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Forecasters have warned that major weather changes will bring snow, hail and even thunderstorms to the UK.

Windy weather is expected across the country on Easter Monday, with temperatures that could dip below zero.

And some areas saw thunderstorms instead of rain, a rare phenomenon where thunderstorms fall with snow as the main precipitation instead of rain.

Alex Deakin of the Met Office is predicting a dry and clear weekend, although he says temperatures will be lower than this week.

He says temperatures at this time of year will be more average – about 13 degrees Celsius – with chilly mornings and less sunshine.

We will see a change over the weekend, he warned.

Sunday will be significantly colder in the north, but Monday across the UK as arctic air arrives with hail, snow and high winds.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will face rain on Easter Sunday, while other parts of the UK will see stronger winds.

Snow could fall in all parts of the UK (Photo: SOPA/Getty Images)

Meteorologist Alexei Dikin predicts snow, sleet and wintry conditions for Easter Monday (Photo: Metropolitan)

It will be much colder in the south, especially Sunday night, and we will all be in that cold air until Monday, he added.

The temperature [will be] six or seven degrees – average for January – but add to that the strength of the wind and it will feel much closer to freezing, or even below for many.

In addition, there will be numerous winter showers – snow and hail almost everywhere – down to the lower elevations.

It probably won’t last long, but it could linger on some hills, especially Monday night into Tuesday.

Joanna Robinson, Sky News weather producer, added: Thunderstorms are also possible – thunderstorms falling with windy precipitation. That’s pretty rare.

Thunderstorms – storms in which snow falls instead of rain – could also hit parts of the country (Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Lightning can appear brighter because the light is reflected off the snowflakes, while the sound is muffled.

The Metropolitan Police has warned Londoners not to gather indoors because of the weather change.

Those celebrating the holiday will gather outside in groups of six – or two households – this week, but there may be fewer over the weekend as temperatures drop.

Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors said: We cannot allow the selfish actions of a small minority of people to jeopardize the efforts of this city.

We will continue to close down dangerous house parties or raves quickly and enforce them with fines.

We make no apologies for our strong stance on closing large gatherings that pose a serious threat to public health.

Plus: London

The Met Office expects more demonstrations in the capital this weekend, which are now legal if organisers submit a risk assessment and take measures to ensure the safety of the gathering.

Powers said: If necessary, enforcement measures will be taken in the interest of public health.

Planned events include the Kill Bill event in Finsbury Park this afternoon, with similar events planned elsewhere.

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