Sir Alan Duncan was Boris Johnson’s deputy when the Prime Minister was Foreign Secretary (Photos: Getty Images).

Boris Johnson was called an embarrassing buffoon by his former deputy, who didn’t know a single detail about Brexit. He also lashed out at other senior politicians, calling Priti Patel a complete and utter nightmare and Theresa May a fear monger.

Sir Alan Duncan was Deputy Prime Minister when he was Foreign Secretary. He retired from politics in 2019 and has just begun publishing a series of memoirs about his time in government called Tolstoy.

In a new account of events – unprecedentedly serious – he says Johnson called him into his office in 2017 to accuse him of talking to a reporter who had written the article and called it an international hoax.

Sir Alan denied the accusation and Mr. Johnson asked him why the diplomats had not taken him seriously. His number two says he told him: Just look in the fucking mirror!

The Tory leader supported Theresa May in public but despised her in secret, it has been claimed.

Sir Alan said: Boris Johnson despises May and thinks he’s the next Churchill. He displays a self-deprecating, fake romantic passion that is not rooted in realism.

It’s disloyal. His comedy has run out, he lacks seriousness in his official duties, and he has few admirers among the MPs. It seems that he has made a reckless journey into oblivion.

I try to be an obedient number two, but I have lost all respect for him. He is a clown, a self-centered egotist, an embarrassing buffoon, with an impure mind and poor diplomatic acumen. It is an international stain on our reputation. He is a loner, selfish, undisciplined, shameless.

Sir Alan Duncan was an MP for 27 years before stepping down from politics in 2019 (Photo: Getty Images)

Priti Patel has been described as a complete and utter nightmare (Photo: Getty Images).

Michael Gove has been called a misbehaving monster and an eccentric freak.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Many other politicians were severely reprimanded by Sir Alan. He called Home Minister Priti Patel a nobody, an utter nightmare, an evil witch of Witham.

The cabinet minister, Michael Gove, has been called a raving lunatic, an eccentric.

The 27-year-old MP says Theresa May is a scared rabbit and a cardboard cutout who led a government of the walking dead after she lost her majority in the 2017 election, with her poor social skills.

David Cameron was one of the few politicians who came out of the briefing with some compliments.

Sir Alan praised his communication skills and confidence during his time as Prime Minister.

But Mr Cameron has also been described as too talkative and accused of making too many appointments by his closest aides.

Labour’s Emily Thornberry has also been called a fine-tuned idiot and former defence minister Tobias Ellwood a childish sissy.

Sir Alan said Boris Johnson supported Theresa May in public while secretly despising her (Photo: Getty Images)

David Cameron was praised for his confidence and communication skills, but accused of being too talkative (Photo: Rex Features)

Sir Alan was MP for Rutland and Melton and was also British Minister of State for Europe and America.

He has written daily diary entries about the past four years in politics, when the Tories were torn over Brexit.

It is unheard of for a politician to disclose such details so soon after stepping down.

Downing Street declined comment when contacted by

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