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The Denver Nuggets were again on the verge of reaching the NBA finals, but they failed to reach their goal, partly due to exhaustion, partly due to the Los Angeles Lakers’ excellent team and partly due to the lack of a third string goal squad.

Jamal Murray and Nikola Yokich are something special. They have everything they need to run the franchise. However, it seems there aren’t many duets that could have won in the Western Conference, with Anthony Davis and Lebron James clearly left out.

That’s why the Denver Nuggets must do everything they can to earn a third star alongside them as soon as possible, and Bradley Beale can become just what they need to finally go the distance and win the very first NBA franchise championship.

Needless to say, they will have to give up a lot of valuable assets for the wizards in Washington to at least consider the idea of selling Bradley Beale. Currently there is a commercial package consisting of Michael Porter Jr, Gary Harris, Will Burton and 22. Reasonable choice, but why would witches do that? Let’s take it apart:

The reconstruction of the assistants should now begin (via bulletsforever.com)

Let’s be honest. Bradley Beale and John Wall, who have not played in a long time, cannot win the NBA Championship. Not just because of me. These two things are very valuable and will be of sufficient value for them to eventually accept a complete overhaul and look to the future, provided they replace the walls later in the season.

The Wizards of Washington will have many promising players with Rui Hachimura, Thomas Bryant and Michael Porter Jr (and the 9th and 22nd caps this year). Gary Harris is a great two-way player and he’s still young, but you can try to get him past Will Barton if you want to get more of a design.

Even if it is difficult to say goodbye to your two franchisees, in the end it will be the best thing to do. They would get their huge contracts and let their players grow through their mistakes. If Michael Porter Jr. stays healthy, he could become one of the biggest stars in the league.

Win-Jett mode

And while it would be difficult for Denver’s nuggets to say goodbye to a base team like Gary Harris and a future star like Michael Porter, Jr., they would be one of the most dangerous teams in the Western Conference with Jamal Murray and Nicola Yokich Bradley Beale as top scorers.

Nuggets would have three big players, three strong game makers and a three-headed monster that could take punches from all three levels. They also have enough spare parts to surround them with defenders.

Denver may not be privileged over other security forces like the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Clippers or the State Golden Warriors, but they have proven to be a hard-working and resilient team, and if you add a giant threat like Bill, it becomes an absolutely dark horse.



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