One of the main reasons for the great success of Mandalorian Disney is the irresistible charm of Baby Yoda. Even where the Star Wars script failed, it was cleanliness that saved the plot. But lately it is his charming personality that has been the focus of controversy. Little Yoda chewed on the last chapter of the second chapter. The Mandalorian season gladly took the eggs of an alien tadpole woman and provoked an online rebellion.

In an episode last Friday titled Passenger, Mando (Pedro Pascal) saw him gain access to Froggy, an amphibious alien who tries to reach his husband with his unfertilized eggs safely. She explains that the eggs are the last of her blood and have to be fertilized before the equinox. The safety of her eggs is so important to her that she is willing to travel with backlighting and hazard detection, because movement kills her eggs faster.

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After determining the value that her eggs have for her, Mandalorian continues with the scenes in which Baby Yoda is caught eating Mando’s eggs and Mando reads him, but it is only a few times during the episode that Baby Yoda is caught chewing eggs in vain. He always sneaks into the box and steals the eggs to eat them. It’s a constant joke throughout the episode, trying to compare him to an anti-depressive human baby and his habit of putting everything he finds in his mouth.

But many fans of the Disney+ series were shocked by this new facet of Baby Yoda. Many have found it scandalous that Mandalorean writers first introduced the position of the tadpole woman and her good central scene, and then turned the murder of the last creatures of the nearly extinct species into a joke, hoping that the little Yoda, stuffed with eggs, would be delicious.

Since those who did not support the scene did not ignore it and still commented on the way the Mandalorians tried to sell the murder as a hilarious joke, Phil Shostak, artistic director of Lucasfilm, went on Twitter and defended the scene, explaining how it was conceived as a comic effect.

For your information: Chapter 10 of the Mandalorian Tract makes it clear that the tadpole’s eggs are not fertilized, just like the chicken’s eggs that many of us like. But it is clear that chickens are not sentient beings, but that the child who eats the eggs is deliberately disturbing because of the comic effect.
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He added that those who launch horror series and films know that disturbing things make some of us laugh and others, or both, stir. Your mileage may vary.

But some of the most angry Mandalorian fans are not ready to buy the explanation and oppose its reasoning, claiming that the scene was alarming and that the series is not a terrible story. A Twitter user commented that Baby Yoda, which chews a frog’s last hope for its kind, is actually closer to f—–g to someone’s IVF.

For the record, the frog was very adamant that her eggs were important to her and that this was her last and only chance to have children. So it’s actually closer to f—–g in someone’s IVF, which would be incredibly boring for a copycat mom. It’s not funny.

A lot of people tweeted upstairs that it wasn’t funny at all to hear the mommy frog say how important and beloved her eggs are to her, and to see them eat in 3 separate boxes for s–s and laughter.

The scene provoked a lot of reactions from the audience, because many people can’t get enough herbs in this episode for Baby Yoda. In case you all want to see him coo and sulk when Mando asks him to stop stealing eggs, Funko Pop! The toy with the can of Baby Yoda and frog eggs was also presented by Mando on Monday.

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