The NBA trade deadline has passed, but if teams still have roster-free spots, they can recruit free agents to fill them. There are plenty of free agents who can still contribute to the team. In a season with many injuries, depth is suddenly very important.

There are players at every position that can help the team if they play limited minutes. Especially for opponents, every place on the roster is an important part of winning a championship. If teams are still interested in expanding their roster, here are some possible options.

10. Thin manufacturer

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Thon Maker is an option for teams under center. Maker has been a free agent since he was fired by the Cavaliers, but he has skills that could be useful to a team looking for a backup center. Maker has had few minutes in his career, but he is a center who can handle the bases: Setting screens, bouncing and making room on the floor.

Thon Maker would be a center who could add decent minutes to the team’s depth. There is no chance that the Tone Maker will change this. But if the team has suffered an injury or just needs someone to play fill-in minutes, Maker is a good choice.

9. Allen Crabbe

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Allen Crabbe was an exceptional shooter at his best. He shoots a respectable 38.7% from beyond the arc in his career and is a solid shooter. Even if his numbers aren’t great for the 2019-20 season, the team could give him a chance if they need a floor spacer.

Allen Crabbe will be on the court primarily to shoot and could try to make a few three-pointers in the few minutes he gets. Shooters are always important in the rankings, especially if you have talented playmakers. Allen Crabbe would be a good acquisition for a team in need of a flanker.

8. Rhonda Hollis-Jefferson

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Rhonda Hollis-Jefferson is a player known for her defense and hustle. Hollis-Jefferson is a player who can defend most positions on the court with his athletic ability and can also exploit taller players to grab rebounds. While Rhonda Hollis-Jefferson is a capable inbounder, he doesn’t offer much space between the floors when he’s on the field.

Rhonda Hollis-Jefferson would be the perfect addition for a team in need of a defender. Hollis-Jefferson knows how to lead the defense, which is crucial in today’s NBA. Rhonda Hollis-Jefferson could potentially get playing time on the roster if she needs a bench defender.

7. Emmanuel Mudiay

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Emmanuel Mudiay last played in the NBA with the Utah Jazz, where he was a reliable reserve player. Mudiay is a solid suitor who can also draft his teammates. He will be a solid backup who can bring energy off the bench.

Emmanuel Mudiay will help a team that needs a bench player who can not only score, but also make the right play. Emmanuel Mudiay is a player who can lead the attack from the bench. Mudiay is also a pretty good defender: Without attaching himself to a superstar, he can compete with most bench guards.

6. Jeremy Lin

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The last time Jeremy Lin played in the NBA was with the Toronto Raptors. Although he was not in the NBA for the 2019-20 season, he is currently with the Golden State Warriors’ G-League affiliate, the Santa Cruz Warriors. Linh has done well in the G-League so far, averaging 19.4 PPG and 6.4 APG.

Jeremy Lin is a veteran with championship experience who can be a solid playmaker who can draft teammates and get to the rim. Jeremy Lin is also shooting 42.6% from behind the arc with Santa Cruz, showing that his ability to take up space on the court is still there. It seems like Jeremy Lin can contribute to any team that needs an experienced point guard who doesn’t overmatch.

5. J.R. Smith

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J. Р. Smith is an experienced winger who has played in many playoffs. J.R. Smith’s last NBA franchise was the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. He knows how to handle the pressure of playing alongside superstars, and he was clearly good enough to get limited playoff minutes for the Lakers last season.

J.R. Smith, at this point in his career, is a player who plays a maximum of 15 minutes per game and helps the team with his experience and spacing on the field. There are candidates who could use a reliable role player like Smith and could opt for the two-time champion.

4. Lance Stephenson

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Lance Stephenson hasn’t played in the NBA since he played for the Lakers in the 2018-19 season. If he comes back and plays at the same level as this season, he could be a useful role player. Lance Stephenson is a very good perimeter defender who often tries to get into the opponent’s head in different ways.

In addition to Stevenson’s defense, he’s also a good shooter and a skilled facilitator. Lance Stephenson shot 37.1 percent beyond the arc in his final season with the Lakers and has been able to handle the ball and play for others throughout his career. It’s not that his last season with the Lakers was terrible: Maybe he deserves another chance in the NBA.

3. Michael Beasley

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Michael Beasley is a player who has not played since the 2018-19 season. This season hasn’t been great for him, but Michael Beasley can still contribute as a player who can score baskets at any forward position. Michael Beasley is a good court manager, shooting 34.9% from beyond the arc in his career.

Michael Beasley is a player who can still play in the NBA. His 2018-19 CBA season was solid, and he could still be a player who provides some scoring opportunities from the bench. He will bolster any team’s offense from the bench and is solid in his role.

2. Dion Waiters

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Dion Waiters’ final season with the Los Angeles Lakers was not the most spectacular. Waiter is a good shooter though and can also clear the floor from the catch. In the 2018-19 season, Dion Waiters averaged 12.0 PPG with 37.7% 3PT shooting.

Dion Waiters is someone who likes to shoot, which could be useful for a team that needs help scoring on the perimeter. Dion Waiters could serve as a buffer for the superstar and provide additional shot opportunities for the opposition.

1. Otto Porter Jr.

Otto Porter Jr. is perhaps the best veteran on this list. He could be bought out by the Orlando Magic, who are trying to tank, meaning he would be free to join a team of his choice. Porter will be useful to any team, as he is the epitome of a wing 3 and D, and shot 37.5% from beyond the arc this season.

Otto Porter Jr. is a player that will be useful to any opponent, as he can spread the floor around a superstar. Porter would be the elite in a role that he doesn’t have to create himself, although he is capable of doing so if necessary. His strengths are moving next to the ball and hitting the catch, and he would be perfect for any team that needs these skills.

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