Brooklyn defender Keary Irving, who is entering his tenth season, remains one of the best players in the NBA. At the age of only 28 he already won the championship against the Cleveland Cavaliers, did six All Star appearances and was appointed to the second All NBA All-Star team and the third All NBA All-Star team. Irving has a chance to fight for a second title next season with All Star teammate Kevin Durant and new head coach Steve Nash.

But in addition to his fascinating ball handling and throwing skills, Irving has also become famous for things you don’t usually hear from players. For example, earlier this month, when he appeared at his teammate’s show with Durant, Irving commented on their dynamics with the coaches, which surprised some people.

I don’t see our head coach. You know what I mean? KD could be the head coach. I could be head coach.

Irving’s comments were triggered by a few eyebrows, and ESPN anchor Stephen A. Smith asked why he thought he didn’t need a coach when Nash’s team had just hired one.

But when it comes to losing sight of Irving, perhaps the best-known statements about the shape of the planet and the other conspiracy theories he formulated when he played for the Knights and Celts of Boston.

In February 2017, just before the All-Star weekend, former Duke Blue Devil was the guest of the Road Trippin podcast of his teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Fry. During the interview, Irving asked Jefferson and Fry if they thought the earth was round. His teammates laughed and said they believed it. Irving, who fired one of the biggest shots in the history of the NBA finals just a year ago, said for the first time then that the field was flat and that he didn’t believe it was a simple conspiracy.

Then he warned his teammates not to believe everything they were taught and to do their own research because they lied to us.

I’ve learned that the earth is round. But if you really think, from the landscape, the way we travel, the way we move and what, you can really think that we circle the sun and all the planets are aligned, aligned, perpendicular to what happens to those planets.

Apparently, Kiri Irving, when he said the word of the planet, he put it in quotes, and Jefferson asked him to explain what he was doing. Something like that.

Because whatever they send, or say they send, doesn’t come back. There’s no specific information except what they give us. Among other things, they guide you in what you should and should not believe. The truth is, you’re just gonna have to go get her.

In the same interview, the former Rookie of the Year mentioned other conspiracy theories, such as the hypothesis that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to end the banking cartel in the world, and that the CIA tried to assassinate musician Bob Marley. Of course, many were surprised, because a simple Google search or a few seconds of live Earth viewing from the International Space Station is enough to disprove some of his theories.

The day after the interview with Irving, he was asked again after his name appeared on Twitter. But instead of saying it was a joke, he doubled his comments. And when Irving found out that there were pictures of the earth that showed the round shape, he said he also saw many pictures that later turned out to be fake.

Kiri Irving tweeted today because he thinks the earth is flat. I asked him about it.

– Arasj Markazi (@ArasjMarkazi) 18. February 2017.

Irving’s comments also seem to resonate with other athletes, such as Wilson Chandler, who played for the Denver Nuggets at the time, and with Stephon Diggs, a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings at the time, although it is not clear whether Diggs agreed with Irving or whether they were just trolls.

Throughout the stellar weekend the game maker was questioned about this and at one point even journalists wondered why his opinion mattered and why it was the only way to avoid his appearance in the podcast of his teammates. All of Kiri Irving’s stars, Lebron James, were eventually asked about his thoughts on whether his fellow star could be a flat brother. However, James was surprisingly supportive.

Lebron James: Kirie’s my little brother… If he thinks the floor is flat, that’s fine.

– Ben Hollyver (@BenGolliver) 18. February 2017

However, it should be noted that Irving and James smiled and giggled during the interview, making it more likely that Irving wasn’t really serious about his flat ear.

After the Cavaliers lost in the final of the Golden State Warriors, Irving left Cleveland and James to join the Celts. But questions remain about his worldview, and Irving continues to defend his opinion, wondering at some point whether there really is an image of the world. Sometimes, however, he seemed open to the possibility of changing his mind and considering the issue less as a scientific fact than a subject of discussion, just like the opinion of the greatest basketball player of all time.

Like I said, I’m doing research on both sides. I have nothing against those who think the earth is round. I don’t mind if someone thinks it’s flat. I like to listen to the debate. It’s nice to talk about it.

But despite the fact that he defended his opinion and sometimes admitted that he wasn’t sure, nobody could get a definitive answer from Irving. Not even a presenter of the talk show, Jimmy Kimmel, invited a joker to his show to talk about his membership of the Celtics, his membership of the Lebron team and of course his vision on the shape of the planet.

At the end of the interview, Kimmel even gave Kirie Irving a basketball painting to look like a globe, which he seemed to enjoy.

The final answer will come in a few months, when Irving definitively ends the discussion about his views on the shape of the earth. During a speech at Forbes’ Under-30 summit in October 2018, the joker apologized to the teachers of earth sciences, admitting that he did not understand the consequences of his statement and saying that he was really involved in conspiracies at the time he made his remarks.

All science teachers, they’ve all approached me like this: You know I have to redo my whole curriculum? Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. I apologize. I apologize.

Kiri Irving’s apology ended with more than a year and a half of questions, interviews and analysis of his contention that he was a wanker. But even though he has recalled that the ground is flat, Irving has shown that his interviews are mandatory, as is his game on the field.

Timberwolves, James Wiseman.

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