There’s nothing more boring than a bunch of despicable admirers. Just look at the fans of The Expanse who flew a plane with a pennant over Amazon Studios with the sentiment #SaveTheExpanse, or the fans of Friday Night Lights who sent NBC lights to save some of their #1-rated shows. If you’re a fan of The Queen’s Gambit, Netflix’s new series about mid-century chess master Beth Harmon, you can start sending chess pieces to Netflix, because the second season of this enthusiastic success is looking incredible right now. This is the beginning and end you want to believe in for a possible second season.

Can we expect a second season?

Netflix currently seems unable to renew a short Queen’s Gambit season. While the film is presented as a limited market and the group of innovators say the story is complete, the revival seems far-fetched. We had a lot of fun discussing what’s going to happen tomorrow, said lead designer William Horberg. This last scene seems like an excellent note to end the series, so I don’t know if we want to go on and answer this question. Maybe we show the gang what happens next.

Overall, many shows came back from the brink of collapse due to excessive interest and fan fights. With the days of watching Queen Gambit in Netflix’s coveted #1 spot, he’s extremely capable of confirming a few second seasons despite seemingly insurmountable opposition. It should also be noted that the series’ actors, including driver Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays Beth, are immediately ready for what follows.

When will the second season be released?

Whether or not the Queen’s Gambit is saved for another season, it will likely be a long time before Netflix offers new scenes. Netflix must talk to the testator, Walter Tevis, who wrote the novel of the same name on which the scheme is based, to form a final opinion on whether the story should continue. Scott Frank, the essayist and boss who has carried the Netflix lineup for years, will almost certainly take years to write next season. That is: Whether the series resumes or not, don’t count on a second season.

What could be the story of the King’s Ambition in season 2?

As the cast and crew have noted, the first season leaves Beth in a place where she has overcome her demons and triumphed over her greatest rival, giving her some hard-earned self-esteem. As for Beth’s career, what are the peaks to climb when Beth has already ticked off a game equivalent to a player in the world? It seems like a dead end, but to continue the story the series can turn inward.

The Royal Gambit is laced with flashbacks to Beth’s traumatic childhood with her mother, who suffered from mental illness and eventually committed suicide. After being adopted from an orphanage as a teenager, Beth’s abusive adoptive father left the family, while her adoptive mother died suddenly and tragically several years later. All this is a great loss for young people, and since we’ve never seen Beth cry in front of one, she must have the psychological basis to try.

There also remains the issue of Beth’s sexual love for her, with her former rival becoming an old flame who still seems to hold a candle to her. Beth and Harry Beltic parted on bad terms when she reacted violently to his call to stop drinking, but they reconciled when Harry came to Beth’s rescue during a break in their final match. As for Benny Watts, his sexual encounter with Beth led to a breakup and disappointment, but their friendship and chemistry remained at the forefront of the show.

There’s also the Towns issue, an old favorite of Beth’s that made a great appearance at the Moscow Invitational. Beth and Townes had an awkward moment when Townes’ boyfriend came to their house during a romantic game when they were young, embarrassing Beth and suggesting that her crush was misplaced. In Moscow, however, Towns admitted that her feelings for Beth were more complicated than she understood and said: I admit I was confused. You are something. But I wanted us to be friends, and you broke my heart.

Some fans have suggested that Townes is bisexual, so a romantic future with him is still possible for Beth. Whether Beth is pursuing one of her current suitors or meeting someone else, there are many more stories of her sexual love to be discovered.

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