a permanent suspension of student loan payments, a moratorium on evictions, a new round of the Cheque Protection Program (CPC) to support small businesses, $16 billion for vaccine development and distribution, and testing and monitoring of Kovid-19, among other support measures.

The president has largely given up his leadership role in preventing the spread of the virus or leading the relief program because medical experts and epidemiologists are begging Americans to get dressed and stay at home. In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Jake Tapper said he would ask Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days of his presidency.

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On Saturday, the United States ranked second in the number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic, according to the Covid tracking project, and medical experts are preparing for a sharp increase in the mortality rate.

More than 33 million Californians will be under house arrest as of late Sunday night, including in the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, after intensive care capacity in both parts of the state dropped below 15 percent, causing Gavin Newsome’s government to attempt to cover hospitalization last week.

At the same time, many other countries are concerned that the first available doses of the vaccine may not be sufficient to vaccinate their most critical populations.

Dr Jeremy Faust, an emergency doctor at Brigham Hospital and a woman, said the difference between the current pandemic and last spring’s is that the pandemic is spreading across the country. Things got out of hand.

The reason we haven’t seen any apocalyptic scenes in the hospitals yet is that all this spring was focused on a few points of interest, Faust said. The whole country is a focal point for the brewing industry. What worries me is that in a few weeks not only a few hospitals or a few regions or states will run out of intensive care beds – which will happen – but eventually the whole country.

We should definitely take a look at it. Because as soon as the hospital beds are gone, we are confronted with something we have never seen before, according to Faust.

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