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Safari Samuels and Erika Mena described a difficult period in their marriage with the help of recent social media publications. Samuels shocked his supporters when he took the photo BACHELOR‼️ at the end of 2020 on the right !!!!. published. He also noted the divorce court in the photo and suggested that he was ready to end his marriage in just over a year. Now he apologizes for what he did.

In Instagram, Samuels apologized to Mena for her actions.

Man is nothing without his family, Samuels painted a picture of his upbringing. I’m not single and I love my wife, I would never neglect the mother of my child or my wife. Sorry for being so childish and saying hello to all the real men.

He also changed his photo signature on his single status ad to 10:30 Friday morning ‼️‼️ word premiere to promote the release of his single credit.

Samuels assumed he was preventing the menu from calling.

Safari on the Erika Mena

GettyErica Mena (L) and Safaree Samuels will participate in the Super Bowl MCM x LIII.

Besides announcing that he would end the year 2020 as one man, Samuels also tweeted his anger. One of his posts said he was blocking his wife.

I think the iPhone’s lock function is the best, he chirped. It brings so much peace and quiet. A great way to keep Jack away from ****. Thanks, Steve Jobs!

He also posted mysterious tweets, such as the pathetic and deepest regrets his followers thought they had about his wife.

I think the blocking function on the iPhone is best. It brings so much peace and quiet. It’s a great way to hide. Thanks, Steve Jobs ‼️.

– 4. @IAMSAFAREE (@IAMSAFAREE) November 2020.

Mena responded with her own tweet.

There aren’t as many cheeky people like me, she wrote. No one can ever stop me! !!!!!!.

Scorpion stings – the most beautiful pain.

– Erika Mena (@iamErica_Mena) 4. November 2020

She went on to say:  Scorpion stings – the most beautiful pain.

Mena and Samuels celebrated the 7th. October 2020 their first wedding anniversary.

No nerve, not as much as me. ✨ No one can ever stop me !!!!!!!.

– Erika Mena (@iamErica_Mena) 4. November 2020

While Samuels posted information about his marriage, Mena posted the first picture of her daughter onsocial networking sites.

Safaree credit music videoNew titles of Safaree title credit . Follow Ig: Follow Soundcloud: Facebook:

In the middle of the conflict, Mena posted the first photo of her nine-month-old daughter, Safier Majesty, on social networks.

The best part of 2020, My Majesty Sapernoe, she wrote a picture of a child.

Samuels introduced his little girl in a new video about his individual loan. In the video he presses them while violating the text. She also put herself on video crawling.

He then published it on social networking sites.

Safari and campfire! The girl, he wrote a picture of him kissing her. I didn’t keep you from the world, I kept the world from you. Thanks for playing my video and not charging me.

New York movie star Fellow Love & Hip Hop star Yandi Smith commented on her new Safire video as part of the clip.

Get him, brother! She’s too pretty, she said.

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