Hayley Box flew to Ibiza to be with her loved ones after the death of a friend on the Spanish island (Photo: Cavendish Press)

A drunk woman en route to Ibiza refused to wear a face mask on a plane and scolded the crew and police.

Hayley Box, 34, was emotional after her boyfriend died of an overdose in Ibiza last August. The 3rd. In September, she flew to the Spanish island to join her relatives, who also knew her late friend.

The night before her 6am flight, the single mother left her two children with a nanny and checked into the Clayton Hotel at Manchester Airport, where she drank a bottle of wine.

Then she slept for only an hour and foolishly drank another glass of wine at the airport to calm down, her lawyer said.

After taking her seat, the beautician refused to put on her mask or show her passport, despite repeated requests from cabin crew.

Finally, the purser told her that he would call the police if she did not leave the Ryanair flight voluntarily. The casket was subsequently deformed, contrary to the Manchester court’s claim.

The manager of the salon called the police, and when the officers arrived, Box became quite aggressive.

Box said she did not remember entering the plane or speaking to the crew (Photo: Cavendish Press).

The single mother said she was depressed and ashamed of her behaviour (Photo: Cavendish Press)

The prosecutor said: She started crying and claimed that her boyfriend had died and she needed to go to Ibiza. Police then began to climb the plane’s steps, forcing them to leave voluntarily.

However, Box then tried to fly again and had to be removed again. She swore at the officers that she was being taken to a police van and resisted going inside.

She later stated that she was drunk and that she did not remember getting on the plane, talking to the purser or going to the police.

The court was informed: She said her actions were due to lack of sleep, not eating enough and drinking wine too fast. It was a fairly long incident.

Box drank more than a bottle of wine before boarding a Ryanair flight. (Photo: Getty Images)

Jane Shaw, softener, said: The lodge is humiliated and embarrassed to be on trial today.

She explains that she lost a friend to an overdose in Ibiza in August 2020, and that the reason she went to Ibiza was to comfort her friends.

She was very, very rude and did not expect her good friend to die. She was very emotional and wanted to calm down.

She is a single mother with two children. She is a beautician by profession, has had a very difficult year and received benefits for the first time.

It doesn’t look like there was much delay on the plane. There was a very, very small 10 minute delay caused by the plane.

Box Shifnal, at Telford in Shroff, admitted being drunk on the plane and was fined £120 and ordered to pay costs of £119.

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