Diveson Figueiredo needed less than two minutes to prepare for the top match of the UFC on 21 March. November in Las Vegas and defend his lightweight title. The intention was to return to Brazil shortly after the battle, but then everything changed – quickly.

Today Figueiredo is creating the history of the UFC.

Figueiredo’s first trip to Vegas ended with a long stay, as the UFC offered him a return match against Brandon Moreno, who was eliminated on the 21st. November also won the first round of UFC 255. These two titles will make headlines on Saturday’s UFC 256 apex card.

Figueiredo will go into the history of the UFC in the shortest time – 21 days – between the battles for the title. The current record is 56 days, shared by Rhonda Russy and Matt Hughes.

Discover how the arrogant Figueiredo from the Brazilian town of Suré spent part of his three-week stay in the world capital of the battlefield.

Fault! The file name is not specified. After the quick work of Alex Perez on the 21st. In November Devieson Figueiredo was ready to fight again – in a hurry. Jeff Bottari/Zuffa Ltd.

Saturday 21 November: I’m going to fightnext week.

Only a few minutes separate the victory of Figueiredo over Perez and the start of the Moreno commercial. In his post-match interview with Joe Rogan Figueiredo, he knew what to say to his rival and UFC President Dana White.

I’m here to challenge Brandon Moreno, Figueiredo said through an interpreter. Do you want to fight me in December? I’m the best pound for a pound, so I’m at your disposal here.


Deiveson Figueiredo, as UFC champion, prepares for the fastest lap when he defends his title in the men’s light heavyweight category at the UFC 256 Main Event on Saturday. Figueiredo, who was born on the 21st. November defeated Alex Perez in UFC 255 and met his best rival Brandon Moreno. At this event Tony Ferguson will succeed Charles Oliveira. Ferguson won 12 of the previous 13 battles, while Oliveira won seven battles in a row.

Buy here UFC 255

UF 256: Figueiredo vs. Moreno
– Saturday, Las Vegas
– 6 p.m. ET on ESPN2 and ESPN+ PPV.

Come on, Dana, let this fight happen in December.

It wasn’t long before Figueiredo realized that the UFC felt the same way.

When he won and he wasn’t injured, the Prowler [Campbell, general counsel UFC] came to me and said Dana White wanted him to fight in December, said Wallid Ismail, the director of Figuideredo. I went to Diveson. I’m fine. I’ll fight him next week. That was Deevson’s answer to my question.

The fight was planned. At the press conference, Mr. White said he wouldn’t let either of the two hunters leave Las Vegas.

There was no way to say no because he was the one who fought in the same event as me, Figueiredo said. We lost weight, now we have to get the body back and fight again.

I’m ready, I’m strong, you can bet I’m ready for five laps, maybe six. The idea came from the UFC, and I immediately accepted it. I live in a war.

Sunday 22 November: Weekend

Figuuriredo was limited to one day of total free time, as defined by Ismail.

We’ve done everything, Ismail said. In the end he managed to buy toys he never had before.

Figueiredo, who calculated that he has spent about $5,000 and his team has traveled to Las Vegas and made purchases. He finished his wardrobe and enjoyed other dishes.

I visited a beautiful shopping mall here in town, Figueiredo said. I could go shopping. I even got to know the salad Wallid likes and I really liked it. I can’t wait to end this fight and go back and devour it again. It was a big dish.

Figueredo went to Venice and ate in a cheesecake factory, but the desserts were not ordered.

He didn’t want to eat cheesecake so you could see the thought, Wallid said. Saturday night he had pizza, but nothing too heavy. He didn’t put on much weight on Monday.

Monday 23 November: Recovery

Figureiredo returned to the CFU Productivity Institute, where he began his recovery week under the leadership of sports instructor Rogerio Melo.

From there the championship routine will be: from the hotel to the gym, from the gym to the hotel at least twice a day. The first days were devoted to physical recreation. X and O will be in the spotlight in week two.

While Figueiredo was training, Ismayil also had an important task: finishing the last details of the fight. That day, he met Campbell again to sign contracts.

And make an appointment with White.

Tuesday 24 November: Bonus time

Despite the fact that Figueiredo dominated Perez, he didn’t win any of the $50,000 bonus for the night’s performance.

He was not happy and explained his displeasure at the press conference after the fight.

I saw all the fighting in the UFC that night, Figueiredo told ESPN’s Ariel Helvani on Tuesday. I thought I’d put on a great show for the audience. I thought I deserved a bonus.

When I didn’t get it, I just wanted to go home and rest with my family.

Instead, he had a personal meeting with White three days after the fight.

My director was told he would meet me in person, Figueiredo said. He took me there, but no one knew it was for the price. We thought this was just another business meeting.

There was a bag waiting for Figueiredo.

When he gave me this gift, I was very happy, Figueiredo said. He apologized to me for not having given me the bounty at the end of the fight and said that he had made a mistake and that he had been blamed, but that he had admitted the mistake and was willing to correct it.

When I opened the bag, it was a bag of money.

Friday 27 November: Vital functions

Figueiredo always imagined himself to be a UFC champion, but that wasn’t his only dream. He also wanted his brother Francisco to join him in the promotion. It happened on the 27th. November, when UFC signed Francisco, whose debut is expected in January.

This is the best news I’ve ever received here in Las Vegas, Deeveson said. In this rush to find a new fight, this news gave me the extra incentive to train even more. I’m also happy to help him with his debut.

Diveson lived with Francisco in Belem, Brazil, where he worked as a sushi chef, hairdresser, security guard and fisherman.

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He said that’s what was missing from his life – his brother joined the UFC, Ismail said. It’s great, he said: It will be good for my brother to fight in January, because I will continue to train. I’m coming to Belém to train with him.

That’s how Devson works, he thinks ahead. But of course the focus now is on this fight.

Divson has already planned to return to the fight in 2021, and he told Helvani that he wants to face the former champion of both divisions, Henry Sedo.

Week 2: Reduced weight

One of the most difficult aspects of fast rotation is weight reduction. Some people think it was a mistake for Tony Ferguson to lose weight twice a month before he went to the ninth round. Mai versus Justin Gaethje.

But for Figueiredo it can be useful to be close to his fighting weight.

I always get up very quickly after a fight, but now I have to keep my weight off for a while, Figueiredo said. I really hope it gets easier this way. I’ve been training for over three months and I’m already burning calories. Now all you have to do is remove the fluids, which is much easier.

Figueiredo said Tuesday he weighed 135 pounds, 10 pounds more than he was at half weight, but one pound less than Tuesday for the fight with Perez.

He went on a diet and has only one sensational biotype, Wallid said. He even made a joke with me: Sometimes it was 10 days before the fight and I was still eating Asai before the trip. I eat here without salt, and I’m very good, very tasty!

Fault! The file name is not specified. Figueiredo is not the only one who has had no problems with UFC 255. Brandon Moreno, on the left, also stopped in the first round to take his title shot. Jeff Bottari/Zuffa Ltd.

Week 3: Stroke week

This week is the same as any other week when there’s a fight over Figueiredo. To reduce the last weight and prepare a strategy for the meeting with Moreno, Figueiredo has also planned interviews with the media from all over the world.

He’s used to it – and it’s all the easier because he doesn’t have to travel at that time.

Everything is going according to plan for a historically rapid turnaround.

I’m going in with a target: Put her down and subject her, Mr Figueiredo said. But if he decides to deal with me, I’ll do everything in my power to get him out. And always in the first round.

In other words: work fast.

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