CNN host Abby Phillip and her husband Marcus Richardson.

Marcus Richardson is a cyber security specialist and the husband of Abby Phillip, CNN political correspondent and host of Sunday Inside Politics. The couple lived together for about ten years and tied the knot in 2018. Richardson and Phillip are in Washington.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Marcus Richardson and Abby Phillip’s first meeting at a common friend’s party was nearly destroyed by an alien

Richardson and Phillip have been in a relationship for about ten years, but their first meeting was almost ruined by a misunderstanding. Philip and Richardson met in June 2011 when their mutual friends hosted a party on the roof of a building in Washington, D.C. As Martha Stewart Weddings describes it, neither Richardson nor Philip knew many of the other people at the party, so they struck up a conversation.

But their conversation was accidentally interrupted by another guest at the party, causing some confusion. Richardson told the magazine: We were making a great connection when suddenly another woman interrupted us. I am: Her boyfriend tries to save her from me and we each go our separate ways. But it wasn’t; Philip didn’t even know the other woman. Richardson never asked Philip for his phone number.

But about a month later, he got another chance when they were both invited to another party. They started talking again, this time without interruption. They started seeing each other a few days after the second party. During the 2016 Christmas holiday, Richardson asked Philip while their families were visiting in Washington, D.C., reports Martha Stewart Weddings.

Richardson shared the ten. June 2017 on Instagram a sweet tribute to Philip on the sixth anniversary of their first meeting. He wrote: Six years ago today I met this woman and my world changed. ❤️”

2. Richardson and Phillip celebrated their marriage with about 90 guests before embarking on their honeymoon in Vietnam.

Richardson and Phillip did it on the 26th. May 2018 the knot was tied. The ceremony took place at the historic Anderson House Mansion and Museum in Washington, D.C. According to a wedding announcement in the New York Times, the ceremony was presided over by Harvard Public Service College dean Gene Corbin, who is also a Baptist pastor. Corbin was Phillip’s mentor when she was a student at Harvard.

Philip was accompanied by both his parents when Philip shared the photos on Instagram. Instead of the traditional corridor, they were led down a large staircase. Richardson told Martha Stewart Weddings it was a magical moment. We often see brides walking down the aisle. Watching her walk down those big graceful stairs in her beautiful dress made this moment very real and very special. At the reception, the couple’s first dance was a slow-motion version of Cynthia Erivo and John Legend’s song, God Only Knows.

As Martha Stewart Weddings showed in a slideshow of photos on their website, the venue was elegant and every detail, down to the table decorations, beautiful. As for the bags for the 90 guests, the bride and groom opted for a casual style. Each guest received a bag of chocolate candies, gelatin bears and jalapeño chips, which represented a pair of Fedoras.

Richardson and Phillip chose Vietnam as their honeymoon destination. The couple shared several photos from their trip on Instagram, including the city of Sa Pa in northwest Vietnam and the bay of Bai Tu Long.

3. Richardson and his sister grew up abroad, where their father worked in the Air Force.

Richardson was born in March 1983. He and his younger sister Jasmine spent most of their childhood abroad. As the New York Times reported in its announcement of Phillip’s marriage, Richardson’s father, Russell G. Richardson, was a colonel in the Air Force. He was Director of Logistics for the Third Air Force in Europe at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

As Richardson has revealed in several Instagram photos, the family lived in the Netherlands when he was a child. In April 2020, for example, Mr. Richardson shared a photo that he believes was taken in 1985 or 1986. He wore what looked like a beret and commented: The first days of life in the Netherlands. When I thought I was European.

Richardson’s father was stationed at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan in the 1990s. Richardson shared a 1993 photo showing him sitting in an F-15 plane at the base. He added the hashtag army brat to his signature.

Richardson played basketball when they lived in Japan. He shared a photo where he poses with a basketball with a serious look on his face. He wrote on the picture: In ’93, when I was trying to be David Robinson…

In June 2020, Richardson paid tribute to his father to thank him for all of life’s lessons. He wrote: Growing up, I wanted to be strong, tall, funny, smart, motivated and cool, just like my dad. Or at least a dance, like my father’s. Over the years, but especially in the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about everything my father taught me. Not just as a man, but as a black man in this country. Our family’s legacy, like that of so many others, is paved with men and women who looked down on the ugliness of America, but persevered so that we all had a seat at the table and the struggle could continue. My father guided and prepared me for what I finally faced, and I am eternally grateful to him for that wisdom and love. I love you, Daddy. Happy Father’s Day.

In 2018, Richardson published a tribute to his mother, Toussaint Richardson, with a series of photographs from his childhood and wedding days. He wrote to her: Happy birthday to my mother. She’s amazing, beautiful, smart, and so cool. She has a very infectious personality that I have seen in too many people to count, and I am very proud to have her as my mother. I love our weekly phone conversations about politics, culture and current events; I think we keep each other informed. She has always encouraged my creativity, my intellectual curiosity, my ability to not be afraid to be a little eccentric, and has set me on the best path to a life full of fun, love, and faith.

4. Richardson has a degree in international relations and works in the field of cyber security

LinkedInMarcus Richardson is the husband of CNN presenter Abby Phillip.

Richardson returned to the United States to study. According to his LinkedIn profile, he graduated from Florida State University in 2009 with a BA in International Relations.

His first job took him to Washington. Richardson first worked as an office analyst at Howard University. At the time of the marriage, Mr. Richardson worked as a senior consultant at the cyber security firm nVisium.

It is not clear where Richardson was working at the time of writing. His LinkedIn profile indicates that his role at nVisium ended in September 2019. However, in a November 2020 New York Times article about his wife, he was still considered a cyber security consultant.

5. Philip and Richardson have no children, but they do have a sweet dog, Booker T.

Phillip and Richardson live and work in Washington, D.C. and have no children yet. But they share a beautiful dog named Booker T, with whom they love to share photos on social media.

Booker T was born in August 2018. Richardson juxtaposed photos in 2019 to show how much the dog has grown in just one year. He wrote in the subtitle: I can’t believe my son, Booker T, is one year old. I was a little worried about having a puppy, but now I can’t imagine a day without the book.

Richardson also spoke on Instagram about how Booker T loved working from home. Richardson published a photo of the dog lying on the sofa in April 2020, and wrote: My temporary work assistant. It’s the way we’re used to working at home.

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Who is Abby Phillip’s husband?

Abby Phillip is married?

Abby Phillip.

What is Abby Phillip’s salary?

Abby Phillip No Worth is worth about a million dollars. In a short time she has amassed an enormous fortune, but she lives a modest life at her husband’s side. But Abby earns between $87,085 and $187,168 a year.

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