Philadelphia – Well, Carson Wentz has been sold. What is the plan of the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles and how will Jaylen Hurts compete?

Those issues are at the heart of the offseason after Wentz reached an agreement with the Indianapolis Colts for a third round of selections in 2021 and a conditional second round of selections in 2012.

The Eagles have several options, including:

  • Give the keys to Hurts, who was the second pick a year ago, and add a supporting veteran to protect him.
  • Sign or trade a quarterback to fight for the Eagles starting position.
  • Take advantage of sixth place overall or switch quarterbacks in April’s selection, whether it’s Zach Wilson (BYU), Trey Lance (North Dakota State), Justin Fields (Ohio State) or Mac Jones (Alabama).

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First, we know the Eagles’ decision-makers love pain. Inside, opinions on the building were mixed before the project started last year, but it had strong supporters, including Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, according to sources. He breathed new life into the offense when he replaced Wentz in the final quarter of the season and led Philadelphia to a surprise Week 14 victory over the New Orleans Saints for his first career start. But Hurts calmed down a bit and finished the game with a 52 percent completion rate and six touchdowns on four steals, while scoring 354 yards and three points.

Last season confirmed for management that Hurts has a chance to succeed in the NFL, but given the small sample size and mixed results on the field, it’s impossible to know for sure if it’s true.

We know that a key investment at the quarterback position is a key organizational philosophy. Sometimes it worked spectacularly, as evidenced by the statue of former Philadelphia QB Nick Foles outside the Lincoln Financial Center, and last year it set the organization back tremendously when Wentz resigned after Hurts’ (Hurt) hiring. For better or worse, the Eagles are hyper-aware of the importance of being in the right position and will continue to aggressively move in that direction.

Finally, we know that the Eagles are linked to the payroll. They absorbed a dead zone of over $33 million by trading Wentz and are currently projected to be about $50 million above the 2021 cap. They are not the best placed to contract a BQ with a large salary in free agency, and as they are in the middle of a rebuild, they will be more reluctant than usual to part with the project.

With all these factors in mind, expect the Eagles to take a good look at the best quarterbacks in the project. You don’t plan on saying it often, and you feel the weight of making the right decision with this choice #6. If the best player isn’t a QB, so be it. But if the Eagles can find a long-term solution for the most important position in football and sign a contract for that player for the next few years, don’t be surprised if they strike, even if it means another quarterback clash in Philadelphia.

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