Deontey Wilder spoke publicly on Saturday for the first time in months about his loss to WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in his second game earlier this year. He accused Fury of loading gloves and also asked Fury not to respect the backslapping clause of their contract.

In a Twitter video and three subsequent tweets, Wilder called the Terrified Fury because he had broken their agreement. The comments were made a week after the Fury announced that they would be published on 5 March. December in London with an unannounced opponent. Zorn and his co-leader Frank Warren recently expressed doubts about the fact that the third battle with Wilder will take place in 2020.

Many had previously thought that the third fight between them would take place in December.

When you went through your darkest period, I told you I’d give you a chance if you pulled yourself together. As a man of my word, I gave you the head that Wilder tweeted. If that fight didn’t belong to anybody, I told you I’d give you a rematch. You know they offered me more money than you to fight Joshua. Once again, I have fought you as a man of my word, as I promised.

There was a repetition clause in the repetition agreement. Now is the time to be a man and keep your word, instead of trying to break our agreement.

Wilder took part in the first game with the Furies, which started with a score of 40-0 and ended in a tie. At a meeting on the 22nd. February, Rage defeated the TKO in the seventh round when Wilder’s coach Mark Breeland threw in the towel.

In his Saturday Twitter video, Wilder Rage called a thief a thief who did not show Wilder his greatness. He also accused Fury of using loaded gloves in both fights. He said he saw Ricky Hutton, who was in the corner of the Fury in the first fight, clenching his gloves to put his fists in the wrong position.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Tyson Fury (left) announced at the beginning of the month that it would be the 5th of December in London against an unannounced opponent. Photos Al Bello/Getty

They tried the same method a second time, but this time they scratched the flesh off my ears, which made my ears bleed, Wilder said. It is not possible to fold a new 10-ounce glove, stay loose or let go.

I really think you put something hard in the glove, something the size and shape of an egg. That’s why my face is swollen like an egg. And he also left a lump on my face.

ESPN’s Mark Kriegel spoke to Bob Bennett, the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, who completely untrue Wiler’s accusations that his gloves were a source of anger.

Bennett said there is a protocol for gloves in championship battles, and the gloves are sealed at the factory and given to the committees at least 72 hours before the fight. Then they’re not sealed and checked. After weighing, the fighters choose their gloves. The gloves are then resealed and are no longer visible to the fighters until they fight in the dressing room at night with an NVC inspector in the room.

Gloves, Bennett said to Kriegel, are never alone.

Fury had already disputed the claims of the loaded gloves. At the Instagram station in June, after Wilder’s brother had suggested that rabies had something in his gloves, he then wrote that Wilder’s coach, J.D., was in the room to investigate rabies when his hands were packed and gloves put on. To make that happen, Fury wrote, the Deas must be involved.

So they all refer to dirty games, bulls… Fury wrote in his article. And the next time I start his boxing career, let’s do it, because it’s gonna be two punches in a row. For now, for now and forever.

In Saturday’s Twitter video, Wilder Breeland also accused Wilder Breeland of throwing the towel in the ring, called him unfaithful and criticized Judge Kenny Bayless for stopping the fight. Wilder announced earlier this month that he and Breeland broke up.

When the fight was stopped, rabies reached 82 out of 267 blows, compared to 34 out of 141 for the savages. The anger was 59-52 on two cards and 58-53 on the third, when the fight was stopped in the seventh round.

After all, it took a crab judge in a bucket and an unfaithful coach to throw in the towel, Wilder said, to stop me.

He ended the video by pointing out that he would take revenge.

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