Greg Clarke Clarke became chairman of the football association in August 2016.

Look out! Look out! This report contains offensive language.

The chairman of the football association, Greg Clarke, has resigned because of the inappropriate language he used when talking about black footballers.

Clark said he was deeply saddened that the term colored footballers insulted him.

These comments were made during his intervention before the video selection committee of the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS), on the racist insult to troll players on social networks.

Clark said his words were bad for our game.

He received additional criticism when he said that homosexuals make life decisions, and the coach told him that young players don’t like to be hit hard by the ball.

He also said that there are many more South Asians than Afro-Caribbs in the FA’s IT department because they have other professional interests.

We can confirm that Greg Clarke has resigned as president, according to the FA statement.

Peter McCormick will take over the interim chairmanship of the FA with immediate effect and the FA Council will in due course start the process of identifying and appointing a new chairperson.

After he quit, Clark said: My unacceptable words to Parliament are an insult to our game and to those who observe, play, decide and control it. From there, my determination to continue has crystallised.

I am deeply saddened that I have offended the various football communities that I and others have worked so hard for.

Show Racism the Red Cardexternal-Link stated in a news report that Clarke’s comments only serve to demonstrate the power of language and the damage caused by stereotyped groups.

At the parliamentary hearing, Mr. Clark apologized after Congressman Kevin Brennan asked for forgiveness.

Brennan said Clark’s language against black players did not encourage recording, while teammate Alex Davis-Jones called it disgusting.

Earlier, Mr. Clark spoke about the need to involve people from different communities in this sport.

Equality charity Kick It Out said its comments on black footballers should be consigned to history and criticised its comments on South Asian peoples, gays and female footballers.

Clarke was called to testify before the DCMS Committee on the possible rescue of clubs in the English Football League and the structural reforms proposed under the Big Picture project.

As a man who loves football and has worked for our game for decades, it’s only fair that I put football first, Clark said in a statement confirming his retirement.

2020 has been a challenging year and I have been actively thinking about making room for the new CEO as soon as the transition is complete and an excellent management team led by Mark Bullingham is in place.

In a speech before announcing his resignation, Sanjay Bhandari, executive chairman of Kick It Out, said that Clark’s comments on the DCMS were outdated.

I have been particularly concerned about the use of lazy racist stereotypes about South Asians and their career preferences. This indicates stereotypes that are so lazy that I’ve heard they’re widespread at the club academy level, he said.

Being gay is not a lifestyle choice, like he said. The nonchalant sexism that girls do not like to be hit hard on the balls numbs everyone, not to mention the leader of our national game. This is totally unacceptable.

Nigel Huddleston, Secretary of State for Sport: Greg Clarke’s remarks aroused deep resentment and were totally unacceptable. I acknowledge his long service and apologize, but he was right to resign as president of the FA. We need to ensure that opportunities in the sports sector are open to all – from athletes to board members – and that all forms of discrimination are tackled first.

David Bernstein, former president of the federation, told Sports: I’m just surprised that the president of an organization that thinks that what will happen in 2020 can use such words, such language. This is simply inappropriate.

Darren Bent, former assailant of England: Did your tongue slip out? Terrible, just terrible.

Anton Ferdinand, former West Ham, Sunderland and QPR defender: It is clear that education is needed at all levels.

Julian Knight, chairman of the DCMS Selection Committee: It is true that Greg Clarke apologized to the committee, but this is not the first time the federal supervisory authority has complained about these issues. This leads us to question their commitment to diversity.

Alex Davis-Jones, member of the committee: The language Greg Clarke used in our meeting this morning was absolutely disgusting. This speaks volumes about the urgent need to make progress in leadership for equality in sport. I can’t believe we’re still here in 2020.


Dan Roan, sports editor-in-chief

Three years ago, before the same parliamentary committee, Greg Clarke was criticized for mentioning institutional racism ribbon. He apologized after being criticized by the members and reminded them that language plays a role.

Looks like the message didn’t reach the recipient.

Two weeks after the FA issued a new diversity code to definitively combat racial inequality in the game, the umbrella organisation’s commitment to diversity was again called into question.

Given the under-representation of BAME’s directors and board members, many critics will see Mr Clark’s comments as evidence of the attitude and language that have prevented the organisation from making the progress hoped for in recent years, and it is not surprising that he has decided to resign.

Although he has hardly been seen since the beginning of the year, Clark was already under pressure when he secretly began negotiating plans for the Big Picture project to radically overhaul the English game. In fact, he had been asked earlier during the committee’s hearings whether his authority had been overthrown, which he categorically denied.

But there were also his remarks about diversity. With the unprecedented financial crisis for the sport and the destruction of the disagreements with the fans, the leagues and the government, the chairman of the AFA had to fight a new battle.

It’s another dark day to play at the worst possible time.

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