Trump must now leave Palm Beach for its annual New Year’s party, even though the guests have already gathered at his club in South Florida and were told that trump, according to three people familiar with the subject, would attend. The president usually likes to be on the red carpet for the press and his friends, but this year he skips the event altogether, which would be unusual.

In the president’s daily schedule for Thursday, the White House said that the president and first lady Melania Trump will leave Florida at 11 a.m. and return to the White House.

While he was in Florida, Mr. Trump focused on the election results and the affirmation process for the 6th Congressional District. The month of January is planned. After losing dozens of lawsuits and refusing an appeal to the Supreme Court, Trump saw the event on January 6 as his best chance to overturn the lost election.

He was in an irritable mood for much of the trip, and according to many people who spoke to him, he was shocked by everything from the election results to the renovations of First Lady Melania Trump in her private apartment.

At one point, Mr Trump also said that he feared that Iran would retaliate in the next few days with an American drone attack that killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani a year ago. The man suggested that this might contribute to his premature departure. Trump was in Mar-a-Lago when he was chosen in 3rd place. January 2020 ordered the attack on Soleimani.

Before leaving for Palm Beach, he learned the role of Vice President Mike Pence in the certification process on Capitol Hill, which is largely ceremonial. As he flew to Florida for his vacation, Trump responded on Twitter to a call from one of his supporters in Pence asking for the results of the Electoral College vote on the 6th to be rejected. January to ratify.

During his stay in Florida on January 6, Trump spoke repeatedly with members of Congress and other colleagues, according to people familiar with the conversations. He asked the senators to see if they and the conservatives in the House would be against the results.

Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, was the first senator to say Wednesday that he was opposed to postponing – but not changing – the electoral college’s vote count.

Trump also tweeted to his supporters that he would see them in Washington that day, mentioning the big demonstrations planned in the capital.

In Florida, Trump was surrounded by people who broadly supported his senseless campaign efforts, including his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, his son Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle. Despite the fact that he fights with the results in public, he has repeatedly asked people if he should attend the opening of Biden.

Trump recently stated that Pence has not done enough to fight for him as his presidency comes to an end, and has recently expressed interest in Pence’s traditional role during the certification process. As President of the Senate, Pence will chair the session.

According to sources, Mr. Trump presented the case to the vice president before his vacation and did not understand why Pence de Jan could not meet him. 6 Cancellation of the election results. The helpers of Pence and the White House have tried to explain to him that his role is more of a formality and that he cannot unilaterally reject the votes of the electoral college.

Pence was planning to leave on the 6th shortly after receiving his certificate. January to travel abroad. But travel plans to the Middle East and Europe have been put on the back burner, according to people who know the subject well.

Pence spent the Christmas holidays in Vail, Colorado.

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