The League of Legends World Championship is cursed. Since 2015 no team has ever won the Chronicler’s Cup in his country. In the ten-year history of the tournament, there have only been two cases in which the team has managed to win the title while maintaining the famous home advantage.

South Korea’s DAMWON Gaming destroyed China’s Suning and won the grand final of the FIFA World Cup 2020 3-1 over the weekend. Damwon has indeed revived the South Korean Legend Association, but he has also dealt a huge blow to his rival and neighbour China. Suning was lucky to win the first world championship title on Chinese soil after the collective fall of the Chinese teams at the World Cup of 2017. Suning joins an extensive list of teams that have not won any world titles on their territory. Let’s take a look at the short history of this curse that hit the biggest tournament of the game.

South Korea’s Samsung Galaxy White solved the curse of their own throw for the first time by defeating China’s Royal Star Horn at the 2014 World Cup in South Korea. A team’s last victory on its own turf was at the very first World Championship. The European champion Fnatick, won the first world championship in Sweden. Immediately after Samsung White’s victory in South Korea, SK Telecom T1 won the next two world titles. The play-off phase of the 2015 World Cup took place all over Europe, but none of the European Union teams made it to the semi-finals. SKT met the South Korean KOO Tigers team during the grand final in Berlin.

SC Telecommunications T1

Riot games

The next iteration of the tournament was as gloomy for the host region as the 2016 World Cup in the United States. SKT returned to the Grand Final in Los Angeles, which gave no hope to the North American champion. They met the new Samsung Galaxy team, where they won their third world championship title. Unlike the European Union teams at the 2015 World Cup, no North American team has reached the semi-finals of the 2016 World Cup qualifiers.

The World Cup of 2017 was the Chinese team’s biggest chance to win the first title in the history of the region. For the first time in the history of the game, a prestigious tournament was held in China. This gave the local teams extra motivation to fight for the Summer Cup. Two local teams reached the semi-finals to get into the hands of the visiting teams. Samsung Galaxy will eventually walk away with the world champion and dismantle the SKT dynasty.

China will have the chance to qualify for the world championship title at the next two world championships. The Chinese company Invictus Gaming stole the 2018 show against Fnatic in Incheon, South Korea. During the World Cup of 2018 the South Korean team did not make it to the semi-finals for the first time.

In 2019, Europe hosted the World Cup, while the curse continued in Paris. The Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix won the second consecutive Chinese championship title in the brutal G2 Esports series in a 3-0 final. G2 Esports was the first team to defend its field since 2014.

DAMWON has extended the curse of his residence to six years, and everyone knows who will win next year. Competition increases as strong competitors develop in all regions. Next year, China will win the soccer world championship again, as it will host the soccer world championship in 2021. Is this curse finally broken?

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