The Green Bay Packers go to the eighth position against the Minnesota Vikings, who look like real Super Bowl candidates. After the 5-1 start of the season things are going better with Aaron Rogers and the company. Although they feel good, they also have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to take the Vikings with them this year.

It’s not much better than the rivalry between the NFC and the North. The packers and the Vikings hate each other and leave everything on the field at every game. This week’s not gonna change.

On the other hand, the Vikings didn’t start as they hoped. Many people thought that Minnesota was Green Bay’s toughest competitor in this area. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The Vikings are only 1:5 and they don’t want to get any closer to the play-offs.

In view of this week’s game, the focus is on quarterbacks. Rogers plays at MVP level, while the Vikings can’t be sure that Kirk Cousins will be their starter in the long run if he continues to play as he has this season. The cousins were still terrible.

Despite the fact that the Vikings are happy to win this game, and they love it, the Vikings face the need to win. A reduction to 1-6 would practically seal their fate. A return of this record would be almost impossible in NFC.

Let’s dive into that context and look at four bold predictions for the Packers in their game against Minnesota this week.

4. Green Bay puts five bags on cousins.

When they entered the season, the packers were very enthusiastic about their pace. Preston Smith and Z’Darius Smith were both monsters last season, which was again expected this year. Z’Darius Smith went by Packers, but Preston Smith, a sophomore at Green Bay, was a little unhappy.

However, something will change this week. The Smith brothers will join their cousins and Rushan Gary will join the feast. The two Smiths get two bags, and Gary gets another. Pressure on cousins usually leads to good things that need to be protected.

Although this is not a major challenge for the Packers, they will continue to look for evidence. They’re tired of not getting the respect they think they deserve. Mike Pettin is going to put a lot of pressure on his cousins, which will be very profitable.

3. Gyr Alexander, Josh Jackson All intercepted

Kevin King would have suffered a setback this week, so the Packers should play in the team with Jyr Alexander and Josh Jackson as their main turns. The death of the king is difficult news, but fortunately Green Bay has a lot of talent here.

Alexander was voted the best corner of the NFL during the seven weeks of Pro Football Focus:

High quality credit cards:
1. George Alexander – 90.6
2. Jamel Dean – 90,5
3. Jason Verrett – 87.1
4. Kendall Fuller – 84.5

– PFF (@PFF) 24. October 2020

This week Alexander and Jackson and their cousins are fighting the Vikings. Because of the heavy pressure his cousins will be under, he will make two crucial mistakes. If the defense can win a few rounds, victory is very likely.

Green Bay fans are gonna love what they see this week when they start taking a backseat.

2. Aaron Rogers Switches to anotherPower MVP

In the first six games of the Packers, Rogers has made it clear that he is still one of the most dominant quarterbacks in the game. He made 65.9% of the attempts at 1657 meters, 17 touchdowns and only two interceptions. Rogers intercepted Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ ball twice, but never gave it back in any other game.

Rogers is since week one candidate for the vice president. Last week he burned Houston Texans at 283 yards, four touchdowns and no pickaxes. In the first week of the Packers’ victory over the Vikings, Rogers wreaked havoc with 364 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions in Minnesota’s defense.

Once again, the Vikings will have no answer for the Rogers. He’ll use a different caliber MVP. Rogers will end up throwing 300 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions this week.

1. Packers come with take-away prices to sweep the Vikings.

Last but not least, the Packers will go from 6 to 1 in the season and achieve a big victory over their league opponents. The Vikings will do their best to organize the game, but Green Bay is a much better football team on both sides of the ball.

Aaron Rogers, Packers.

With another solid Rodgers game and a strong defense, Green Bay can easily handle this game. We assume that the Packers will win this game with the final score of 38:24.

This will be the last nail in a Viking coffin this season. A reduction to 1-6 puts them in sales mode before the NFL transaction expires. As for the Packagers, they will continue to look like potential candidates for the Super Bowl, and a victory could convince General Manager Brian Gutekunst to consider buying them on a deadline to support this team for the championship.

The Ravens, Ronnie Stanley.

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