If you look closely, you can hear it: There’s a different kind of generosity in the early banjo dancing and an added rhythm when she sings the verse Just Say Yes. But the contrast between Taylor Swift’s 2008 version of Love Story, which propelled the singer to pop stardom, and the 2021 reenactment of that same song is really minimal. On streaming platforms, the new mix is called Taylor’s Version and will soon be accompanied by replays of Swift’s back catalogue, starting with the rest of her Fearless album, which came out on the 9th. April has been published.

Taylor Swift rewrites her songs

In these new versions, the text and staging have not changed much: That’s Swift’s thing. Now 31, Swift is fully focused on her own life, as evidenced by her new Grammy Award-winning album Folklore. Behind these beautiful soundscapes, however, hides an artist who has struggled in recent years with the methods, production techniques and distribution of her work. Craft makes us feel things, an art in which Swift is an expert. The championship brings in extra money, and Swift is good at it too. Your target at this point: She wants to make sure he stays under her control. It’s an unrealistic idea for artists of any kind. Swift has influence that most people don’t, however, and his own struggle to change the way inventive work conveys abundance is a possible model for claiming the rewards of that struggle from those in power in the industry.

Swift joined Big Machine Records in 2005, a promising new singer from Nashville with a guitar and long blonde hair. The contract ended in 2018, but not before she rose to radio stardom with hits like I Knew You Were Trouble, and launched herself into the pop stratosphere with sold-out stadium tours across six albums. Once her deal ended, she traded her label for Universal’s Republic Records. Big Machine, as is the case with many Chronicle deals, has Bosses of Unique accounts from their first six albums. In her new contract, Swift demanded that her future bosses take responsibility. Developing labels, creating more order, revising contract terms – not all of these steps are bad for a productive artist. People change and so do the contracts they manage.

How is the debate going between Taylor Swift and her former label?

Nevertheless, Swift’s behind-the-scenes action made headlines when Big Machine proposed to private Ithaca Holdings, a company owned by influential music executive Scooter Braun. At that time, he offered their lords another organization, Shamrock Holdings, for reportedly $300 million starting in 2019. Business-wise, Brown was shrewd: Lord Swift Chronicles is profitable when the songs are streamed or purchased. On an individual level, it was antagonistic: In Swift’s case, Braun, who has stars like Kanye West and Justin Bieber under his belt, taunted her more than once, so much so that she openly refused the deal and promised to re-record those 6 unique albums, this time with experts under her own control. Today, anyone who prints an old version of Swift’s original songs is still paying money to Braun’s bank.

What is the reason Taylor Swift is re-recording her albums?

Their expectation seems to be to undo this chronic work with these new versions. Artists need to claim their work for so many reasons, she wrote in a March 2021 Instagram post. But what is most obvious is that it is the artist who actually makes this compilation of works. His decision led to a fierce reaction in the music world and forced the public to confront the silent business maneuvering of the music industry.

Artists tend to cut contracts with their record labels; witness Kanye West, who voluntarily ended his contractual obligations just a year ago. In any case, they rarely face the problem of rewriting and delivering old work. Swift is no ordinary artist, however. She had a whole year while the pandemic put her visitation schedule on hold. She also pays close attention to how her work is received and viewed, from the feel of her album covers to the comments on Tumblr fan pages. Given her remarkable position, platforms like Spotify have everything to gain from supporting her new releases. So the fans, who are the most dynamic adornment of their old music, are well aware of their goals – and will bow to their wishes. Swift is in the unusual position of having to tip the scales and can do so.

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