The final game of the evening was the fight for the NXT women’s title between Io Shirai and Candice LeRay. After Shotsy Blackhart turned the wheel, it became a game between Table, Stair and Fear. Shirai didn’t wait long and they quickly started fighting outside the ring. Then LeRay found a mysterious bag with bloody hands and feet under the ring, which Shirai took and used as a weapon against LeRay. LeRae will actually be punished for being thrown over the advertising table, but she will finally get her revenge after throwing Shirai down the steel stairs.

Shirai will recover and retaliate with the same steel measures. Then she went back under the ring looking for new weapons, threw several chairs in the ring and went to the table, but LeRay would put an end to it. Until Shirai surrendered and sent LeRay face to face on the stairs.

Then Shirai would climb on the top rope and roll LeRay on the ring. Shiraya still hit LeRay with a shotgun, then picked up LeRay and hit the carpet with force.

Shirai was going to set the table, but LeRay threw him on the floor. Then they exchanged blows and knocked each other out, and at that moment two tables were set up in the ring.

Shira recovers and takes the stairs, puts her in the ring to take the championship, and LeRay follows her. LeRay was supposed to use Shirai’s stairs and walk to the belt, but Shirai stopped her. LeRay would surprise the vagrant and drop him by placing a ladder in the corner. LeRay pushed Shiraya down and started to get up, but Shiraya pushed him back down.

Shiraya would place two chairs and hit LeRay on the back, but LeRay would take turns and send Shiraya to the chairs. Then she took one of the chairs and started hitting Shirai’s back, put the chair in place and tried to hit Shirai in it, but Shirai counterattacked and pushed LeRae with superflexes.

Then LeRay Shirai’s tibia sent him down the stairs and the two stars caused several wounds. LeRay got to the top rope, and Shirai stopped it and started grabbing chairs. She moved the stairs a bit and then put two chairs next to her. Then she went upstairs to grab LeRae by the top rope, but LeRae tried to push her down, which she did.

Nobody interrupts @ShotziWWE’s #HalloweenHavoc MAIN EVENT! #WWWENXT #NXTWomensTitle @CandiceLeRae

– WWE NXT (@WWENXT) 29. October 2020

Shirai then attached LeRay’s leg to a chair and twisted it between the ropes. Shirai went to 619 but missed, and LeRay took the opportunity to hit her in the back with a chair. Then LeRay Shirai turned around and sent them both to the tables. The masked superstar returned to the ring and helped LeRae up the stairs, but Shotsy Blackhart intervened and knocked down the mysterious figure.

DANGER. LERAE. IT IS WHERE. That’s THE TWEET.#WWENXT #NXTWomensTitle #HalloweenHavoc @CandiceLeRae @shirai_io

– WWE (@WWE) 29. October 2020

LeRay was upstairs, and Shirai climbed his own ladder, and they locked themselves in. Then LeRay sent her back downstairs and went to get the belts, but Shirai pushed her down the stairs and flew her out of the ring, and the stairs were set up outside, which looked cheeky. Shirai goes into the climb and conquers the title of champion, while retaining the NXT women’s title.

Here is the official description of the devastation caused by Halloween on NXT today.

The Halloween falcon is back! The worst night of the year comes to NXT as Io Shirai defends the NXT Women’s Championship and Damian Priest defends the North American title against Johnny Gargano in conditions set by Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal. Elsewhere, Rhea Ripley is finally in conflict with Raquel Gonales, Dexter Lumis forces Cameron Grimes to face his fears in a horror match at the Haunted House, and much more tonight at 8/7 on USA Network!

Here’s the full map:

Turn the wheel, make a deal: North American champion Damian Priest versus Johnny Gargano.

Turn the wheel, make a deal: Io Shirai, NXT champion, against Candice LeRay.

Rhea Ripley versus Raquel Gonzalez

Haunted house: Dexter Lumis v. Cameron Grimes.

Santos Escobar versus Jake Atlas.

How do you feel about Halloween Hawk so far? Let us know in the comments, or, as always, you can tell me about a NXT on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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